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LevelUp Review, Rates, and Complaints

Most of the high-end comforts offered by modern technologies involve financial transactions. You can now pay your bills online without the need for mailing checks, handle taxes yourself, and even trade stocks without assistance from a broker. With the help of the LevelUp mobile application, it is easier to pay at restaurants and shops that participate. This will save you from the trouble of handling cash or even handling credit card signing and swiping. 

With LevelUp, you are also capable of placing food orders beforehand while earning loyalty points at a number of participating vendors. However, unlike other mobile-based payment apps, LevelUp is used for ensuring payments only in registered physical businesses, not with individuals or online. 

An Insight into LevelUp

LevelUp is a distinct payment service provider from other mobile processors or merchant service providers. It is a unique credit card processing service that was introduced into the merchant service industry in 2011. The company has its headquarters in Boston, MA. Over time, they have established themselves as a remarkable payment alternative in the era of highly advanced mobile-based payments. 

The mobile application of LevelUp can be installed on both iOS and Android smartphones. The installation process will require you to enter specific details like name and location. Additionally, they will typically require your email address, phone number, age and gender. 

Just like any other mobile application you are expected to connect a monetary source for funding payments. In the given platform, you are allowed to make use of credit and debit cards for payments, but not your PayPal account or bank account

LevelUp Payment Processing

LevelUp has developed an app allowing merchants to accept debit or credit card payments with a technique unlike other conventional merchant account service providers. Initially, the services offered by LevelUp are marketed to the end consumers towards effectively securing and storing card information for payments. This allows users to ensure payments with the help of unique QR codes. These codes are displayed on the screens of the mobile devices of users.

With the help of the given payment technology, consumers are able to connect with the certified merchants at LevelUp for earning lucrative rewards. Consumers are also rewarded when they are visiting and using the app for the first time. All of these features are supported directly within the application. For merchants, LevelUp presents its services as an effective way to ensure engagement with the customers instead of using conventional methods of card acceptance. This is due to the app being capable of collecting data and offering insights about the visits and shopping patterns of the consumers. 

This data can be used to retain customers and bring them back with the help of a customizable loyalty program from the app. There is also the presence of multiple engagement tools. Moreover, existing data can also be utilized to draw the attention of new customers by customizing incentives for first-time consumers. 

LevelUp Complaints

There are some negative reviews about LevelUp across the internet. There have been complaints regarding collection and billing disputes, delivery issues, and product or service issues. However, there were no issues that claimed that the company was a rip-off or scam. The complaints have only been linked to poor customer service and technical issues. Still, there is no clear theme of complaints. The reviews on Google Play Store and Apple Store are mostly positive.

LevelUp Lawsuits

In 2017, LevelUp received a lawsuit by CardFee -a competitor in the field of payment services. The suit alleged that LevelUp had ended up creating accounts with access to the platform of CardFee for mobile-centric orders -giving the company access to the clients of CardFee. With the respective access, the suit alleged that LevelUp had falsely advertised that it was capable of offering services that were comparable to CardFee towards steering business away from the competitors.

Customer Service Options of LevelUp

LevelUp is also known to assign a proper account manager to every merchant. In this manner, merchants have a particular individual to contact for service-related issues or questions. Additionally, the account managers are able to help merchants in setting up incentive and loyalty programs while giving tips on the variety of offers that would work the best for drawing the attention of more businesses.

The website of LevelUp presents information about service contact number as well as a customer service form. These channels perform at a level that can be compared with top processors in terms of the overall customer service.

Products & Services Offered by LevelUp

LevelUp was launched in 2011 by a gaming company named SCVNGR -headed by Seth Priebatsch. The platform is known to combine a mobile-based payment system with a dedicated loyalty program. It is slightly complicated to break down the services of LevelUp. This is because these services can be combined in several different ways. As a merchant, you are given the opportunity to only choose the standard application of LevelUp. You can then integrate the features of the app in your platform. Basically the merchant can think of getting themselves a white-label branded application.

  • Mobile Application: The app of LevelUp is available for free to be downloaded and used by consumers. Upon logging into the same, it can be slightly disappointing to observe that the only business area it works with is Planet Sub. You would expect seeing more options in larger cities.
  • Developer SDK: Do you already have a mobile app, but want to integrate the features of LevelUp? The SDK will allow you to ensure the same easily. LevelUp also features partnerships with some application developers to ensure that the process is even faster. The standard SDK is available free for use. Still, you are not allowed to assess a higher processing fee than the rates of LevelUp until you offer a value-added service. Additionally, you will come across ‘Enterprise’ aspects for a fee that yet remains undisclosed. Here, you can expect more robust features. 
  • White-label Customer App: It can be an expensive option, yet loaded with features. You will get access to your own branded app with immense possibilities for innovative marketing and payment options that are powered by LevelUp. 

There are some core features of the app that continue staying the same -regardless of the option you will choose. To leverage the benefits of other advanced features, you are expected to opt for the integration of LevelUp’s white-label application solution.

  • Rewards, Mobile Discounts, and Loyalty Programs: You can look forward to creating customized campaigns to draw the attention of new customers while retaining the existing ones. It is also worthwhile to note that LevelUp will be offering its customers with ample credit that can be utilized at any merchant location.
  • Card Processing Through Mobile Wallet: Customers are expected to link a payment card -whether credit or debit, to ensure payments through the mobile app.
  • In-depth Reporting & Analytics: The analytics of LevelUp will offer you access to actionable data. Therefore, it is possible to observe whether or not you are achieving the respect campaign goals. 
  • Order-Ahead Capacity: LevelUp does not offer access to delivery. However, it is possible to make it easier for customers to order ahead while up the orders in person. It is becoming a consistent trend amongst consumers.
  • Gift Cards: The gift cards by LevelUp are available for iOS devices only. Still, LevelUp aims at upgrading the existing feature. Currently, there is no support for Android devices. 

It is important to note that LevelUp had recently ensured partnerships with Chase Bank on the respective mobile app. The partnership is aimed at implementing loyalty and order-ahead features.

Fees & Rates of LevelUp

LevelUp is available as a flat-rate provider without any requirement of monthly fees. There is no risk involved beyond a specific amount of investment in its hardware. LevelUp makes use of Bank of America and Braintree for ensuring proper processing.

Previously, LevelUp used to unveil its processing rates quite clearly. However, recently, the scenario has changed. If you observe, now you will only come across references of low rates. Previously, the rate was 1.95 percent, which is a respectable flat rate. However, currently, there is no information on whether the rates are lower or higher than the previous flat rate. 

LevelUp makes use of a technique that will be charging users only once a month for the respective transactions. It is an effective technique to save significantly on swipe fees. For merchants, it will not affect the payout schedule. You can continue expecting next-day funding on all the transactions as LevelUp continues assuming the involved risks.


While LevelUp might not end up replacing the conventional merchant account, it can make up for an impressive add-on. There is no requirement of making any substantial investment to make use of the mobile-based app. It will definitely add value to your business.

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