bluefin payment systems review

Bluefin Payment Systems Review 2022

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Bluefin is an international payment solutions company. It is a multifunctional platform that handles the processing and batching of purchases made by debit, credit, or gift card payments. Credit card processing can be confusing and overwhelming. Therefore, it acts as an intermediary between the card associations and banks. This Bluefin Payments review will discuss all the essential features of the provider.

A Bluefin merchant account is required if the customers want to accept credit card transactions through a POS system. It targets clients ranging from large retailers to government agencies and utilities. Hence, financial institutions and different enterprises look forward to working with it.

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Bluefin Payments works with different types of equipment like PCs for virtual terminals and hosted payment pages. It uses Apple and Android devices such as smartphones and tablets for mobile processing. All equipment of the Bluefin is PCI compliant and compatible with the EMV chip card.

  • Data Security Solutions

Bluefin Payment Systems takes the confidence of its clients into its fold by offering various security features. It has a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant system to make businesses less vulnerable to a security breach. Apart from that, it uses the following techniques to store the information of the clients securely.

  • Tokenization

Bluefin safeguards the credit card information of its clients by changing it into a token.

  • Point to Point Encryption

PCI validated encryption makes it difficult for hackers to steal information.

Bluefin also features decryption through its hardware security module off-site.

Recurring and Subscription Payments

With the advancement in technology, almost everything has gone digital. It has replaced paper bills with digital ones. Also, it saves both time and money for the customers because there is no longer the need to print and mail the bills individually to the customers.

Now in the digitized era, the merchants can charge the customers at pre-defined intervals for the subscription services. Bluefin Payments offers its customers a recurring billing service. Along with customizing the billing schedule, it will send invoices through e-mails.

Anti-Fraud Mechanism

For e-commerce merchants, identifying and managing digital threats is of crucial importance. State-of-the-art machine learning models are needed to analyze data and highlight risky transactions. Moreover, the merchants need to make real-time decisions backed by comprehensive reporting to avoid fraud.

The Payment Gateway of Bluefin (PayConex™) screens transactions using the best possible set of decision-making models.


Nowadays, customers are more inclined toward using payment services that facilitate fast and seamless payments without the constraints of time and place. Not only that, e-commerce merchants look for a solution that manages the location remotely with a web-based management console.

The QuickSwipe feature of Bluefin Payments provides a secure mobile point-of-sale system to meet the needs of its clients in no time. It also features a web-based management console that helps the clients manage their location remotely.

ACH and E-checking account payments

When making online, in-person or mobile payments, the majority of the customers use credit or debit cards during the checkout process. However, few prefer to write cheques or make electronic payments using their bank accounts. In this regard, The Automated Clearing House (ACH) facilitates the transmission of direct payments to the merchant’s account directly from his customer’s bank account.

Bluefin supports ACH and E-checking account payments. The cheque gets converted into an ACH payment. It is then sent electronically through the system for faster settlement.

The downside of Bluefin Payments

Bluefin Payment Systems offers various services to its clients that increase its chances of being a reliable processing system. However, the other side of the picture cannot be ignored. It lacks some of the must-have features, due to which its graph of credibility decreases. The absence of these features has resulted in getting negative reviews from customers and merchants alike.

Not suitable for small businesses

Due to its compliance requirements, Bluefin is deemed fit for clients with an IT team. Start-ups or small businesses may find it hard to keep pace with its criteria. Therefore, it becomes hard for small business owners to handle online transactions and route payment details after accepting the funds.

Technical Glitches

When reviewed on its technical feasibility, the users have reported that the system sometimes fails to send notifications when a card is declined. So, the user has to sign in and review the transaction by himself to check if the card was declined or not.

Hidden Charges

The complex rate plan of Bluefin Systems is reviewed negatively by the customers. There are approximately 10+ rates for Visa cards alone. After signing- up, customers complained of being charged an additional fee. It becomes challenging to trace from where these miscellaneous charges come. Mostly, the customers have complained about unverified company fees. It requires the customers to complete a questionnaire that they usually don’t receive.

Poor Customer Service

In the highly digitized world, customer support is of crucial importance. It helps businesses to retain customers and extract more value from them.

The customer support of Bluefin Payments is not up to the mark. Due to this, a few of the clients have reported that their funds are withheld without warning them. This communication gap speaks volumes about their incompetent customer service relationships.

Wrapping it all up

This Bluefin Payments review shows that it has secured its position as an essential integrated payment provider among e-commerce merchants. By using tokenization and point-to-point data encryption, it promises to enhance clients’ security. Various anti-fraudulent methods are employed to shield the clients against potential threats.

However, the absence of some must-have services has resulted in negative reviews. Without exceptional customer support, the merchants cannot communicate their demands effectively. Moreover, hidden charges have shattered the trust of merchants in Bluefin. Hence, other payment solution companies that support these features are recommended to the merchants who wish to expand their influence worldwide.

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