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BankCard USA Merchant Services Review 2024

BankCard USA, founded in 1993, is a merchant services supplier that specializes in credit card handling and digital payment services. It relies on Fiserv (previously First Data) and various back-end operators to process transactions and offer merchant services.

This BankCard USA Review 2024 provides you with all of the information you need to make an educated choice about a payment processing provider. Let’s get started!

What Does BankCard USA Offer?

Credit card processing company Bankcard USA Merchant Services is situated in Michigan. Many companies around the United States rely on the services of the corporation. The CyberSource payment gateway is available via BankCard USA for digital payments.

CyberSource claims to be an enterprise-level payment method that accepts payments in more than 190 countries worldwide. The merchant also provides basic services for retail and e-commerce enterprises, which can also handle certain high-risk sectors.

Overall Summary of BankCard USA’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Agoura Hills, California
Contract 3 years 
Service Charges  $25 monthly charges 
PCI Fee $200+
Online Complaints  40+
Service Support  Yes

BankCard USA Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

According to the company, more than 100,000 retailers have been handled by BankCard USA since its inception. Since its inception in 1993, the headquarter has been situated in Agoura Hills, CA 91361.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., and Walnut Creek, among other locations, have designated BankCard USA Merchant Services as an ISO/MSP on its list of approved service providers. Shawn Skelton is the CEO of BankCard USA, while Scott Hardy is the vice president.

Important News from the History

The company shared ties with Maverick Bankcard Merchant, which they called off in the early 2010s. As per the BankCard USA official, these two firms no longer have any connection other than being housed on separate floors.

Services Offered by BankCard USA

BankCard USA provides all of the industry-standard features and capabilities you’ll need to establish a company and take credit or debit cards. However, they don’t go into great depth about what they’re going to be selling. In addition, their product selection looks to be rather elementary compared to those of competitors. You can get the following services:

  • Credit Card Payments

It is the primary role of a credit card processor to facilitate credit cards. It is possible to accept major credit/debit cards through Bankcard Services, both online and in person. EBT cards can also be accepted. Bankcard can handle both typical business-to-customer credit card processing and marketplace credit card transactions, in which a company serves as a middleman between a financial transaction.

  • Petrol Stations

Bankcard Services processes credit cards for many businesses, although its primary focus is on convenience stores and petrol stations. Bankcard Services understands the unique processing requirements of petrol stations. The firm uses direct contact with the cards to enable fleet card acceptance, resulting in speedier deposits for your money.

  • Check Payments

Signing up with Bankcard Services for check accepting with digital conversion will allow you to accept payments from customers who wish to pay with a check. If your customer gives one, you could use a check conversion to transform a paper check into a safe digital transaction.

  • Chargebacks

How to handle the inevitable chargebacks is a major problem for many firms? When a chargeback happens, Bankcard Services alerts you to the situation. Chargeback information may be seen in your merchant portal, and you’ll be informed by email and postal mail. The chargeback department is also available to help you resolve the chargeback after you have provided all of the necessary paperwork to prove the transaction occurred.

  • Gift Card

Bankcard Services provides a customized gift card program that can be used with various POS systems. It costs $0.75 to $1.49 a card depending on how many you purchase, with a minimum of 100 cards and a maximum of 1,000. Additionally, each custom design request is subject to $100. After that, a $2.50 monthly fee and a $0.10 redemption fee are charged.

  • Cash Withdrawals

An alternative to typical company loans is merchant cash advances, or MCAs, for financing. Repayment will be based on the percentage of your everyday credit card sales rather than on an agreed-upon repayment sum and interest rate. The money you get in advance payment effectively sells a percentage of your future credit card sales. Small company loans are more difficult to get than cash advances because of the stricter credit standards and lack of collateral.

  • ATM

Businesses may use Bankcard Services to take advantage of the potential boost in traffic that an ATM delivers. Customers can withdraw money from a secure ATM in your shop, and the fees they pay will go directly to you.

  • Mobile Payments

The Clover Go card reader from BankCard USA may be used to make mobile payments. A Bluetooth connection rather than a headphone jack connects this reader to your smartphone or tablet. This reader supports EMV and NFC-based payment methods.

BankCard USA Pricing & Fees

Generally speaking, Bankcard Services provides interchange-plus pricing, which consists of the following:

  • A three-year contract with an early termination cost varying from $99 to $295 is the norm
  • Several other costs have been recorded, including monthly minimum payments of $10 to $25
  • Multiple annual PCI compliance fines, which might total $200

In response to a statement made by a BankCard USA representative, the corporation has the option of placing money in risk analysis for up to 180 days. This provision has greatly inconvenienced some high-risk merchants that the business has handled.

Final Verdict

BankCard USA has made some modest strides in recent years in improving its service, such as removing some deceptive sales tactics from its website and achieving a reduced number of BBB complaints. According to the company’s policy, merchants that acquire their processing gear will not be charged an early termination fee. The company’s free terminal offer, on the other hand, sounds like a ploy to keep cash-strapped retailers on board. There should be more information regarding rates and costs on the company’s website, especially concerning interchange-plus pricing options.

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