PAYARC Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

PAYARC is a credit card processor operating out of Connecticut. They offer merchant services to companies operating in the United States that are very modest. PAYARC also provides a web-based payment gateway that complies with PCI standards.

Our PAYARC review shows that he company promotes several point-of-sale goods on the website built for the business by Dejavoo Systems. The industry promotes a selection of full countertop credit or debit card terminals in addition to a variety of Integrated circuit PIN-based and chip swipe cards in their marketing materials.


PAYARC is a credit card processor established in Connecticut that offers merchant services to small and medium-sized companies in the United States. The corporation is an ISO of Irvine, Commercial Bank of California, Evolve Bank and Fresno, Trust, and Fresno First Bank.

It was created by Zachary Martinez in 2016 and is presently led by Jared Ronski (although activities did not commence until 2019), with its headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut. The firm provides POS systems, payment processing for e-commerce, and subscription billing services. PAYARC also provides a web-based payment system that is PCI compliant.

pros and cons


  • Excellent customer service
  • A platform that is highly secure and PCI compliant
  • System of comprehensive reporting
  • Software and API integration


  • The features and functionality are limited.
  • There is no cost information on the website
  • Provided Services
  • PCI Security and Compliance

Payarc’s central selling point is security. This system detects a customer’s location and IP address by issuing bank information. You may also restrict the quantity and volume of transactions. This service employs tokens, CVV, and encryption to secure consumer card data from theft.

POS Systems

The Payarc POS service gives small and medium-sized business owners payment collecting freedom. You will need to utilize terminals and POS systems from firms such as Dejavoo and Pax to process payments on this solution, and the device you choose will vary depending on your business type. You may securely take client credit card payments using the Payarc POS service at a fee that will be provided when contacting Payarc customer care.

Invoicing and billing

Payarc offers billing and invoicing solutions to help business owners collect payments from their clients more efficiently. The invoicing and billing tool allows clients to make invoices from lots of templates, send bills to clients as links included in emails, and take payments via the method selected by their customers.

With this payment function, you may charge your clients’ invoices as monthly bills, one-time payments, and usage-based charges. You are also able to choose the billing frequency and rate. Payarc also allows you to incorporate discounts, promotions, and free trial periods into your company’s invoicing system.

Online Transactions

Payarc is a highly secure online payment processing solution that allows physical and online business owners to securely collect online payments from their consumers. You can enter your client’s financial information, allowing them to make wallet transfers to you, or have them check out on your eCommerce page. Payarc also offers a configurable payment gateway that will enable you to manage what occurs when your consumers make purchases and leave your online store.

Payarc Tools


Schedule and send invoice reminders to clients before and beyond the due date to ensure on-time payment.

Virtual Terminals

Tokenization, level 2 & 3 processing, encryption, and automatic invoicing are some of the features available on virtual terminals.


Invoices can be created, customized, and sent in minutes, all from your Dashboard, with no code necessary.

Risk Reduction

They can assist you in preventing fraud, chargebacks, and loss – they utilize advanced security technologies that will secure you no matter what.

24-Hour Customer Service

Their international expertise and top technological talent are there for you anytime.

Analytics and the Dashboard

Access detailed reporting to boost earnings and revenue.

Quick Financing

Same-day transactions are available to send your qualified funds to your connected bank account at the end of the day.

PAYARC Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Complaints and customer feedback

We discovered no ongoing FTC complaints or class-action lawsuits against PAYARC. Dissatisfied business owners who want to take non-legal action against the company might report it to the appropriate supervisory bodies and evaluate its quality of work.

We discovered a handful of complaints about bad service and a concealed early termination cost of $500 that they only stated in the fine print owner’s merchant account agreement in specific PAYARC reviews.

We encourage everyone who worked with PAYARC to write a review on their experience with the company. The firm boasts many dozen good reviews, which one critic considers questionable. Almost all of the good reviews were published in 2019, are the reviewer’s first, and include a lot of marketing jargon that appears to originate from industry insiders rather than genuine business owners.

Rates and fees

At this time, we have yet to discover a PAYARC contract. Customers recently joining PAYARC payment services are urged to post a customer review summarizing their experience. Before signing up for PAYARC’s merchant services, business owners should negotiate their merchant account price and contract conditions and correctly read all documentation.

Uncertain Merchant Account Conditions

PAYARC’s merchant account price is not available online. One of our conditions for being regarded as a reliable merchant services supplier is transparency in costs, fees, and contract terms. While we only found a few concerns about prices and contract conditions, the absence of adequately provided pricing information keeps PAYARC from obtaining a five-star rating.

PAYARC needs to provide more price information on its website. The business typically sells “bucket” or tiered rate merchant account contracts. These merchant accounts are often more expensive than alternative methods like interchange-plus pricing. Due to a lack of information, we cannot comment on PAYARC’s pricing.


If you’re searching for a highly secure PCI-compliant payment system for your company, Payarc could be worth a look. This payment processing platform may lack the extensive merchant service capabilities in other payment processing systems.

On Payarc, however, you never have to worry about the security of your finances or your client’s financial information. So far, there hasn’t been a lot of negative criticism about how this approach works. However, there has yet to be a significant amount of good reviews.

More information is needed regarding the price of using this platform. There are no plans. There needs to be more information about the solution’s characteristics.

Before choosing this product, you need to contact their customer service center to obtain the information you want. You can request a demo to see if Payarc is suitable for your company.

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