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How to Setup a PayPal Business Account?

It’s what you need to sell your products online. It is a third-party money transfer service that allows you to receive funds from credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and more. So far this article has helped over 20,000 people set up their PayPal Business account, so here we go!

STEP #1 – Login To PayPal

First of all, open the donor’s PayPal account by entering in your browser. When you are there click on “Sign In” in the upper right corner of the screen. If you have not done so already, it is best that you make sure there are sufficient funds available in your bank account to cover this new PayPal transaction.

STEP #2 – Link Your Account With The New One

If you’ve never used PayPal Business before, it is probably a good idea to create a brand new account and link it with the one you already have. On your screen click on “Create An Account”. Fill in all the boxes and use your personal email address and phone number. When you’ve finished, click on “Continue”.

STEP #3 – Fill In The Form

Now it’s time to fill in your business information. On the first field of the form type your business name and hit “Continue” (please note: this name should be different from the PayPal account name). In the next field under the “Contact Information” section list your business address.

Then you can choose a bank account from which PayPal will take its fees and continue to fill in the fields accordingly. When this is done, click on “I Accept”, then “Agree And Continue”. Next you need to confirm that you’ve read PayPal’s terms and conditions by checking the appropriate box, then click “Continue”.

STEP #4 – Fill In Your Financial Information And Confirm

Now enter your banking information. If you choose to have PayPal take its fees from your business account, check that option and continue to fill in the fields accordingly. When this is done, click on “Continue”.

You will be prompted to confirm the information you’ve entered by checking the appropriate box, then click “Submit Information”. Congratulations! Your PayPal Business account is now ready to use. When you want to withdraw money, go back to your PayPal Business account and follow these instructions.

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