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How to Set up QuickBooks Workforce in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Workforce is a professional-level product offered by Intuit to streamline the payroll process. It allows you to access and review your employees’ information, as well as their paychecks and tax forms. QuickBooks Workforce integrates seamlessly with the company’s other products and services, such as Time Tracker for payroll processing and mileage tracking, as well as the company’s QuickBooks Online product.

In order to set up QuickBooks Workforce, you must purchase a subscription from Intuit as well as subscribe to one of these two services: Time Tracker or Mileage Tracker.

Once your employees have been entered into the system and their information has been saved, it is easy to add or edit any fields for each of them.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Company menu and select Employee Center. Click on New Employee (either from the toolbar or the menu). Fill in the requested information, such as name and address on this screen. Be sure that you fill out all of the information requested, as it is very difficult to change this information after the employee has already been activated.
  • Optionally, you can choose an employee type from the Employee Type drop-down menu. This will help you organize your employees in various lists depending on their status (i.e., active or inactive).
  • You can  now save your changes to this employee by clicking on the Save & New button or the Save & Close button.
  • You can also print a new copy of a pay stub for an employee from within QuickBooks Workforce by going to their Employee Center and clicking on the Pay Stubs tab. Next, click on Print from either your browser or the toolbar.
  • The same company file can be used to track different types of employees, you just have to change their status depending on the tasks they are performing. For example, you could have one spreadsheet with full-time employees and another spreadsheet containing your part-time or contract workers. This way it is even easier to access their information.
  • The tasks for each employee can be different based on their status. For example, if an employee is a full-time worker that will get paid every other week you would schedule them to get their paychecks that way. You would then specify how much they get paid and which expenses should be deducted from their paychecks. The same tasks would be carried out for part-time or contract employees, except they would get paid monthly. This is why it is recommended to keep track of each employee’s status so you can keep an accurate record.
  • Each task that you schedule will be listed on that employee’s Employee Center under the Tasks & Events tab. You will see that the status of that task (Completed, Pending, or Not Scheduled) will appear next to it. If you select a task and click on Edit Task, you can edit any information pertaining to that task.

QuickBooks Workforce offers many benefits for its users. You can easily access your employees’ records along with their paychecks and tax forms all in one place. You can also schedule tasks, such as paychecks and mileage tracking, to be completed by assigning them to your employees.

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