Best Healthcare Merchant Accounts

Best Healthcare Merchant Accounts

The healthcare industry is worth a significant amount of money globally, and with the emergence of COVID-19, this number has increased significantly. Technology allows doctors to connect with their patients remotely, which is beneficial for business. Stick with us, as we’ll take you down the road and show you the best options for your healthcare facility, so you can choose from the best healthcare merchant accounts that will fit your needs.

However, it is vital for healthcare businesses to have reliable payment processing available online and over the phone to meet the needs of their patients. One issue that can arise with online and phone payments in the medical field is a fraud, where someone uses someone else’s credit card to pay for services, and a chargeback is filed by the cardholder, causing problems for the business.

Healthcare businesses often face difficulty finding reliable payment processing due to their classification as high-risk by credit card processors and banks. We understand the specific needs of healthcare merchants in terms of payment processing and can help these businesses get approved and maintain their approval.

The healthcare industry has unique requirements for payment processing, including the need for confidentiality and security. The global healthcare industry is worth a significant amount, and technology is increasing the use of remote communication and payment methods.

Best Healthcare Merchant Accounts

Here’s our list of the top picks for healthcare merchant accounts:

  • Host Merchant Services
  • PaymentCloud
  • CDG Commerce
  • Helcim

Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services Review
image source: Host Merchant Services

HMS is a merchant account service situated in Newark, Delaware, ideal for hospitals, health centers, and other healthcare facilities. Host Merchant Services is an e-commerce solution provider for healthcare businesses that rely on a robust web presence.

It is a payment processing firm that serves both low-risk and high-risk companies, including those in healthcare and medicine. It provides month-to-month payment, interchange-plus charging, and basic website hosting for free.

A range of mobile card terminals, readers, and Point – of – sale systems are available for receiving in-person payments. Host has a fantastic reputation and is recognized for providing excellent customer service, making it an ideal choice for medical clinics. All processing rates and account fees are clearly displayed on its website, making account setting quicker and more straightforward.


Payment Cloud Merchant Services
Image source: PaymentCloud

A merchant account service located in Woodland Hills, California, that focuses on supporting standard to high-risk company types.

POS solutions, cell phone terminals, an online transaction platform, a virtual terminal, and merchant money transfers are among the company’s goods and services. These capabilities enable retailers to collect payments both on-site and through online billing.

For these reasons, PaymentCloud is an excellent alternative for healthcare merchants since it enables them to engage with patients directly and allows them to pay their amounts online if they can’t be completely paid when it’s their appointment. Additionally, PaymentCloud’s virtual terminal’s secure interface safeguards sensitive patient payment information.

PaymentCloud offers personalized support to all of their new merchants and adjusts their pricing based on the specific business type and past processing history of each merchant. The company has a good reputation and has not received any bad feedback on customer forums.

CDG Commerce

cdg commerce review
Image source: CDG Commerce

CDG Commerce, based in Chesapeake, Virginia, is a merchant services provider that may enable payment processing for healthcare offices that are in-person, mobile, or online. They offer a free payment system, customizable reports, QuickBooks connection, AVS, automatic fraud warnings, and chargeback notifications. Since 1998, the firm has provided merchant services and has received several excellent third-party evaluations.

CDG Commerce provides its merchants with monthly agreements without early termination penalties. However, pricing quotations may vary depending on each merchant’s company type and processing history.


Image source: Helcim

Helcim is a merchant account provider that offers full-service accounts without long-term contracts or monthly fees.

While it is not HIPAA compliant in the same way as other providers, it is an affordable option for healthcare businesses that only occasionally accept credit or debit card payments and want to avoid the stability issues of other payment service providers. Helcim’s proprietary card reader can be used as a traditional terminal or with its POS software or mobile app. The company is known for its transparent pricing and excellent customer support. It is a good choice for small healthcare practices that only need a few additional features.

Some More Options For Healthcare Merchant Accounts


Image source: Shopify

Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that offers a POS solution for iOS devices. The app can be used to accept card payments through a card swiper or an EMV reader, and it includes features such as inventory synchronization with an online store, automatic tax calculations, and email marketing.

The Shopify brand is trusted by many customers, which makes it a good choice for healthcare businesses looking to accept payments both in person and online. Additionally, their payment service can be used in conjunction with a customizable online store. Shopify POS is suitable for healthcare providers who accept payments using their phones or through online billing.

How to Select the Best Healthcare Merchant Account

It is a complex task to select the ideal healthcare payment system. Whether you have an established company or are just beginning, there are several factors to consider when selecting a merchant account.

When selecting a payment processing solution for a healthcare business, it is important to choose a provider that specializes in serving high-risk industries and has experience in the medical field.

It is also essential to choose a provider that offers a reliable payment gateway and is HIPAA-compliant in order to protect the sensitive personal, financial, and medical information of patients.

Other important considerations include inquiring about additional services offered by the provider, such as a payment gateway or merchant cash advance, and selecting a provider with a good reputation for customer support.

Payment Channels Available

It is critical to select a payment processing service that offers several payment channels. Because there are so many diverse kinds of businesses in the healthcare field, you will need payment processing adapted to your individual needs.

Customer Service

When looking for a payment processing company for your medical practice, look for one that offers 24-hour customer care. Whenever something bad happens with card processing, it is frequently time-sensitive, and being able to analyze and resolve an issue fast is critical.


Payment processing contracts might range in length from one processor to the next. Read the agreement thoroughly and ask about any concerns you may have about early termination costs or contract length.


While cost varies based on the organization, openness is essential. Sadly, not every payment processing companies are upfront about their rates. You should avoid any hidden charges and check your statement to understand precisely what you are paying for.


The healthcare industry is a unique one, with its own set of challenges and needs when it comes to credit card processing. That’s why it’s essential for healthcare businesses to find a merchant account provider that understands these needs and can offer tailored solutions to their specific industry.

Many healthcare businesses choose merchant account providers like PaymentCloud, CDG Commerce, and Helcim. These providers offer competitive rates, software integrations, and top-rated customer service, making them a top choice for many healthcare businesses.

Additionally, these providers are able to handle the complexity of payment processing for the healthcare industry, including the challenges of telemedicine and the need for secure and confidential payment processing. With their expertise and specialized services, these merchant account providers can help healthcare businesses streamline their payment processing and focus on providing the best possible care to their patients.

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