Ensight Merchant Services Review

Ensight Merchant Services Review, Rates, and Complaints  

Offering customizable payment solutions to mobile, wireless, and online businesses, Ensight Merchant Services was established in 2007. Headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey, the company is a verified ISO of Wells Fargo Bank and resells the services of Fiserv. It caters to the hospitality, petroleum, e-commerce, MOTO, and retail industry and provides its clients with flexible payment methods. Restaurants, gas stations, thrift stores, hypermarkets, and convenience stores are some of the company’s preferred clients. Read the authentic information about Ensight Merchant Services Review, Rates, and Complaints

Ensight Merchant Services prides itself on its cost-effective wholesale processing solutions and claims to offer the lowest rates in the industry. Merchants are not charged an application fee and are facilitated to get their existing credit card processing terminal reprogrammed with the provider. This way, they can start immediately the second the account gets approved, with a team of experts guiding them throughout the process.

The provider focuses on helping small businesses grow and make their mark in the ever-expanding world of the credit card payment industry. It formulates effective strategies for consumers to increase their revenue while saving for potential losses. Below is a thorough Ensight Merchant Services review comparing the perks and downfalls of choosing the company as your payment facilitator;

Benefits and Services

The company offers free mobile card readers and facilitates credit card terminals, payment gateway, EMV card swipers, and virtual terminals. Merchants are provided with Clover POS solutions and can accept ACH and e-check processing. They can benefit from the provider’s real-time data reporting tools, gift card and reward programs, QuickBooks integration, and free cost comparison services.

Ensight Merchant Services Review, Rates, and Complaints

Retail Merchant Accounts

The company offers a variety of handheld and countertop credit card terminals through Verifone, Clover, First Data, and Dejavoo. With the company’s free terminal program, customers can experience a safe and efficient checkout at retail stores. They can accept all major credit cards and access their business anywhere on their phones.

The customer-facing POS allows users to monitor their purchases and directly interact, enhancing customer engagement and boosting loyalty. The EMV-enabled and NFC-contactless-certified terminals are a one-stop shop for businesses looking for a full-fledged POS system.

E-Commerce Payment Solutions

According to the Ensight Merchant Services reviews, the provider resells the services of Authorize.Net and First Data to provide the best online payment solutions. E-commerce businesses can set up automatic recurring billing for regular customers and avoid requesting payments after each interval. With AVS and CVV2 support, they can secure the cardholder’s information, ensure safe transactions, and dodge fraud. It is a way to lower the transaction costs and verify the purchase.

The provider offers an automatic sales tax calculator, customizable receipts, and multiple user interfaces. Moreover, the online catalog supports up to 200 items, and each item can be tracked with Ensight’s real-time reporting capabilities.

MOTO Payments

For card-not-present payments, consumers are facilitated with a mail-order-telephone-order merchant account to process virtual credit card transactions. This service is best for small businesses operating remotely. Since these transactions can be accepted over a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet, merchants can lower their overhead.

MOTO payment acceptance enables a business to reach a wider audience, enhancing customer experience. It eliminates the limited opening hours restrictions, allowing merchants to enjoy a 24/7 sales opportunity. This can drastically increase a company’s revenue. 

Pay at Pump Service

The provider offers a range of payment methods to filling stations, helping them expedite the process with fast approval times. Enabling merchants to accept all credit and fuel cards, including Fleet One, Voyager, Fuelman Card, and Wright Express, the company ensures they are ahead of their competition. The petroleum merchant account is designed to consider particular requirements, allowing gas stations to secure their fair share in the marketplace.

Ensight Merchant Services Review - pay at pump

Ensight Merchant Services Rates and Contract

The company does not provide information about its contract terms and pricing. However, the Ensight Merchant Services reviews cited online indicate that it offers variable contract terms through Fiserv depending on the business size, type, and merchant’s processing history. A standard Ensight agreement charges a $19.95 PCI compliance fee and a $495 early cancelation fee.

Consumers are bound to a tiered pricing model and pay a swiped and keyed-in rate of 2.69% plus $0.19 and 3.69% plus $0.19 if they monthly process up to $50,000. Consumers whose per-month processing exceeds $50.000 are charged 2.29% plus $0.19 for swiped and 3.29% plus $0.19 for keyed-in transactions. The company’s virtual terminal rates depend on the payment gateway utilized by the merchant. Moreover, merchants are tied to a long-term non-cancellable equipment lease, but the terms are not mentioned.

Customer Support

The provider maintains two toll-free domestic support lines (one for new and one for existing clients) and an email address for customer support. The official website has a live chat service, a contact form, and an FAQ page. Ensight promises to offer a 24/7 helpline and a dedicated customer service agent, but these options are not enough to rank it among the top-rated payment facilitators.

Sales Practices

Although there are no negative Ensight Merchant Services reviews regarding its sales agents, the company employs independently hired sales agents to advertise its brand. Since the company cannot control how these representatives operate, this marketing practice is frowned upon. The provider does not offer all the necessary information, and there is some evidence of deceptive rates on the official website.

Ensight Merchant Services Reviews and Complaints

Ensight enjoys a low complaint rate and has very few reviews posted for it online. Even though merchants have not directly accused the provider of scamming its clients, they have shown frustration over misleading quotes and unreachable customer service.

The company does not offer much information, causing many issues for its clients. Moreover, the variable contract terms, delayed refunds, and unjustified money withdrawals after account cancelation are big headaches for Ensight’s consumers. The company does not have a class-action lawsuit or FTC report against it.

Better Business Bureau Rating

The company received an A+ rating on its BBB profile after its accreditation by the review platform in 2018. There are zero formal and two informal reviews posted for the provider, one of the recent ones being negative. The complaint in question indicates difficulty in account cancelation.

Ensight Merchant Services Drawbacks

The company does not have enough reviews to determine its reliability, but its fallibility in some key areas gives merchants reasons to be suspicious. Ensight brings a range of valuable services to the table, but it can be incompatible with some businesses. Consumers looking forward to signing up with the provider should be aware of the following disadvantages they are exposing their business to;

Deceptive Quotes

The company’s official website advertises a low rate of 0.35% but does not elaborate that it is the qualified rate for debit transactions. Ensight Merchant Services reviews show that the rates are much higher for mid-qualified and non-qualified transactions. This information inadequacy misleads merchants into believing the company offers reasonable rates, only to find out it is only the tip of the iceberg. Many payment facilitators practice this deceptive sales tactic to attract new clients.

Unreachable Customer Service

The provider displays a list of customer support options on the website for customers to address their queries. These are decent options for a reasonable payment facilitator, but not enough to make it competitive with the top-rated service providers. Merchants have complained about being unable to reach the customer service team. They have posted about calls being ignored and queries going unanswered. The provider needs to hire a competent customer support team and train them better to improve this situation.

Difficult Account Cancelation

According to some Ensight Merchant Services reviews, consumers face serious difficulties canceling the contract. There are complaints that even after ending ties with the company, merchants are charged unjustifiably, and their funds are held. After contacting the company, they are told to wait for the check. After several tries, they never receive the money back.

Causing troubles for merchants during the cancelation process creates a negative image of the service provider. A good payment facilitator does not force hidden charges on its clients and gives them complete control of how long they want to use its services.


As deduced from this Ensight Merchant Services review, the company is unsuitable for small businesses needing an affordable payment facilitator. The company practices deceptive tactics and misleads its clients. It does not offer transparency and forces unexpected charges, disabling merchants from moving on to a better-fitting service provider. An unresponsive payment facilitator that does not prioritize their client’s needs, and fails to hear their concerns, cannot be trusted.

Merchants should compare their options and look for a service provider they can rely on and whose policies match their ideology. They should be aware of the potential disadvantages of choosing the company as their facilitator and choose wisely. Consumers looking forward to signing the contract with Ensight are advised to ask all the necessary questions to avoid confusion in the future. Moreover, they should demand price transparency and negotiate the rates before signing the agreement.

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