wholesale payment system review

Wholesale Payment System Review 2024

Wholesale Payment Inc. is a company in the payment processing and transaction handling category which is serving millions of businesses worldwide. Wholesale Payment Inc has been working for many years and now provides adequate services for multiple credit and debit cards, including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and many more. 

What does Wholesale Payment Systems Offer?

Apart from serving businesses with credit and debit card transaction handling, Wholesale Payment is liable to provide consumers with an electronic gift card, ATMs, loyalty cards, private labels, and other smart card payment means. Moreover, the Wholesale Payment targets restaurants, retail stores, e-commerce businesses, supermarkets, and micro and macro businesses. Wholesale payments deal efficiently in wireless payment services, MOTO, virtual terminal, and cash. 


Overall Summary of Wholesale’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Lubbock TX
Termination Fee $500
Contract  Three years
VT Fee  1 to 5%
Service charges  $60-$70
Online complaints 30+
Service support Yes


Origin, Headquarters, and Owner:

Mark Hodges, CEO of Wholesale, launched the company in 2006 with its headquarters in University Ave, Lubbock, TX. The organization was launched with a different name, later changed in 2007. The company is liable to sell the merchant services and payment system contracts and is certified ISO. Greg Bernstein has helped the company gain the A rating in the “BBB Rating” category, and the company is leading the competition with only 35+ complaints to this date. 

Wholesale Payments Inc. Overall Services Offered:

Wholesale Payment Inc offers businesses multiple merchant services, including automatic surcharging, free debit and credit card processing, cash advances, gift cards, and the best business bureau. Here are the complete details of the services offered. 

  • Automatic Surcharging:

The company offers businesses the “Automatic Surcharging Process,” passing the charge to the customers when they buy something from a credit card. For example, if a customer pays through a debit card, a 3.5% fee will be charged at the checkout. 

Important: It is important to note that surcharging is banned on debit and credit cards in more than ten states all around the globe. 

Therefore, any business operating in these states will not be offered this service from the Wholesale Payments. 

  • Payment Processing:

Businesses and retailers can now accept the payments via any virtual means, including Visa, Mastercard, America Express, Diners’ club, JCB, check, gift card, and more. The company also offers services for businesses that want to provide their customers with phone purchases (order-by-phone). Wholesale payments also offer a payment solution for the petrol pump stations and all major departmental stores. 

  • Electronic Checks Conversion:

Businesses are now enjoying the perks of using the Wholesale Payments Inc solutions. The company brings electronic checks conversion feature that lets businesses accept paper checks and convert them into digital transactions right at the moment. This will deduct the charges from the customer’s account immediately, and there will be no processing time as it used to be a paper check. 

  • Cash Advances, Gift, and Loyalty Cards:

Businesses are also encouraged to apply for the cash advance program offered by Wholesale Payment INC. The businesses can then approach fast cash with no interest rate and monthly payments. On the other hand, gift cards are also available for businesses for their consumers. Any micro and macro business can decide for the card value on its own – either pre-determined or the custom dollar value. 

How much do Wholesale Payment Processing Services Cost? [Fees and Charges]

Like traditional payment solutions, Wholesale Payment INC doesn’t disclose the actual charges and does not have price models. Also, the cancellation fee differs for each business. 

The company is also not clear about the surcharging amount in public, and some sources claim it to be $45/month. Moreover, a quote can be generated from the website without making specific sales calls or texts or exposing your contact details. 

Awards and Achievements:

  • Best Business Bureau:

Wholesale Payments have acquired the “Best Business Bureau” title since 2007 and have the A rating. The company is leading the competition in the payment processing category as it holds only 30+ complaints with plenty of positive reviews. 

The positive reviews include the praise for fewer fees, no hidden charges, and efficient service. In contrast, some consumers have complained about the information is false. For example, the complaints were about false charges, no contract copy, bait-and-switch tactics, and more. 

The official complaints made by the well-known business firms state that the company charges after signing the contract and that the business owner was not aware of the charges. Therefore, in reply to the complaints, the response of Wholesale payment wasn’t satisfactory and was misleading. 

Is Wholesale’s Payment Gateway Worth it?

As discussed earlier, the company has received plenty of good reviews with 30+ complaints. Some of the complaints were minor, while others claim that the Wholesale Payment INC is a scam. The issues raised by the consumers include misleading talks, changes in the contract, unprofessional behavior, and undisclosed terms in the contract. 


Wholesale Payment INC is based in Lubbock, TX, and has been serving businesses with their multiple merchant services and solutions since 2007. The company’s services include payment and transaction processing for VISA, Master Card, gift and loyalty cards, checks, and even cash advanced services. The company’s motto is to promote virtual payments and make transactions easier for micro and macro businesses. The downsides of Wholesale Payments Inc include the hidden charges and undisclosed contract terms, which have shaken the consumer’s trust. Moreover, many businesses claim that this company’s pricing is way too high. 


(806) 698-0625 – Local Office

(888) 977-6410 – Fax

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