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The majority of standard-risk business types are served by AMP Payment Systems, a merchant account provider that was established in 2017. We have found compelling evidence that suggests AMP Payment Systems is another business name launched by the management team behind Eschelon Merchant Services, EMV Payment Systems, and Smart Card Merchant Services. Therefore, it was inevitable for us to do this AMP Payment Systems review based on real factors.

AMP Payment Systems does not reveal the names of its ownership or management team. Eschelon and Smart Card are two of the merchant account providers with the lowest CPO ratings, each receiving a “D.”

Alternative Names

AMP Payment Systems is registered in the state of Arizona under the name “Covington Ridge Financial, LLC” in addition to the names mentioned above, and it has used both “Covington Ridge Financial” and “Covington Financial” in some of its official papers. The business “VS Card Services” is listed at the location where it is headquartered.

Additionally, it has registered the domain name “,” which is how some of the company’s official publications are referred to by company officials. In a sales call, the business introduced itself as “The Interchange Provider,” according to one retailer. The corporation may introduce other brands or contact merchants using names other than the ones we have uncovered, so merchants should be ready for either scenario.

The address and ownership of AMP Payment Systems

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AMP Payment Systems is a Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, OH, registered ISO/MSP. The Better Business Bureau indicates that AMP Payment Systems is located at 7000 N 16th 120 Phoenix, Arizona 85020, contrary to the company’s website location of 1990 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015. AMP Payment Systems may be using this address as a forwarding address because it is also the location of a UPS Store.

Additionally, we have discovered numerous AMP Payment Systems job postings that indicate the company’s true address as 3320 W Cheryl Dr, Phoenix, Arizona 85051. This address is the one on Eschelon Financial Group’s official records, as well as the one listed on the Better Business Bureau profile for Smart Card Merchant Services.

While Anthony Dominguez is listed as the CEO on ZoomInfo, Joseph Settles’ LinkedIn profile describes him as the “executive” of AMP Payment Systems since 2016. At the time of our most recent update, Jovita Robertson was the director of operations at Covington Financial and Smart Card Merchant Services, while Shanan Mohatt was the senior vice president of sales at AMP Payment Systems.

AMP Payment Systems Review Based on Transaction Processing with AMP Payment Systems

The AMP website does not provide a lot of information regarding what they supply. In addition to POS systems including desktop EMV terminals, wireless EMV terminals, smartphone choices, tablets, PC card-based swipers, and EMV pads, AMP does appear to process the majority of the major debit and credit cards. Additionally, they provide American Express Business Financing, cash advances, ACH loans, receivables factoring, and marketing services.

They sought to alter public perceptions of merchant service providers and shift the emphasis from making sales to providing superior customer service.

AMP Payment Systems is Dedicated to Supporting Small Businesses

Making things distinct and assisting small businesses is one of the main things in which AMP Payment Systems takes pride. According to AMP, while dealing with huge corporations is good and they do have their share of high-ticket clients, there is no greater pleasure than seeing a small business owner thrive.

One of their major goals in 2016 was to assist new business owners in getting started. They understood that these companies were frequently the ones being most exploited because they had previously worked for other merchant service providers.

AMP is quick to point out that the majority of these business owners have far more questions than they do answers when asked what makes them want to help small business owners so much. Although AMP Payment Systems provides merchants with hardware, software, and financing options, one thing they excel at more than others is being there to support them and respond to any queries they may have, even those unrelated to the services they offer.

What Makes AMP Payment Systems Special? – Important factor of AMP Payment Systems Review

Every account has a dedicated representative who evaluates the company’s objectives and frequently answers inquiries from merchants about where to locate qualified candidates, how to launch a marketing campaign, or how to choose a trustworthy payroll provider.

AMP Payment Systems might not have the answers to all of these issues, but because of their resources and contacts with other local business owners, they can point new entrepreneurs in the correct direction so they can get started quickly.

AMP Payment Systems Is Prepared to Expand

Over 160 million people in the United States and over 14.4 billion people worldwide have credit cards as of 2017. Given that these figures increase year over year, it is clear why the credit card processing sector won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

AMP Payment Systems have used some of the most advanced hardware and software in the market to take advantage of this expanding market.

AMP Payment Systems appears to be in good shape for significant growth in 2021 thanks to their emphasis on the customer rather than merely maximizing profits. They are in a position that few others can match based on their track record and commitment to client service.

AMP Payment Systems Based on Prices, Fees, and Agreement Conditions

  • Swiped Rate: 00% – 4.99%
  • Keyed-In Rate: 00% – 4.99%
  • Early Termination Charge: $375
  • Equipment Lease Charge: $78 Per Month
  • Equipment Lease Agreement: 48 Months (locked)

Extended Agreements

The rates charged by AMP Payment Systems are not listed on the company’s website, and neither have any of the company’s transaction fees, PCI Compliance costs, monthly minimums, or other fees been expressly mentioned in any public complaints made by merchants.

According to the few sources we could find, the typical AMP Payment Systems contract is a multi-year arrangement with a $375 early termination fee and a four-year, non-cancelable equipment lease through a third-party provider.

Watch out for equipment leases

We have seen reports suggesting that AMP may be marketing similar agreements to merchants. Smart Card Merchant Services is known to bundle its merchant accounts with equipment leases through First Data Global Leasing. First Data Global Leasing is well known for offering pricey, lengthy, and non-cancelable equipment leases.

When compared to the merchant accounts they were initially sold with, these leases frequently lead to more complaints. It should be mentioned that the majority of credit card terminals are available for less than $500. Long-term, non-cancelable leases can cost a business thousands of dollars for the same equipment, thus they should be avoided.

No indication of savings

There is no reason for us to think that AMP Payment Systems’ “D” rated contract terms are any more advantageous than those offered by Eschelon Merchant Services or Smart Card Merchant Services. We are unable to endorse the company due to the utilization of third-party equipment leasing, especially in light of merchant complaints of incomplete sales disclosure.

A cheap merchant account provider increases the likelihood that businesses will experience significant savings. Additionally, we invite business owners to look through our directory of the top merchant account suppliers.

AMP Payment Systems Review

Based on customer reviews, accusations, and objections

Average Level of Complaints

AMP Payment Systems has received more than 10 reviews as of right now, some of which accuse the business of being a swindle or a scam. Undisclosed costs, incorrectly marketed equipment leases, telemarketing, unavailable customer service, and a hostile work environment for the organization’s staff are some of the most typical AMP Payment Systems complaints.

This AMP Payment Systems complaint total is moderate-to-high for a business that is still fairly new. It doesn’t even take into account the significantly more Eschelon Merchant Services, EMV Payment Systems, and Smart Card Merchant Services complaints that might be related to AMP Payment Systems employees.

Disputes and Penalties Relating to AMP Payment Systems

We discovered a lawsuit from 2020 filed against AMP Payment Systems’ other name, Covington Ridge Financial, LLC. This case, which involved Covington/auto-dialing AMP’s methods, was resolved amicably.

Disgruntled customers who want to take the firm to court should think about reporting the corporation to the appropriate regulatory bodies.

Profile in Better Business Bureau

Less than 5 complaints:

The Better Business Bureau now gives AMP Payment Systems an “A” rating; however, the company is not BBB-accredited. According to the company’s profile, there has only been one complaint in the previous 36 months. The one complaint has to do with billing or collections. The merchant was not satisfied with how this complaint was handled, or there was no answer at all.

Feedback: What Retailers Say

Additionally, AMP Payment Systems has been the subject of two unofficial merchant reviews, one of which was favorable and the other unfavorable. The most current informal evaluation is unfavorable and details aggressive telemarketing strategies:

  • “Numerous calls urging me to switch to their (AMP’s) service have been placed to my business. They keep calling no matter how many times I say no or that I’m not interested. I consistently receive follow-up contact from a supervisor complaining that their trainee failed to communicate well and that I misunderstood what they were trying to express. Although I repeatedly said “No,” the first word that many of us learned as youngsters, they persisted in pushing. This is predatory and irritative. Because of their actions, I would never do business with them.”

Some customers, however, are impressed with AMP Payment Systems’s PCI compliant to run their business:

  • “We needed to make sure we complied with all fraud protection and data security laws because we accept a lot of payments online and over the phone. According to our transaction volumes, AMP was PCI compliant. When we say we work with AMP to handle payments, it helps us establish trust for our company. Customers can feel secure knowing that their credit card details are secure, especially when making significant purchases.”

Note: Constant sales calls can be draining and harmful to a company’s productivity and, consequently, its bottom line. Merchants should learn how to end sales conversations if they encounter a circumstance similar to the one in 1st review.

Marketing and Sales Plan

Exterior sales and telemarketing

In-house appointment makers and external sales representatives are how AMP Payment Systems generally offers its services. This sales strategy is also the norm at Eschelon and Smart Card, and it frequently leads to complaints owing to inadequate agent training and management.

We can find a few AMP Payment Systems reviews that mention numerous phone calls, pushy in-person sales techniques, unprofessional behavior, and misrepresentation of rates and prices. This suggests that AMP Payment Systems is not an anomaly. The company’s staff members have also voiced complaints regarding bad leads, inadequate training, and frequent staff turnover.

These worries are supported by a 2019 AMP Payment Systems review from a former employee on Glassdoor, which details misleading sales techniques that the corporation supports in its sales agents.

  • “There is not a single reason to work there. They misrepresent the agreements we get into with your business. Given false information, false advertising, and phony leasing contracts. Instead of concentrating just on generating profit for your business, take care of your customers and their requirements as well.”

Excessive Warning Signs

We believe AMP Payment Systems was established so Eschelon Financial Group could continue employing the same sales strategies that customers have complained about from its other businesses under a new name. We have found no evidence to suggest that AMP Payment Systems’ strategy differs materially from the behavior of its partner companies, and as a result, we have given it the same “D” grade in this section as the other companies.

Merchants are advised to check all paperwork very carefully and to keep an eye out for things like inadequate rate disclosures, unstated fees, and secret equipment leasing contracts.

We advise requesting an independent statement audit that can remove hidden fees from your monthly statement if you believe AMP Payment Systems is charging you unauthorized fees.

Our Verdict After AMP Payment Systems Review

According to our AMP Payment Systems review and rating, AMP Payment Systems is a below-average merchant services provider. Despite the company’s apparent efforts to hide its affiliation with Eschelon Financial Group, merchant complaints have already shown that the company’s business practices are nearly comparable to those of other “D” rated businesses.

We will keep an eye on merchant reviews and adjust the company’s rating as necessary, but if merchants are looking for affordable rates and superior support, they should speak with a top-rated merchant account provider.

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