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True Payment Solutions Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

The majority of standard-risk business types are addressed by True Payment Solutions It is an Overland Park, Kansas-based merchant account provider ( It was established in 2010. Here is the honest True Payment Solutions review based on real feedback from customers. This article deals with complaints, fees, rates, and a few other important factors

About True Payment Solutions

The business positions itself as the best all-purpose payment processing choice for numerous sectors. A subsidiary of TSYS, Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) includes True Payment Solutions as one of its ISOs.

True Payment Solutions has its main office at 7200 W 132nd St, #100, Overland Park, Kansas 66213. It is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska. True Payment Solutions’ president is Ephantus Mwangi.

True Payment Solutions, Inc. has evolved from nothing to one of the top independent providers of secure payment services and ATM services nationwide. It works in all 50 states, offering businesses solutions that let them accept payments whenever and wherever they want.

Customers can concentrate on operating their businesses more productively thanks to True payment solutions, which go beyond ATM and payment processing.

Important facts about True Payment Solutions

True Payment Solutions, Inc. has upheld the greatest standards of ethics and accountability, which has fueled so much success. It will continue to keep these standards because it believes in doing the right thing, even though this company’s size and range of products and services are expanding. And in our True Payment Solutions review, this is one of the factors that appeared time and again.

Its executives are both internal promotions and representatives of a variety of businesses. Each team member can contribute a range of knowledge because of the variety of backgrounds they each have. They are all dedicated to assisting their staff members and consumers in moving forward toward more fulfilling experiences.

Major features of True Payment Solutions:

  1. No setup costs.
  2. program for gifts and loyalty.
  3. During business hours, domestic telephone assistance.
  4. Live, a one-on-one internet assistance
  5. There is a section with FAQs.

However, things we dislike about

  1. Monthly charge
  2. Early departure penalty.
  3. Three-year agreement.
  4. There is no public pricing available.
  5. Does not fully define all crucial terms.

Industries that can be integrated with True Payment Solutions:

While doing a True Payment Solutions review, we also took into consideration the fact that this solution can be easily integrated with a number of industries. Some of them are listed below.

  • Convenience Store Clothing & Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Moving companies and healthcare marketing agencies
  • Individual Service
  • Property Administration
  • Bar / Restaurant / Hotel
  • SAAS
  • Telemedicine
  • Shop

A business that can be integrated with True Payment Solutions:

  • Enterprise Merchant Profiles
  • E-Commerce
  • Mom & Pop
  • Online
  • Shopping / Card Present
  • Small Business
  • MOTO

TP Solutions, Inc. Processing for Payout

  • ACH Check Transactions
  • Review Services
  • Contactless NFC
  • Payment Processing
  • Payment terminals
  • Card Processing for Debit
  • Acceptance of EBT
  • Processing of ACH & eChecks
  • Processing EMV
  • Loyalty and Gift Program
  • Merchant Gateway for Online Cash Advance Payments
  • Recurring Billing Virtual Terminal for POS Equipment

Billing and Invoicing from True Payment Solutions

  • Cellular Payments
  • Online Payments
  • Online Invoices in Multiple Currencies
  • Paying premiums
  • Subscription/Recurring Billing

Marketing and Sales

It is an integral part of our expert True Payment Solutions review to incorporate the details about how the company projects itself in the market. The strategy they follow and how they reach and interact with their customers. So here is the honest review about that.

Many complaints about sales

Similar to Central Payment Corporation, True Payment Solutions looks to advertise its services via a mix of internal sales representatives, external sales representatives, and referral networks. In the sector, the employment of independent agents is frequently associated with high complaint rates, and True Payment Solutions seems to be no exception.

More than 20 complaints about the misrepresentation of fees, failure to disclose contract terms, and high-pressure sales techniques by True Payment Solutions staff are now shown by the company.

Ineffective Follow-Up

Most frequently, merchants assert that the firm’s real rates are higher than those stated by sales representatives. A lot of businesses also claim that their sales representatives made promises but never followed through when they said they would pay their current termination costs or offer on-site equipment installation. These complaints resemble those that have been made against CPAY, indicating that there may be some similarities between the two businesses’ sales methods or personnel.

Normal Strategy, Average Results

It seems likely that each merchant’s experience with True Payment Solutions will depend on the sales representative they engage with, so it’s crucial to make sure you are in touch with someone you can trust. We advise you to obtain a third-party statement audit to identify and eliminate hidden fees if you believe True Payment Solutions is burying fees in your contract. In this category, True Payment Solutions has received an overall grade of “C.”

Prices, charges, and terms for True Payment Solutions

As we mentioned earlier in our True Payment Solutions review the major attraction for this company is that there is no initial fee. But, before you decide, you also need to understand the different types of fees or charges you might have to pay for using it.

Contract Length: 3 Years

Early Termination Fee: $300-$550

Pricing Model: Tiered Pricing

Swiped Rate: Variable

Keyed-in Rate: Variable

Virtual Terminal Rate: Variable

Monthly Fee: $9.50

Payment Gateway Fee: Undisclosed

Batch Fee: Undisclosed

PCI Compliance Fee: Variable

Equipment Lease Terms: Non-Cancellable

Account Setup Fee: Zero

Monthly Minimum: Undisclosed

Three-Year Agreement

The typical True Processing Solutions merchant agreement is merely a CPAY contract (available below), which is a three-year agreement with an early termination fee of up to $550. It also has a $9.50 monthly fee, $195 application fee, and a yearly fee of $99 that may or may not be a PCI compliance fee. This is the case despite complaints from merchants. Additionally, it appears that the organization offers long-term, non-cancelable equipment rentals, which might end up costing thousands of dollars.

Uncertain Projections of Savings

Numerous merchants claim that the company’s per-transaction fees as well as some of these costs are misrepresented or not disclosed at the time of the sale. They specifically allege that their sales representatives promised them that they could cancel the contract at any time and pay no fees, or that they demonstrated savings that were not eventually honored. These allegations are similar to those made against CPAY, just like the company’s sales techniques.

Possibly expensive terms

True Processing Solutions is far from being one of the cheapest merchant account providers, according to the information that is currently available regarding its rates and fees, which earns the company a “C” grade in this category. See the Merchant Agreement with Central Payment Corporation.

Reviews, accusations, and complaints

Google: 4.1 Stars / 149 Reviews

Facebook: No Reviews

Yelp: No Reviews

Total Online Reviews: 200+

Total Online Complaints: 50+

Lawsuits: None

Strong complaints and their resolutions

There are presently over 35 unfavorable True Payment Solutions reviews online, some of which call the business a swindle. These complaints frequently mention things like higher-than-anticipated prices, hidden cancellation fees, pushy sales techniques, and subpar customer service.


Employees at True Payment Solutions have also voiced complaints, claiming they weren’t given enough help or paid fairly. True Payment Solutions occasionally upholds the provisions of the contract in its formal responses to merchant complaints despite their charges of deceit. In other situations, the business grants a refund.

Assistance tools for True Payment Solutions

For a business that has been operating since 2010, this complaint total is average, but the constant rise in complaints since our most recent update has reduced the company’s ranking in this category to a “C.” On its website, True Payment Solutions provides contact information for phone and email support, but this is insufficient to place them among the best merchant accounts for customer service.

More than 50 complaints

True Payment Solutions has been accredited since 2012 and now has an “A-” rating with the Better Business Bureau. In the last three years, the business has received 57 complaints, of which 29 have to do with issues with products or services, 24 with billing or collection issues, and four with advertising or sales.

Seven of these complaints have been satisfactorily resolved by the company, while the remaining 50 either did not obtain a final response from the complainant or were not satisfactorily resolved.

Feedback: What retailers say

Among 200 plus unofficial merchant reviews, most of them were positive in tone and a few of which were unfavorable, have been submitted to True Payment Solutions. The most recent review was written by a business that had trouble terminating service:

I wouldn’t suggest utilizing them. To get them out of it, I had to alter my checking account. kept billing me for a service that was not even operational at the time. After repeated attempts, a supervisor called Ashley and had my phone number directly in her call queue.

She refused to promote me to a higher supervisor when I requested one. With my prior account, I had been a customer there for more than three years. Furthermore, they refused to rectify it and wanted to charge me $500 to close the new account.

No terminal was ever placed, although I had been promised that everything would be in motion two weeks before the start of the second business. Because I opened an account when the salesperson gave me his phone number to call when I was ready to proceed, I am now being charged. As a result, I quit using them after three years and six months with my initial account in addition to losing the new account.

When I told them I wanted to cancel the first one, they said it would cost 350 to do so. When I explained that it had over the 3-year term, they said it would automatically renew for an additional two years. Avoid being drawn into this credit card processing company at all costs.

Few more reviews:

Luann Shupe

Tuesday, July 22, 2020, at 7:39

“True Rip off should be called the company name rather than True Payment Solutions. Never enter into a deal with them. You will be required to pay for a very long time. I’m done after six years. I’ll check.”

Matthew Bradford

12th of July, 2018, at 1:52 pm

“Greetings, True Payment Solutions

I’m sending my complaint because of the terrible TPS service cancellation experience I experienced.

I utilized TPS as a credit card service in the past. After reviewing the services, I discovered that one of your rivals offered better rates, therefore I switched services. The TPS account was still open as a result of an accounting error. For more than a year, I received monthly fees even though there were NO credit card transactions. No one from TPS has contacted me to ask why there hasn’t been any activity.

No interaction with any salesperson regarding more or improved services. Not a single real-person interaction to deepen a business connection or express interest in our company’s success. Even worse, no mail was being brought to the office address.

Fees were collected for more than a year without any services being rendered. When the issue was brought up with TPS customer service, notably Maria and Ashley at 866-207-1546, they strongly refused to cancel or suspend the account right away.

The customer service department refused to comply with my request to promptly terminate the account, despite having a complete grasp of the circumstances. I was just a number, nothing more. Now your lovely firm True Payment Solutions claims that I still owe two more months’ worth of service fees while receiving ZERO service. The inspiration for this complaint comes from your fantastic firm, True Payment Solutions.

Now that True Payment Solutions, your fantastic firm, is at risk of losing both existing and potential customers, Now your excellent True Payment Solutions firm has demonstrated a general lack of moral integrity, a lack of commitment to fostering positive business partnerships, and a lack of customer service.

Getting a little bit better every day is the only goal that unites us all. A positive relationship will bring you tenfold more extra consumers rather than losing present and potential clients with a terrible reputation, so best of luck and perhaps you’ll learn to stop paying too much attention to detail.

I want True Payment Solutions to stop communicating with me and to cancel the account with a zero balance.

Bradford, James

P.S. I have been in business for 35 years and have never filed a written complaint. Based on moral principles, which True Payment Solutions does not uphold, the scenario called for it.”

Our verdict after theTrue Payment Solutions review: A provider with average reviews

According to our evaluation standards, True Payment Solutions receives an average rating as a merchant services supplier. The company’s contract conditions and sales procedures seem to be quite similar to those of Central Payment Corporation, a provider with a low CPO rating.

True Payment Solutions claims to offer services specific to many different industries, including petroleum merchant accounts, veterinary merchant accounts, auto repair merchant accounts, salon merchant accounts, and many others, but none of these industries appears to have pricing that is particularly suited for them. Before registering for service, merchants are advised to request and carefully evaluate all pertinent documentation.


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