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What is a Mobile Point of Sale System?

A Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) system is a tablet or phone connected POS system. A mPOS enables you to ring up sales, accept credit card payments and even print receipts.

This type of POS system can run on your smartphone or tablet – Android or iPhone based. You can use an iPad or Android based stand alone touch screen terminal as well. Some of these systems offer wireless connectivity via bluetooth, allowing your sales team to complete transactions anywhere that has a signal.

There is a wide variety of Mobile Point of Sale payment systems on the market for retailers and restaurants. While it’s technically incorrect to call them all “mPOS” – we’ve been given permission from one of the leading developers to use the term.

mPOS systems start at around $200 and go up from there. You can also add a receipt printer for about $100. The most advanced mPOS systems drop into the $500 – $900 price point. A fully loaded iPad based system with cash drawer, bluetooth connectivity, barcode scanner and a receipt printer will start at about $900. If you’d prefer an Android based system – the price point starts at around $400.

Most mPOS systems run on a simple, proven design that provides retail businesses with everything they need in an affordable package. You can add wireless connectivity by adding bluetooth scanners and barcode scanners.

A mobile point of sale system is an excellent way to accommodate employees who are on the go or can’t work inside your brick and mortar location. These systems are very popular with caterers, event planners, delivery services and tradespeople – anyone that needs to be able to accept credit card payments in the field. Many professional services such as plumbers and electricians use these systems to capture payments and keep track of their invoices.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems for Retailers: How does it work?

A mobile point of sale system allows you to run reports, access inventory and customer information. You can even create a shopping list for home delivery or email grocery lists to your customers. All of this information is available when you add an internet connection your mobile point of sale system.

The most advanced mPOS systems use a combination of hardware and software that acts like a credit card terminal in the palm of your hand. Credit card transactions can be completed directly on one of these devices using a swiper or you can use the mPOS system with your existing point of sale to complete all transactions.

This is a great option for businesses that already have an iPad or Android based POS running – but would like the ability to take credit card payments on the go. The MOST advanced mobile touch screen terminals run about $900, so this is definitely not for everyone. But, it will work with any tablet or smartphone on the market today.

With an internet connection these mobile POS systems can even communicate with your accounting software to obtain customer information and create invoices. They also have the ability to track assets such as equipment and tools – invaluable for businesses that need to keep track of their inventory. For example, plumbers and electricians can use these devices to create a shopping list for their next job while they’re on site making repairs or installations!

What features should I expect from an mPOS system?

mPOS systems offer many of the same features as stand alone credit card terminals and cash registers. You’ll find built in reports, inventory tracking features and the ability to create customer profiles.

Most systems offer wireless compatibility that allows sales people to take credit cards anywhere they have a cellular or wifi connection. You can also use bluetooth scannable bar code systems to complete transactions if you’re in an area where there is no signal available.

Some systems also include features like the ability to view maps and directions, so an employee can provide their customers with everything they need before they leave. A few systems even include tools that allow you to send invoices without having access to billing software!

What is included in a complete retail solution?

Each system includes hardware, software and support. Most systems use iPad, Android and other touch screen devices as the hardware. The software is included and will work with your existing web browser. You can also add scanners and printers to these solutions depending on the business you run and what you need to complete transactions.

A great example is a coffee shop that wants to take credit cards but doesn’t want to sell merchandise such as food or drinks. You can buy a system that allows you to swipe credit cards and create reports, but it’s priced so low that you can easily afford to pay for your daily cup of coffee!

How much does a mobile point of sale system cost?

The least expensive option is about $100, but it will only let you swipe credit cards and turn the unit on and off. This type of system is perfect for a small business that just needs to take credit cards. These systems don’t include any of the additional features we mentioned above, so they’re best used in simple situations.

The average price for an mPOS system ranges from $500 to $1,000. The most expensive systems include full server software that can be implemented into your existing web browser. These are the ones you see ATMs using to take cash withdrawals – they’re powerful and advanced options that work great for large businesses with high volume sales like quick service restaurants, retail stores and clothing shops.

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