SecurePay Credit Card Processing

SecurePay Credit Card Processing: Complaints, Lawsuits, Fees, and Rates In 2024

Company Overview

SecurePay is a company known as Secure Pay as well. Its parent company is eVance Processing; with SecurePay being a fully-owned subsidy.

It was in 2002 that SecurePay used to be known as Pipeline Pay. Pipeline then went bankrupt. At this point, Pipeline’s assets were purchased by Calpian Commerce. They purchased the SecurePay brand.

Next, Excel Corporation acquired Calpian in 2015. The companies merged to find eVance processing brand. Following that, in 2018, OLB Group acquired all these brands.

Based on the company’s website, its transaction volume stands at $1.3 billion, and every year, they process 23.5 million transactions. As of current, the OLB group supports 8,500 merchants.

SecurePay Payment Gateway

securepay solutions

By itself, SecurePay does not provide merchant accounts. But for eVance’s credit card processing services, SecurePay acts as a payment gateway provider. However, when they set up and use their merchant accounts, merchants are likely to interact with SecurePay. But, even in this case, SecurePay is not directly associated with their contract or pricing terms.

The primary selling feature of SecurePay is the gateway’s security. Herein, the use of SecureGuard enhanced security encryption helps prevent and identify fraud.

Point of Sale Systems from SecurePay

SecurePay also offers premium POS (Point of Sale) systems, that aid businesses with managing in-person transactions. The pre-installed functionalities of these POS systems include features for tracking sales, producing analytical reports, managing inventory, and sharing an end-to-end overview of business operations.

SecurePay’s eCommerce Solutions

SecurePay makes available a secure online platform that simplifies the management and processing of safe and efficient transactions over the Internet.

SecurePay’s features for Mobile Payment Processing

SecurePay’s Mobile Payment Processing services render capabilities for businesses to use mobile devices for accepting card payments. These features make business operations more flexible, in particular, if the businesses have a mobile operation or operate at different locations.

SecurePay’s Merchant Cash Advance

SecurePay purchases a share of the future sales that a business will make. So, with SecurePay’s Merchant Cash Advance, a business gets access to immediate capital. In case a business needs to effectively manage cash flow, this acts as a potential solution.

SecurePay Reviews and Complaints

SecurePay does not have too many live complaints as of current, just over 20 of them. Most of these complaints are concerning Hidden Fees. SecurePay makes support available for addressing any complaints that its consumers may have.

As of recently, no lawsuits have been put forth associated with the complaints.

Moderate Complaints

It is noteworthy that SecurePay is a huge company, and only a moderate number of negative reviews have been posted for the company’s size. Even among these reviews, most were posted before 2013. In the case of most of these reviews, SecurePay’s sister companies have also been named, which include, Cynergy Data, and Pipeline Data.

When we take a closer look at SecurePay complaints, we see that the most prominent themes are dissatisfactory customer service, holding funds without giving notice, and undisclosed or surprise fees.

In case, as a business, you need to research more about SecurePay complaints, it would be beneficial to search for Secure Pay complaints as well. Many consumers write SecurePay as Secure Pay.

SecurePay Lawsuits and Fines

Going by our research, we have not come across any FTC complaints or remarkable class-action lawsuits that have been filed against SecurePay. We can recommend that if there are any disgruntled SecurePay consumers, who intend to go ahead with a non-litigious course of action against the organization, then they should report the matters to the concerned supervisory organizations.

Customer Support Options at SecurePay

At SecurePay, 24/7 customer support is advertised. But from what it seems, an email trafficking system is used for conducting all support.

There is limited clarity over whether a client who is dissatisfied with email support can escalate the matter over a dedicated telephone support number.

SecurePay Customer Service Number

  • (855) 452-7135 – Toll-Free Customer Support

The response that the consumers get over this number does not match up with the quality of service that other top payment processors deliver.

SecurePay BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rating and Report

SecurePay has no active BBB reports.

Potential Profile Confusion

At the time when this review is published, BBB has reported an “A+” rating for SecurePay. BBB also reports that SecurePay has been granted BBB accreditation.

It should be noted that whatever complaints exist against SecurePay could end up over the profiles of Calpian Commerce, Cynergy Data, Pipeline Data, eVance Processing, OLB Group, or Chyp. These complaints could occur over the profiles of these companies in error because these companies are the parent companies of SecurePay.

What Merchants Have To Say?

Over its BBB profile, SecurePay has received 1 informal review. The tone of this review was negative.

The review mentions that the reviewer was signed up without his consent. Poor customer service has also been mentioned.

The reviewer mentions that there was a time when he intended to get rid of SecurePay in 2015 when they got a new system. But each credit card bill showed a fee of 30.95. This kept coming.

The next year, he was told by a different manager that the subscription had been canceled. But, he had to keep paying the ongoing charges of 30.95.

The reviewer chose to go ahead with a lawsuit. He came to realize that the ongoing fee of 30.95 was being deducted every month.

The VP of operations at SecurePay was contacted. A refund was sekt, along with a request to finally end the subscription.

A refund was promised, as time allowed.

At this time, the reviewer was seeking USD 1,500 as a refund. He was told that a form would need to be filled. However, the reviewer received no form on behalf of the VP of operations. The operations VP further alleged that the reviewer has sent his email to the wrong ID.

The reviewer plans to file a lawsuit against the shady credit card processor.

SecurePay Fees and Rates

Variable Contract Terms

SecurePay contract terms and Pricing for its services may vary. This depends on certain factors, such as processing volume, business type, and how the account was obtained.

But, it is noteworthy that when the company’s standard pricing is combined with the Chyp merchant account or eVance processing, it becomes more expensive as compared to the average.

SecurePay Payment Gateway Fees

eVance is the owner of SecurePay. In certain ways, the fees are charged twice by SecurePay.

In the first stage, the fee is charged as a transaction fee for eVance merchant account.

Then, SecurePay charges an additional fee – 0.25% for qualified transactions and 1% for Mid Qualified or Non Qualified transactions. Herein, the latter category forms the most commonplace type of transaction.

This implies that when a client processes with eVance via the SecurePay payment gateway, it is likely that he may have to pay 4-5% extra. This is well above the average.

There is limited clarity over whether the company’s monthly fees are combined with eVance, or if the business is going to be levied a different monthly fee from both businesses.

Recurring and One-Time Fees

Going by client reports, it is likely that the PCI compliance fee makes a part of SecurePay fees. The value of this could be either $59 or $15 monthly. Similarly, an Early Termination Fee (ETF) is also charged. This would be over $400 and is charged when the service is canceled before the service agreement expires.

At the time when this review is being written, SecurePay’s standard service agreement’s length is unclear. Similarly, there’s no surety about whether the merchant account provider charges ETF, or SecurePay charges it.

But, either way, the company’s contract terms may not be perceived as competitive as compared to those being offered by more cost-effective merchant account providers.

Inside/Outside Sales Team

Based on our assessment, it is primarily independent resellers and distributors that market SecurePay’s services. Services for SecurePay’s credit card processing can be acquired directly from SecurePay. Alternatively, the service can be packaged with a merchant account from a third-party processing company.

Regarding deceptive sales tactics, we are yet to come across any negative SecurePay reviews. However, a few of the companies with which SecurePay is associated have been recipients of some complaints associated with misleading practices in marketing and sales.

This factor may make it difficult to list SecurePay in the list of best credit card processors.

No Deceptive Quotes

It should be noted that in its official materials, SecurePay does not list any unrealistic guarantees or misleading rate quotes. But, if you have a feeling that you are being overcharged by the company, it is preferable to go for a third-party auditing service to confirm your doubt.

Complaints against SecurePay are few and rare as of current, which poses the organization in a positive light.


Rating SecurePay as a credit card processing provider is not easy. SecurePay is primarily just a payment gateway that OLB Group affiliates use. Reviews of SecurePay services are mixed. But, one also has to consider that the reviews of its affiliate and parent companies are poor.

Overall, business owners need to be discretionary and need to tread with caution. Reading and understanding service agreements before signing in is important. It then becomes important to compare the service agreements with those being offered by other top-rated eCommerce providers.

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