Challas Group Merchant Services Review

Challas Group Merchant Services Review: Rates, Fees, Complaints, and Lawsuits

Challas Group Merchant Services is an international company that provides merchant services and payment solutions to businesses in various industries. Their comprehensive suite of products includes custom payment processing, customer service support, fraud protection, and more. However, different complaints and customer reviews have raised questions about the overall reliability of their services.

This Challas Group Merchant Services review will try to give business owners a better understanding of different aspects of the company.

Challas Group Merchant Services Review – Services and Features

For any company, processing payments efficiently and securely is paramount. Challas Group offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to make transaction processing as simple and cost-effective as possible. Below is a review of its features and services.

Challas Group Merchant Services

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Challas Group Merchant Services offers payment processing services. However, the fees are higher than other services in the same category. It takes longer for payments to be processed than with other providers.

Point-of-Sale Solutions

The company offers a variety of point-of-sale solutions, but the user interface and functionality could be improved. Hence, this makes it difficult for merchants to navigate the system and use key features like discounts or loyalty programs.

Challas Group Merchant Services - Point OF Sale

Mobile Payment Solutions

Challas Group Merchant Services also offers mobile payment solutions, but the user experience could be better. The app needs a more transparent layout and key features like customer notifications or integration with other services. Additionally, the company offers no technical support for its mobile payment solutions.

E-Commerce Payment Gateway

Regarding e-commerce payment gateways, Challas Group offers competitive rates and a straightforward setup process. The company also provides various features to help merchants manage their payments. However, customer service could be improved, as responding to inquiries takes time.

POS Integration

Challas Group offers a POS integration that allows merchants to sync their products and sales between the two automatically. However, some customers have needed help getting the POS system to work with their specific setup or using it with special equipment.

Point of Sale Investment through Peripherals

Challas Group allows customers to invest in peripherals for their point-of-sale system. When reviewed, customers have mentioned that the cost of these products can be prohibitively expensive and only sometimes worth the investment. Moreover, customers have also noted that the setup process for these peripherals can be time-consuming. Therefore, it is recommended that customers weigh the cost of these products against their potential usefulness before investing in them.

BBB Rating

Challas Group Merchant Services has an average BBB rating with a C grade. Negative reviews about slow customer service and lack of communication were the most common issues raised. When the customer service team did respond, the resolution of complaints was mostly not satisfactory. Although the overall grade is not bad, it does tell us that the company may need to work on its customer service levels and communication.

Lawsuits and Fines

The Challas Group is not associated with significant class-action lawsuits, indicating that the company takes proper measures for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. However, it has received negative reviews from some customers who feel it needs to be more transparent about certain fees or policies. In addition, there have been reports of unexpected charges and slow customer service response times.


Any review is complete with a discussion of complaints. Even the most successful companies will have some degree of customer dissatisfaction, and it is important to remember that these customers may differ from the more extensive user base.

That being said, Challas Group Merchant Services has the following complaints.

Poor Marketing Tactics

Most Challas Group Merchant Services complaints relate to aggressive and persistent marketing tactics. Many customers have reported being emotionally distressed by the volume and frequency of phone calls made by the organization’s sales team. They are often described as overly pushy in convincing potential customers to sign up for merchant services.

Misrepresented Fees

Another common complaint about Challas Group Merchant Services is that their fees are often misrepresented. Customers have reported being misled about the true costs of merchant services and then finding out after signing on that there were additional fees they needed to be aware of.

Non-Disclosure of Contract Terms

Another issue raised is the lack of transparency on the part of Challas Group regarding the contractual obligations customers must agree to. Merchants have reported being unaware of key details in their contracts until it was too late, leaving them liable for significant additional fees and penalties.

Unprofessional Customer Service

In addition to the issues mentioned above, customers have also complained about the unprofessional customer service they have received from Challas Group Merchant Services. Reports of rude and dismissive staff members and long wait times when attempting to resolve any complaints or disputes are common. It is a major concern for customers who may require urgent assistance with their accounts.

Non-Cancellable Equipment Leases

Another major issue customers have reported is the presence of non-cancellable equipment leases (lasting four years) in their merchant services contracts. Customers are locked into long-term agreements from which they cannot withdraw, leaving them stuck paying high fees for outdated equipment and technology.

Early Termination Fees

On top of the non-cancellable equipment leases, customers have also complained about the hefty early termination fees ($500) they are forced to pay if they wish to cancel their merchant services contract. It is seen as another example of Challas Group’s deceptive business practices and has made many customers wary of entering into agreements with them.

Deceptive Sales Practices

When the complaints above are taken as a whole, it paints a picture of Challas Group Merchant Services employing deceptive and unethical sales practices. From misrepresenting fees to misleading customers about the terms of their contracts, many customers feel that they have been taken advantage of by the organization. It has led to widespread distrust amongst customers who have had dealings with them.

Non-Disclosure of Contract Terms

 When reviewed, the Challas Group Merchant Services contract kept all its terms private, leaving customers unaware of their rights and obligations. Furthermore, despite promises to secure customer information, new reports suggest the company may be selling customer data to third-party companies. This breach of trust has caused many customers to leave the service in favor of more secure and transparent options.

Below Par Telemarketing

Challas Group has come under fire for their telemarketing practices which have been described as below par. Customers report being frequently bombarded with sales pitches and pressure tactics, leaving them feeling harassed and overwhelmed. When customers complain, the response from Challas Group customer service could be more helpful and dismissive.

Non-Competent Independent Resellers

 Reports have shown that customers can encounter incompetent independent resellers when using Challas Group Merchant Services. Resellers need to gain the necessary product knowledge or experience to provide appropriate customer service, which can lead to service delays and poor customer experience. When reviewed, the complaints were valid, and the company needs to work to ensure that all resellers can provide quality customer service.

Technical Issues with Payment Processing System

 Unfortunately, the company have had a few technical issues with their payment processing system that have caused some customers to experience difficulty in receiving timely payments and refunds. Some customers have reported wait times of up to several weeks for these transactions to be processed due to these recurring problems.

Unclear Annual and Monthly Fees

 Many merchants have expressed dissatisfaction with the need for more clarity on the company’s fees. The company states that they do not charge “excess” or “hidden” fees, but customers still pay more than expected for services rendered. With its complicated fee structure, it can take time to understand what charges are involved in using Challas Group Merchant Services.

Variable Processing Rates

When comparing Challas Group Merchant Services to other companies, merchants should remember that their processing rate can vary from 1.00% – 4.99%. These rates may be high for those who process small-volume or low-ticket items and could cost more than average market prices.

Problematic Equipment Leasing

Challas Group Merchant Services also offers equipment leasing, but the terms are very restrictive. The company does not provide any flexibility regarding the lease length, and there be penalties for ending the lease. It can be problematic for merchants who need to upgrade their equipment regularly. Additionally, the company might require that all leased equipment be returned upon termination of the agreement.

Unethical Office Environment

The last issue that customers have raised about Challas Group Merchant Services is their alleged unethical office environment. Reports of favoritism, discrimination, and a lack of respect for workplace policies are common, leaving many uneasy about the organization’s integrity.


This Challas Group Merchant Services review suggests that the company may not be the best option for businesses looking for a reliable service provider. While they provide customer service and support that is satisfactory overall, their fees and setup process are more complicated than with other similar providers. Additionally, they offer fewer features or customization options for businesses to take advantage of. Those who need highly customizable merchant services would be better off considering another provider.

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