stax by fattmerchant review

Stax by Fattmerchant Review 2022

Stax is a service provider for merchants with a subscription-based pricing model and a 0% increase in interchange rate. It’s an ideal option for midsize and large businesses that process an adequate amount of sales per month.

For a monthly cost (with no commitment or contract), users get the payment method they prefer along with Stax Pay which is Stax’s fully integrated platform for payments. The platform, which is included with its other terminal solutions, includes features like custom reporting, statements, invoices, inventory, and the ability to connect with a client support team for no extra cost.

Stax Payment Processing Services

Let’s begin by looking at the company’s core offerings before we look into some of the advantages that come with this StaxPay system.

  • Merchant accounts: Unlike other payment service providers (PSPs), Stax offers full-service merchant accounts. Each account has a unique ID number for every company.
  • Integrations: The Stax website doesn’t offer a comprehensive list of integrations with third parties, displayed on the site as specific payment processors have. However, Stax’s payment processing can be integrated with other services, like POS systems, and also use Stax terminals. 
  • Virtual Terminal: Do you take payments using the computer (in an office setting or taking orders over the phone)? If yes, then Stax’s virtual terminal is an excellent deal. You are able to store a database of customers, make use of their invoicing tool, add inventory, and use management tools which we will cover farther down. Additionally, it connects to the Stax credit card reader if you don’t need the shopping cart but require a quick and easy method to accept payments.
  • Mobile Processing: The Stax Pay mobile application is available on both iOS and Android. There are two card reader models available: the Chipper 2X BT and BBPOS Chipper BT mobile card reader. Both connect using Bluetooth and accept EMV payment (the 2X model can also support Apple Pay).
  • Shopping Cart: Do you want to market online with a straightforward payment processor? Stax offers a customized shopping cart for businesses that sell on the internet. Customers will still use your website throughout the entire process, and you’ll be in charge of the look as well as the feel of the shopping cart. It is more sophisticated than the online payment option in your Stax Virtual Terminal.


Stax provides three small-business subscription levels:

  • Growth: $99 per month.
  • Pro: $159 per month.
  • Ultimate: $199 per month.

The plans are designed to cater to businesses that handle up to $500,000 in annual revenue. Pricing can be customized for companies that exceed the limit. Additional features, like one-click shopping card purchases or a connection to QuickBooks Online, are available for an additional cost.

What’s included in all of Stax plan subscriptions?

Growth: $99 per month

The Growth subscription comprises:

  • No markups in exchange rates.
  • PCI compliance assistance.
  • 24/7 technical assistance.
  • Optional funding for the next day.
  • Customer data is encrypted and tokenized.
  • Mobile or free terminal.
  • Basic analytics and dashboards. 

Pro: $159 per month

The Pro package contains everything included in the Growth plan and:

  • Digital Invoicing.
  • Text-based mobile payments.
  • Payment links for websites.
  • Secure storage of credit card records.
  • Integration with software for accounting, such as QuickBooks.
  • API Integration.
  • Improved dashboards and reports.

Ultimate: $199 per month

The Ultimate plan comes with all of the above features and:

  • Scheduled payments and recurring invoices.
  • Automatic updates for credit cards that are stored (for instance, updating card numbers when the cards run out.)
  • Advanced reports and dashboards.
  • One-click cart set-up with catalog management.
  • Data exports.
  • Account manager dedicated to each account.


Membership-based pricing  

Pricing for Stax is straightforward, with a single monthly cost, without additional charges or contracts, and a non-existent percentage increase on interchange rates. It will be clear how much you’ll pay every month and what you’ll receive for that amount.

Outstanding features

A vast array of features are included in each Stax subscription. You’ll be able to access an online portal that has access to your customers’ database, inventory invoicing, and much more. The higher-priced plans provide excellent tools for managing online sales.


Not a good option for businesses with low sales

While the simple monthly fee for subscriptions may be advantageous, it could be challenging for those on the low end of the market. If you’re processing a smaller amount of sales per month and you’re not able to save a significant amount, it may not be sufficient to cover the cost of the subscription.

Customer Service

The vast knowledge base of Stax reduces the possibility of having to seek immediate assistance from the company. The search feature is also functional. (You will be amazed at the rarity of a working search function that exists!) My only complaint in this review is that some of the articles on support appear to be outdated and don’t feature the company’s latest branding.

If you’re looking for a customer service person, Stax offers free 24/7 technical support through an online ticketing tool. You can also contact Stax for direct assistance. Help around the clock is always excellent to have access to, and customers who subscribe to the Pro plan also receive an account manager with a specific role to provide personal assistance.

It’s typical for merchant services providers, even some of the most excellent ones, to receive many negative comments regarding customer support from dissatisfied merchants. This is why it matters that Stax gets a significant amount of good feedback from customers. We’ve noticed several reviews that praise Stax for its friendly and responsive customer service. However, there are also complaints.

Final Verdict on Stax Pay & Fattmerchant

You’ve probably imagined we are positive on Stax. Its unique perspective on the concept of membership pricing and its open and transparent approach to business is a refreshing change. It’s an absolute relief to find a company that takes its customers seriously and offers an affordable and flexible service. We’d love to see the successes of Stax and similar services result in lasting changes across the entire industry of processing. What do you think will take place? It’s impossible to tell with certainty, but I would like to believe that things may have already changed.

Overall it is easy to find value in Stax’s platform, with features like centralized invoicing and inventory management, data analytics, and the reliability of a full-service merchant account. 

With the exceptions we’ve listed, we’re giving Stax 4.5 out of 5, which is our top recommendation. If you think Stax could benefit your company, give Stax a chance.