TSYS Merchant Solution Review 2022

TSYS Merchant Solution Review 2022

What Does TSYS Merchant Solution Offer?

One of the top-notch credit and processors are known as TSYS solutions is based in the United States and currently serving multiple businesses with various quality services. The primary service of TSYS is named Merchant Solution, a direct sales channel, while the second is named TSYS Acquiring solution, also known as Heartland. 

No wonder Global Payments is leading the competition in the merchant world as this Company acquired the TSYS Merchant Solutions for $20+ billion. The current value holds much more.  

Overall Summary of TSYS Merchant Solution’s Services
Headquarter  Columbia 
Swipe rate  2.5%
Contract  Three years 
VT Fee  1 to 4%
Termination charges $290
PCI fee $75
Online complaints 120+
Service support Yes 


Origin, Headquarters, and Owner:

Total System Services (TSYS) is a certified ISO organization and is currently based in Georgia and many other regions. The Company’s credit and debit card processing services have been alive since 1970, and on top of all-the Company is listed on the New York stock exchange. The success of TSYS can be measured by the fact that TSYS has acquired many merchant solutions and payment processing companies, including FNMS, Cayan, and Clarity Payments, some of which are working independently as well. 

Interesting News in History:

Total System Services (TSYS) has a fascinating history since 1950 when the Company was first established in Omaha. The Company acquired TransFirst in 2016- one of the biggest rivals in payment processing- to expand the business. Later on, 2019 was a big hit for the TSYS as Global Payments has considered it a rival and acquired the Company in an all-stock deal. 

TSYS Merchant Solution Offered:

Card Processing [Back-end services]:

TSYS is a merchant solution provider offering card processing and payment solutions. TSYS is an acquirer and serves as a card processor in the back end for banks and card processing companies. All in all, the Company offers its services to organizations that are selling merchant solutions and need credit card processing amenities. 

TSYS Direct Merchant Solution:

TSYS is not just a back-end card processor, but the Company also sells direct merchant services. The Company was named TSYS Merchant solution but acquired by Global Payments and was rebranded as Heartland. Therefore, do not be confused with the Merchant solutions provided by TSYS as the Company is directly selling these amenities under the name Heartland. 

TSYS Resellers- Major Part of Business:

TSYS has a significant part of its business involved in providing the back-end credit card processing solutions and merchant services to the companies selling it to the customers. Thus, a small business seeking a merchant account can get benefit from the TSYS reselling. 

Countertop Credit Card Terminal:

TSYS offers countertop credit card terminals and all types of payment channels processing. As a micro or macro business owner, you can easily set up payment channels for consumers such as Master card, Visa, Discover, American Express, and more. You can also set up a single payment or multiple payments as well. 

Credit Cards in Smartphone/Tablet:

Credit cards payments with mobiles are not getting popular, and TSYS can help you set up that for your business. TSYS can set up this feature with a mobile application and a portable card reader that works perfectly with mobile devices. This feature is excellent for all businesses dealing with customers daily, such as food trucks, contractors, and more. 

Website Payments:

Businesses think that online payments through credit cards are risky sometimes, and TSYS has a solution for that! TSYS can set up your business with website payments, and it’s easier for the customers and businesses. 

Hosted Payments:

TSYS is an all-in-one merchant services provider as it also provides the hosted payment feature. This means that all the payments will be monitored and received by the TSYS, and your Company’s database will not store any sensitive information (credit card details and passwords). Underdeveloped businesses can benefit from this feature. 

B2B Processing:

Dealing with commercial cards has never been an easier job for any business. There are multiple types of hidden charges and complicated steps involved, BUT TSYS can lower the cost for your business. With level 2 and level 3 security, the TSYS gateway can provide efficient B2B credit card processing services.  

How much does TSYS Merchant Solution Cost? [Fees and Charges]

TSYS, unlike other Marchant service providers, has disclosed the rates and pricing packages for a few categories. Moreover, the price for most of the features depends on the business volume, several customers, and business type. There are three plans offered by the TSYS named Pursue, Grow and Accelerate with the 2.5%, 1.99%, and 1.7% swipe rate, respectively. 

The Pursue plan has a monthly fee of 9.95$, while the Grow plan has 19.9$, and the acceleration plan has $49.95. 

Has Company Faced any Fines? [Lawsuits and Fines]

There are no proper evidence and data for the class-action lawsuits and fines for this Company. But the class-action lawsuit has been filed by one of the Company’s workers for the labor standards.   In another case, a federal lawsuit was also imposed on the Company on July 18, 2019, regarding the misleading information.  


There are many complaints reported for TSYS merchant services, and the theme of the complaints include misleading information, lack of information in the contracts, poor customer support, and more. But the TSYS has been a leading merchant service provider to the resellers and has been acting as a direct seller for years now. TSYS has also acquired an A rating with super-active customer support services. 



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