Heartland Payment Systems Review 2022

Heartland Payment Systems Review 2022

Heartland Payment Systems has done transactions of $80 billion in credit and debit card payment processing. With processing such an enormous amount, it has acquired a significant place, fifth from the top, in the top payment processors’ list in the US. 

What Does Heartland Payment Systems Offer?

Heartland payment processor deals in all types of debit and credit card transactions and urges businesses to acquire their services. The services they offer to enterprise-level businesses include POS, mobile payments, e-payments, and all types of invoicing and billing. 

Overall Summary of Heartland’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Oklahoma City
Credit card transactions  $80 billion annually 
Contract  3 years 
VT Fee  1.5% to 5%
Service charges  $25
PCI fee No charges 
Online complaints 100+
Service support Yes 


Origin, Headquarters, and Owner:

The Heartland Payment Processor is a system owned by Global Payments and is based in Oklahoma City. Though the Heartland Payment Service was sold to Global Payments in 2015 for $4.3 billion, it is still operating under its original name. The more prominent companies acquire the smaller fishes to disappear their competitors. However, the heartland name was worth keeping and is still top of the list with more than 300,000 businesses as customers. 

Interesting News in History:

The Company never misses a chance to escape the headlines. The same happened in 2008 when a hacker breached the organization’s data security system and stole data for 100+ million users. This was a sensitive issue, and the Heartland responded maturely. The Heartland Payment Processor handled the situation and upgraded its security system to avoid future breaches. Moreover, Heartland guides businesses with free merchant services guidelines and has launched the Merchant Bill of rights. 

Heartland Overall Services Offered:

Heartland provides its customers (enterprise-level businesses) with a wide range of billing and transaction services and handles their merchant accounts. Here are some of the offers and services of Heartland for their consumers. 

  • Merchant Services:

The company-Heartland Payment Processor offers payment processing for the merchant account as clear from the name. Any business that acquires their service and signs up for Heartland’s merchant service will get these merchant accounts from the provider. 

  • Payment (Micro & macro) and Credit Card Processing:

Heartland offers payment processing options for credit cards debit cards, including all the macro and micropayments. The Heartland offers payment processing services for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more. Moreover, Heartland also offers cashless systems for the micro-businesses such as car wash, vending machines, etc. 

  • Virtual Services [E-Commerce, Mobile Pay, Gift Cards]:

Most businesses require to charge the consumers from the virtual means and offer them gift cards and mobile payment services. Heartland will manage these services, such as any business that can charge from the customers via Heartland’s secure payment method. Businesses can charge via mail or phone number through the virtual terminal Heartland offers. Moreover, different businesses can acquire gift cards and are soared in popularity as customers want them for birthdays, holidays, graduation, etc. 

  • Billing and Recurring Charges:

Apart from offering the portico payment gateway, Heartland effortlessly provides users with billing and recurring charges handling. The business owners can manage installment payments, discounts, and subscriptions from a single portal. 

  • POS Systems [Point of Sale]:

Hartland also offers POS systems to famous brands and businesses, including retailers, shop owners, and restaurant chains. The Company also offers its full-fledged POS system via mobile pay under the brand name of Heartland’s Mobile Pay. This POS system will deal with multiple on-field transactions, such as at a tradeshow or a charity event. 

How much does Heartland’s Payment Processing Services Cost? [Fees and Charges]

Like other payment processing systems, Heartland also does not disclose the exact charges for the processing. However, the charges depend on multiple factors, including the business needs, sales, type of POS system, number of customers in a specified time frame, and more. Heartland offers a standard contract system of 3 years which possesses a #$300 cancellation charge, but the Company believes in negotiation and ends up having different rates with each organization. 

  • Benefit Over Competitors:

Heartlands headquarter is proud of its transparent fee charging policy and announces that it doesn’t charge any PCI compliance fee. However, the Company openly charges a $25 service fee from all the customers, which is a downside. 

Is Heartland’s Payment Gateway Worth it?

Every retail business (especially at the enterprise level) requires a trustworthy payment processing merchant service. Heartland’s payment system is considered among the most secure systems due to the following reasons:

  • The Company has a low complaint ratio

A company’s worth can be observed with the complaint ratio to the satisfaction factor of the customers. Heartland’s services have 100+ complaints on the online platform, and only a few are serious. The online forums and channels speak for the trustworthiness of the organization. One common complaint from the consumers is the hidden fee as the Company does not disclose pricing openly. 

  • Fee Increase:

Another significant factor that displeases the customers is the fee increment. Most businesses have complained that the processing fees were increased without prior notice. 

Has Company Faced any Fines? [Lawsuits and Fines]

As mentioned earlier, the Company’s reputation was devasted by a hacker who stole the records of customers- this incident has cost around $2.4 million to the Company as a class-action settlement. 

Another incident where the Company charges more fee in the name of “American Express Fee Adjustment,” which was not decided before, costs around $2.5 million fine to Heartland. 


Heartland is among the top 5 payment processing companies all around the US and has processed around $80 billion of transactions successfully to this date. The Company’s online portal and social platforms have positive and negative reviews. However, Heartland has an above-average rating in customers’ eyes and is available to its consumers via a customer service channel. But the hidden charges and the fee increase have been a downside, for which most businesses don’t recommend Heartland. 


800-332-4835 – Micropayment Customer Support

888-963-3600 – 24/7 Customer Support

877-729-2968 – Payroll Customer Support

866-402-8056 – Heartland Gift Product Support