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2Checkout Review 2022

2Checkout, also known as 2CO, is a payment processor used internationally to deal with card-not-present e-commerce payments. It has various features like hosted shopping carts, recurring billing, multi-language, and multi-currency support. These features make it a top-notch choice for your business. 2 Checkout Review will specify all pros and cons of this payment processor and help you make the best choice.

Services of the Provider

2Checkout is a far better choice than an average payment processor that only offers card transactions and not options like recurring billing and online payment processing. Here is a review of their offerings;


2Checkout accepts payments through 45 different methods and major credit card organizations like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners, PayPal, etc. It provides services in more than two hundred countries, 25 languages and 100 currencies. 


You can easily handle your business with 2Checkout’s recurring billing service. Subscription management tools of this payment provider allow customizing subscription billing frequency through nine specific payment methods. Merchants can review the pricing of the subscriptions and subscription reports.


Merchants can use 2Monetization services to sell digital products. It provides all the benefits from 2Sell and additional features like security management and invoicing to the customers. A/B testing reviews aspects that can boost sales for the merchant.

Shopping Cart Integration

2Checkout allows integration with almost 120 established e-commerce shopping carts. Their shopping cart integration also supports invoicing and other software utilities. Whether you use hosted or inline payments, plug-and-play integration is always very feasible. 

Hosted and Inline Checkouts 

2Checkout gives two alternatives for checkouts; Either checkout on 2CO’s servers using hosted checkout or utilize your website for inline checkout. The hosted checkout option allows you to customize the layout and runs effectively even over mobile. However, an online cart is recommended for businesses that have smaller product catalogs. 

API Integration

API modules make the integration of payment features easy, allowing a much more streamlined payment process. Instead of redirecting to the hosted payment page, the customer directly purchases on the website. For security reasons, card data is tokenized, and merchants can only process on their website using the 2Checkout API. 


2Checkout provides a wide range of reports for back-office business management. You can review executive, marketing, and financial statements. In addition, merchants who offer subscription services can see subscription reports. Subscription reports give information like renewal, churn rate, and active customers. 

Additional Services

Despite the essential services every user benefits from, You can opt for additional services of 2CO by paying more. You can choose specific plans to use these services or buy them separately.

  • Verifone CPQ: This tool is available for integration between sales and payment, subscription, ordering, and financial systems. It is widely used in B2B systems.
  • 2Service: You can pay more to get premium services and individualized support. 
  • 2Bill: Merchants whose businesses provide subscription services can add subscription management tools to their plans. Although 2Subscribe and 2Monetiza already have this.
  • 2Partner: It increases automation and channel distribution and is only available with 2Monetize with extra charges. 
  • 2Recover: You can get an advanced authorization dashboard as a recovery tool in add-ones. 

Security and Fraud Management

2Checkout fulfils all strict security standards to comply with PCI DSS, ISAE 3402 and SSAE 18 requirements. For European countries, it follows GDPR. Along with all services, it also provides 99.98% uptime. Tokenization is standard to ensure the safety of cardholder data.

Pricing & Plans 

2Checkout prices differ with plans. 2Sell costs 3.5%=$0.35 while 2Montization is 6&+$0.6 and 2Subscribe is 4.5&+$0.45 per transaction. There is no annual fee or hidden charges, and there is no early termination fee. It provides a weekly subscription for 2Sell and 2Subscription, while 2Monetization has a monthly plan. 

Customer Support 

It provides reliable customer support 24/7, using different sources to help its clients. Phone support is available on weekdays for almost 8 hours. It has all the basic FAQs answered on the website. 2Checkout publishes blogs and articles regularly and provides e-commerce resources and developer resources to guide their customers.

Weak Points of 2Checkout

While 2CO maintains an A- rating on BBB, it used to be A+ a year ago. There are 17 complaints filed against the processor, and seven have been filed in the last year. There are also several complaints on other review websites. Here are the common problems people face with 2Checkout;

Account Terminations

2CO seems to have extra thorough and regular monitoring of its merchant accounts. While this may be a good sign, unfortunately, many users face issues even after years of partnership with the provider. Merchants claim that the reasons for the account closures are often unexplained. Accounts that have been in business for over two years also claim these issues.

Reserved Funds

Several merchants report dissatisfaction over the fund reserve policy of 2Checkout. According to their rules, they can hold 5% of the funds for 90 days to deal with chargebacks or risks. Sellers also show frustration over funds that have been reserved indefinitely because of a frozen or closed account. These accounts can face withheld funds anywhere from 90 days to a full year.

Unreliable Customer Service

Merchants review that the customer care staff lacks urgency and efficiency in dealing with customer problems. Often, the staff are unaware of the problem and the possible solutions to offer. Merchants often feel like their problems are being avoided and not being given their deserved attention.


If you belong to an industry where most of your client dealing is online, then 2CO might be a decent option. Also, 2Chekcout is one of those processors that act remotely, even in countries lacking payment options. But if your business falls in another category, and you cannot afford to pay a little more in transaction fees, then 2CO is not such a great option.

The complaints discussed in this 2Checkout review are the most common ones in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it is okay to have them. So, if you have a business that prefers in-store client dealing and has a high sales volume with a low ticket, then 2CO is not recommended.

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