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1st American Card Service Review, Rates, and Complaints

Headquartered in Murrieta, California, 1st American Card Service is a U.S.-based merchant service provider operating since 1986. The company, financed by Westamerica Bancorporation, and reselling the services of Paysafe, is a verified MSP of MasterCard and ISO of Visa. It was listed as one of the fastest-growing businesses on the Inc. 500 list. The company aims to offer the lowest processing rates and introduces wholesale pricing to its clients.

1st American Card Service also operates as AcceptCards, and its official website redirects itself to AceeptCards.org. It is unclear if the company rebranded or operates under two different names. Merchants are provided with tailored, one-stop-shop solutions to meet their requirements and are offered instantly accessible funds and fast deposits.

The provider, protected by FDIC, is bank direct and facilitates full-fledged customer and technical support to its consumers. Merchants are supplied with free equipment and multiple categories of merchant accounts suitable for their company. Here is a detailed 1st American Card Service review narrowing down the pros and cons of choosing the company as your payment facilitator to help merchants determine if they should trust it with their business;

Benefits and Products

The company offers an efficient POS system, cost-effective credit card terminals, and highly scalable APIs. Users are provided with shopping cart integration and effective payment gateways through Authorize.Net, Velocity, and eProcessing.Net. They can access web-based real-time credit card transactions and avoid worrying about the complications of processing online payments.

The provider facilitates Virtual WebLink for e-commerce businesses to link their website and enjoy the perks of selling their products on a secure online platform. Below are some of the services offered by 1st American Card Service;

POS System

According to the 1st American Card Service reviews, merchants can choose from various customizable POS systems, including Elite, Echo, Storefront, and vMerchantAccount POS, to process secure credit card transactions. They can track inventory, track orders, manage employees, and view sales history. The touch-screen POS enables consumers to increase efficiency and reduce human error.

1st American Card Service Review

Restaurants can display online menus, accept contactless payments, and integrate the QR code-activated display into the company’s POS system. This way, customers can scan the code on their smartphones and place an order within seconds. Consumers can email and print receipts, enjoy unlimited user access, and utilize the cloud-based reporting and management feature to improve workflow. The provider offers on-site installations, free equipment replacement, and optional accessories per the client’s needs.

Credit Card Terminals

Merchants can accept all major credit, EMV, and NFC cards with the company’s state-of-the-art payment terminals compatible with Apple NFC wallet. They can avail of the check guarantee service and enable Apple and Google Pay acceptance. The company provides its clients with traditional counter-top, mobile, and wireless terminals to accept payments in any scenario.

The provider tailors its PCI-compliant credit card terminals by considering a business’s unique needs. Merchants can accept payments in their brick-and-mortar stores, on their smartphones at their homes, or remotely while traveling anywhere countrywide 1st American Card Services has terminals for all business kinds.

Payment Gateway and Shopping Cart

By offering efficient payment gateways through Velocity, Authorize.Net, and eProcessingNet, the provider enables e-commerce businesses to accept convenient online payment solutions to e-commerce businesses. It allows merchants to access its web-based transaction system, Virtual WebLink, to sell products on their website without buying complicated software. All they have to do is link their website to Virtual WebLink.

When customers purchase an item from the website, the provider directs them to a customized transaction page to enter their contact and credit card information. Afterward, the purchase is completed within seconds. This service expedites the transaction flow, helping merchants make more sales in less time. Moreover, the provider offers free shopping carts, address verification services, online reporting capabilities, automatic transaction settlement, and an automatic billing feature.

1st American Card Service Contract Terms and Pricing

Merchants are bound to a month-to-month contract with an interchange plus pricing model without an early termination fee. Merchants pay a monthly $36 PCI compliance fee and interchange plus 0.20% plus $0.11 for swiped and keyed-in transactions. The 1st American Card Service reviews portray that the company offers a non-cancelable four-year equipment lease, but the terms are not mentioned. Merchants are not charged a monthly minimum, application, or annual fee, but all the other charges are undisclosed.

Customer Support Options

An email address, a domestic phone number, and an automated ticket form are available on the official website for merchants to book their appointments and address their queries. As these support options are only available during business hours, the provider cannot be considered top-rated concerning its customer service.

The 1st American Card Service reviews indicate that the company does not employ independent sales agents or ISOs, but the company’s marketing means are unclear. Possibly, it trains an in-house sales team, but it is not evident. The provider does not disclose all the necessary information, and merchants face difficulty reaching the sales representative.

1st American Card Service Reviews and Complaints

Even though there are no FTC reports or mentionable class-action lawsuits filed against it, the provider has more than ten complaints posted against it on multiple consumer protection websites. These complaints concern the subpar customer service, unreachable sales team, and withheld transactions. Merchants have also complained about issues with the equipment, hidden charges, and undisclosed fees. However, some of the same complaints are repeatedly posted with varying usernames on multiple platforms.

Better Business Bureau Report

The company was formerly accredited by Better Business Bureau but not anymore. It has an A+ rating on the review platform based on zero formal complaints on its profile. There is one informal review with a negative tone. The reviewer stated that the provider is unresponsive and does not return calls.

Disadvantages and Loopholes

The company offers competitive rates and valuable services to accommodate credit card processing. However, it fails to provide reliable consumer support. There are multiple complaints about unreasonable account cancelation policies, and merchants have shown frustration about receiving spam emails, rude sales operators, and equipment malfunction. Here are the most common drawbacks of choosing the company as your payment facilitator;

Irresponsible Sales Team

Even though the provider does not disclose its sales strategies, merchants have complained about receiving multiple sales calls and unwanted emails. Some consumers have stated that after they request information about its services and rates, the provider starts flooding their inbox with uncountable junk emails marketing its brand. Multiple 1st American Card Service reviews prove that the company’s sales representatives are either unreachable or too rude and keep merchants waiting around for the callback.

Poor Customer Service

A large percentage of complaints are dedicated to the company’s customer service. The company does not respond to queries and never resolves issues. On multiple instances, merchants have called regarding a problem and were told that the designated support team would look into it but never did.

Since merchants can only call during business hours, most calls go unreceived and ignored, piling up more issues. One reviewer stated that the customer service suddenly stopped responding and did not even tell the reason, leaving merchants with no choice but to give up after several tries.

Unethical Tactics

Reviews show the provider looks for any reason to take people’s money, and when it does not find any, it makes one. Consumers indicated frustration over receiving four or five pieces of equipment when they request only one and are charged for all. There are complaints about several accounts being opened without approval, and the owners are forced to pay the fee even when they already have an account.

The provider has the habit of misleading clients with unrealistic promises and attracting them with false comparisons, fabricating numbers to show how much they can save if they sign up with the company. These are all a tactic to lure new clients.

Difficult Account Cancelation

When you trust your business with an ethically challenged service provider, it is difficult to cancel the contract because such companies find a way to keep their clients stuck. According to the 1st American Card Service reviews, merchants have to request multiple times for account cancelation, but the requests are ignored. Even when their request reaches the supervisor, they are told not to call since their account has been canceled, yet the company keeps deducting money from their bank account.

Final Verdict

This 1st American card service review concludes that even though the company offers affordable rates, it practices unethical sales strategies and forces hidden charges on its clients. Merchants have to deal with an irresponsible sales team trained to deceive customers. The provider deprives its clients of price transparency and tries to manipulate them with unrealistic quotes and false estimates. Consumers are advised to find a better service provider that delivers what is promised.

Merchants looking forward to signing a contract with 1st American Card Service should compare its rates and services with the available options. If they decide to go with the provider, they should gain all the necessary information and negotiate with the company to secure a deal that does not jeopardize their business.

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