Paymill Review, Rates, and Complaints 2024

Currently, in 2024, it appears like the official website of Paymill does not exist. There is no clear information on whether or not the company still operates. Anyhow, based on some real information we have tried to do a PayMill review. This review of PayMill can help those who want to use their services but without a website, they are not confident enough.

What is Paymill?

Paymill is a payment processing provider that allows customers to accept mobile-based payments on mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, or SaaS. It is regarded as a robust program that is capable of serving small-scale businesses that aim at offering professional and secure credit card processing services. The solution of Paymill has been designed to assist merchants in building checkouts that customers can use anytime and anywhere on their respective mobile devices.

paymill information on crunchbase
PayMill Information on CrunchBase

The platform of Paymill makes use of simple, widespread integrations to ensure the delivery of improved value. The application is also capable of facilitating smoother online payments for web-centric merchants with the help of simple, stress-free payment solutions. Paymill also permits you to spread a more comprehensive network while reaching as many customers as possible with the help of access to more than 100 currencies in more than 34 nations. The company adopts strict security measures to make sure that every piece of data is encrypted to fulfill the highest security standards.

Online Payment Processing of Paymill with Seamless Integrations

Paymill is a leading merchant account provider based out of Europe. Its function is quite similar to the US-based Stripe merchant account provider. Paymill specializes in offering dedicated payment processing services to merchants in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The company is capable of serving online businesses and merchants in more than 30 nations across Europe. However, the company does not provide its services in Canada and the United States of America.

Paymill was introduced in 2012. Primarily, the leading service of the company is offering dedicated e-commerce merchant accounts. Merchants of Paymill are capable of accepting payments through their payment gateway of the company or integration with PayPal. Paymill was acquired by Klik & Pay in 2016.

Paymill Review Based on Complaints

Currently, you can come across around 20 public complaints related to the products or services of Paymill. However, none of the complaints accuses the company of being a scam or a rip-off. There are some complaints that are available in various consumer forums. Most of the common complaints of Paymill are related to poor customer service, having the accounts of merchants shut down due to some risk assessment by the internal risk department of Paymill, and a slow sign-up process. While there is no accurate information on the account freezing of Paymill, there is proof of mixed reviews concerning the customer support services of Paymill. It is primarily blamed for its overall slow responses.

Benefits of Paymill

Paymill comes forth with a reliable bundle of features to allow merchants to effectively customize the mobile-based checkout process of the company. The solutions offered by Paymill provide access to a feature-rich payment gateway for growing the overall business and accepting payments from all parts of the world. Right from the get-go concept, Paymill equips its merchants with dedicated tools to reach the worldwide market while accepting payments in more than 100 different nations.

Merchants can also be impressed by the availability of different payment methods by Paymill. Whether it is Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, or Visa Electron, you can look forward to accepting all payments with immense simplicity and unprecedented ease. The solution makes it simpler to set up a wide range of purchasing methods on the website to facilitate convenient and faster payment. The ability to customize the checkout process offers you the chance to optimize processes to improve conversions.

Paymill is also available with proven safety mechanisms. It offers everything you will need to safeguard your business while instilling confidence in your customers. The software solution by Paymill is PCI-compliant. This implies that you can meet the standard security processes while processing, transmitting, and storing information related to credit cards. Additionally, merchants can rest assured with the advanced fraud prevention mechanism and specialized monitoring tools by Paymill.

The revolutionary 3D secure feature of Paymill offers certification for the security of the entire checkout process by ensuring that the customer tends to be a genuine cardholder. This helps you to modify chargebacks while delivering optimal protection to every transaction that has been verified successfully. All the security features of Paymill are combined with HTTPs, SSL, and 256-bit encryption standards to ensure that you are compliant and secure for all subsequent payments.

The presence of an integrated payment analytics tool on the platform of Paymill enables merchants to view all transactions in a centralized location. The tools will empower you to precisely refund clients while easily monitoring the overall revenue growth with only a few simple clicks.

Lawsuits & Fines of Paymill

Currently, there has been no report of any outstanding FTC or class-action lawsuit complaints against Paymill.

Paymill Review Based on Customer Service Options

The official website of the company provides access to contact information for ensuring dedicated support through a phone line and email address. It is pretty much more than most other e-commerce providers out there. Still, the complaints regarding poor customer services of Paymill suggest that Paymill is not ranking as the topmost payment processor for delivering customer services at the moment.

Review Of Paymill Based on Pricing

The standard merchant agreement for Paymill is available as a month-to-month merchant agreement without any fixed term. The company is not known to charge any PCI compliance fees or early termination fees. However, it does put forth a chargeback fee of $20.11.

The official website of Paymill lists two unique pricing tiers -including the Professional and Base plans. The base plan will charge $4.47 every month along with 1.95 percent and $0.28 on every MasterCard or Visa EU transaction. There is also a charge of 3.45 percent, along with $0.27 for every Mastercard or Visa transaction.

The professional plan of Paymill is known to charge $21.89 every month along with 1.35 percent and $0.26 for every Mastercard or Visa EU transaction. For Visa or Mastercard transactions, the professional plan charges 3.35 percent, along with $0.27. Both the basic and professional pricing plans of Paymill charge one percent for every Sofort transfer.

Additional Fees

There has been one complaint regarding Paymill and its processing bank with respect to international payments -Wirecard Bank. The merchant putting forth the complaint claims that Wirecard Bank is known to charge higher conversion fees with respect to foreign currencies along with higher-than-average fees on every transaction.

Paymill acknowledges that currency conversion or exchange fees might apply in different circumstances. There are several other complaints regarding Paymill and its refusal to serve specific types of businesses without in-depth underwriting and a specific rolling reserve. Merchants that operate in traditionally high-risk spaces might be effectively served by the high-risk, top-rated merchant account provider.

Competition with Respect to the European Market

On an overall basis, Paymill has shaped itself to be a highly adaptable, low-commitment online payment service provider for the existing price. The focus of Paymill on the aspect of payment processing in the European market has made it one of the most straightforward tools for marketing the respective services. In this way, it is recommended that merchants check out the available list of providers of the best merchant account providers out there.

Sales & Marketing of Paymill

Paymill is typically known to market itself through conventional marketing and on its website. Currently, there is no proof that the company hires independent sales contractors. At the same time, there has been no evidence of any negative review regarding Paymill that would accuse the company or its sales & marketing staff expresses unethical behavior.

The advertising strategy of Paymill is known to target web-centric developers and business owners who are already looking for advanced payment solutions.

Prohibited Businesses of Paymill

Paymill is indeed not considered a viable solution for high-risk merchant accounts. The terms of services of the company help in detailing the types of businesses that will not offer services to specific domains -like erotic bars, nightclubs, restaurants, swinger clubs, and other red-light districts, casinos, arcades, and other similar businesses.

Absence of Deceptive Quotes

The company also does not effectively engage in unethical advertising strategy in the official materials. The pricing of the company is effectively displayed as well as easy to understand.

Conclusion Of PayMill Processing Review

In our Paymill review, we found that the company has been rated as a reliable merchant account provider as per the latest rating system. The company reveals a lower frequency of complaints. Moreover, it is also known to offer access to competitive, transparent contract terms.

The focus of Paymill on seamless software integration also delivers added value that merchants might find interesting. As Paymill is not available in the United States of America, developers in America are requested to function with a top-rated, reliable merchant account provider in their nation.

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