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Schmooze, Inc. Review, Rates, and Complaints

Schmooze, Inc. was established in 2001 in York County, Pennsylvania, facilitating payment processing solutions to restaurants, hospitality, retail, and e-commerce businesses. It is a Nationwide Payment Solutions reseller and an authorized ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank, New York. The merchant account provider has partnered with multiple companies, including PayTrace and Authorize.Net, to provide the best online solutions. 

Schmooze, Inc. promises to educate merchants about the ever-evolving marketplace and being ahead of the game. It ensures smooth processing and a seamless checkout experience for merchants and their customers while optimizing their productivity. Its time management tools, effective hardware and software, and outstanding customer support enable consumers to eliminate the daily hurdles and be equipped to deal with any situation. 

The provider offers cutting-edge technology to meet the unique processing needs of a business. It assists merchants in making informed decisions by analyzing what’s important to them. The company prides itself on offering a full-fledged package to empower its clients while saving them time and money. Here is a detailed Schmooze, Inc. review for merchants to understand its pros and cons before handing out their business to the company;

Pricing and Contract Conditions

The provider binds merchants into a three-year contract through Nationwide Payment Solutions and allows them to avoid the early cancellation fee if they send a 60-day notice before termination. Merchants are liable to pay a $250 to $500 ETF if they miss the 60-day time frame.

Schmooze, Inc. reviews portray variable pricing depending on the business type, processing history, and size. A standard agreement costs a $125 setup, a $10 monthly support, a $12 annual regulatory reporting, a $25 payment gateway, and a $69 annual fee. The company also charges a $99 annual PCI compliance fee. Its virtual terminal rate and gateway fee depend on the partner company offering the payment gateway services. 

Merchants are provided with a free rate and cost comparison analysis to get an overview of the company’s pricing and determine what’s best for their business. They pay 1.00% to 4.99% for swiped and keyed-in credit card transactions and are charged a $0.15 batch fee. Schmooze does not provide additional information about its pricing. Merchants can save some money by negotiating the terms and rates. 

Sales and Advertisement 

The provider uses referral programs and strategic partnerships to advertise its brand and does not employ independent sales agents. Its services are marketed through Nationwide Payment Solutions, and there is no indication of deceptive quotes in the name of sales strategies. Merchants having doubts are advised to hire a third-party audit to find and eliminate hidden fees. 

Schmooze, Inc. Products and Benefits 

The provider accepts all major credit card brands and offers card swipers, EMV card readers, efficient virtual terminals, and mobile solutions. It accommodates full-fledged POS solutions through POSNow and provides a range of handheld and countertop terminals. The company’s wireless payment solutions are especially beneficial for merchants who are always on the road and require a way to conduct their business remotely from anywhere. 

Zero-Fee Processing

Merchants can reduce the processing fee, increase their revenue, save hundreds of dollars, and get a free credit card terminal with the company’s zero-fee processing policy. Customers can choose their preferred payment method but receive a discount on cash payments. Since purchasing a credit card costs a little higher as it includes the processing fee, customers are incentivized to pay with cash. This way, merchants can reduce expensive credit card processing fees without dissatisfying customers. 

According to the Schmooze, Inc. reviews, the company uses cash discount technology that does all the math, making it easier for merchants to apply discounts on each cash transaction. It allows them to keep the full payment and make significant savings to invest in other business areas. 

Mobile Payment Solutions

The company provides user-friendly mobile payment solutions through Dejavoo and AprivaPay, allowing merchants to accept payments anywhere on a Wi-Fi-enabled device. The Dejavoo handheld terminal offers dual communication and facilitates contactless payments. Customers can sign on the screen and get a drop-in paper receipt. 

The provider offers AprivaPay Plus, an online portal compatible with Android and iOS, accessible on a smartphone or tablet. Merchants can track inventory, add tax or tips to each transaction, email receipts to customers, and add multiple users. The online portal lets them view reports and instantly approve transactions on their device. 

POS Software and Countertop Terminals

The provider offers triple communication capability with its countertop terminals compatible with ApplePay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay, allowing NFC and EMV payments. Its self-discovering features allow automatic connectivity to the available Wi-Fi connection to enhance productivity. The backlit terminal has a colored touch screen for customers’ signatures.

The POSNow solutions, designed for restaurant, retail, and hospitality businesses, offer an online reservation system for customers’ convenience. The company provides inventory reports, customer tracking, and employee management tools, allowing merchants complete control over every aspect of their business. 

Multiple Schmooze, Inc. reviews indicate that merchants can integrate their existing software into several POS systems. They can access over 100 apps, send invoices, and store customer information with Clover POS.  Moreover, the provider allows users to create a digital menu and approve time-off requests from an easy-to-access dashboard. 

Add-On Services and Equipment

The company provides valuable support equipment and supplies to meet individual business requirements. Merchants are offered;

  • EMV-capable pin pads compatible with Dejavoo terminals
  • AprivaPay mobile app
  • Mobile card readers
  • EMV swipe card reader

Customer Support

The provider has maintained multiple customer support numbers and mentioned tech support and a general support email address. The official website has a support form, an FAQ page, and a live chat option for merchants to access instant assistance.

Schmooze, Inc. Reviews and Complaints

There are over eight complaints against Schmooze, some of which accuse the provider of scamming its clients. The rest of the negative reviews are regarding the company’s non-disclosure policy, high PCI compliance fee, and variable contract terms. There isn’t any mentionable lawsuit or FTC report filed against the company. 

Better Business Bureau does not accredit schmooze, so the A+ rating on its BBB profile is not authentic. There are zero formal or informal negative reviews against the provider, but it does not prove anything.


According to the limited Schmooze, Inc. reviews online, the company charges a high PCI compliance fee, and its rates are not competitive with the cheapest payment processors. It offers reliable customer service but is not competitive with the top-rated providers. Furthermore, merchants have indicated scams and deceptive tactics by the company. Here are some of the disadvantages faced by consumers;

Expensive PCI Compliance

Merchants have shown reservations about the provider’s PCI compliance policy. There are complaints about the high compliance fee and strict requirements. Most businesses cannot afford the fee and fail to acquire the compliance, preventing them from processing secure credit card transactions. A non-compliant business is vulnerable to data breaches and revenue losses. Merchants may face damaged reputations and high penalties that can cause further problems.

Non-Disclosure Policy 

The provider does not disclose its equipment lease terms and contract terms. Merchants are deprived of price transparency and are offered limited insight into the company’s contract details. They are confused about contract duration and frustrated over the company’s undisclosed policies. 

Unrevealed information gives rise to mistrust and forbids merchants from completely understanding the company’s policies, causing confusion and frustration. 

Variable Contracts and Pricing

According to Schmooze, Inc. reviews, the provider is secretive about its contract terms and offers variable pricing, which can lower customer satisfaction. Merchants cannot determine whether they can afford the company’s services in the long run or if its contract clauses align with their interests. 

Variable contract terms can be a tactic to justify unreasonable fees and are unfair to some businesses. It is a way to change policies anytime by justifying them with irrational excuses, forcing merchants to accept whatever reasoning they are given. 

Sub-Par Customer Service

The provider does not offer a dedicated account manager to individual merchants, and its consumer support options are limited, with only a few phone numbers and a single email address. A below-average consumer support by their provider can lead to dissatisfied customers and a damaged reputation for a business. Even though there are few complaints against the company in this area, it could be improved to rank with the top-rated providers. 


This Schmooze, Inc. review concludes that the provider’s services are affordable for specific business types and not recommended for all. Its non-disclosure and strict PCI compliance policies can cause serious trouble for merchants, and the average customer service is not appealing either. Merchants are advised to negotiate the rates and ask all the necessary questions to understand the company’s agreement details and find common ground before signing up. In any case, they should compare the available options and look for a better-fitting payment facilitator. If they decide to stick to Schmooze, they better ensure that the company is compatible with their business and that they are not making a hasty decision.

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