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Adyen Payment Processing Services Review 2024

Payment processing business Adyen is based in the Netherlands and serves customers in North America, European territories, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and North Africa. Additionally, there are no monthly or startup expenses for small companies that wish to make payments on different sales channels with Adyen.

Due to its minimal invoice value and absence of capabilities for actual stores, Adyen might not have been the ideal solution for low-volume businesses or brick-and-mortar enterprises. Etsy, Spotify, and Uber are just a few companies that use our services. Find out more about Adyen in this Adyen Payment Processing Review!

Adyen Payment Processing: A Short View

Headquarter Amsterdam 
Owner Amout Schijiff 
Contract Unlimited Contract 
Monthly Fee Undisclosed 
PCI Fee Undisclosed 
Customer Support  Yes


The Features and Services of Adyen Payment Processing

With the ability to interpret and serve as a conduit for just about any payment, Adyen is a payment service provider (PSP). Are there any standout qualities, goods, or services offered by Adyen?

  • Revenue Accelerate

Using data-heavy analytics, this innovative set of technologies can allow payments that would otherwise be rejected due to outdated processing procedures. Adyen’s “Revenue Accelerate” has been effective in research and has allowed businesses to recuperate numerous purchases which otherwise would not have been processed.

  • POS Software

A swipe machine is not required so that you may utilize Adyen’s application as your primary payment method. You may use your own card machines and processors to link them instantaneously for every purchase.

  • Dynamic Reporting 

Businesses may get a range of excuses why a customer’s credit card may be rejected from the site’s customer area. The list also includes factors for card acceptance. The firm provides an instructional service to help businesses understand why certain transactions go through and others don’t.

  • Revenue Protect

This component is about risk management, including all of Adyen’s solutions to prevent chargebacks caused by fraudulent card transactions. The firm uses advanced algorithms, machine learning, customized device fingerprints, and behavioral insights. Revenue Protect is included in every subscription. In exchange for a charge, businesses may upgrade their security levels.

  • Credit/Debit Card Processing 

Few exceptions to the capacity to take practically any recognized credit and debit card issued throughout the globe.

  • Phone Swipe Devices 

Machines equipped with EMV technology can process all sorts of chip-based payments quickly.

  • The “Gateway” 

Efficient payment confirmation and rock-solid secure transactions make this Adyen’s prized gem. Adyen is perhaps most renowned for its real-time, lightning-fast payment authorization.

  • Developer Tools 

There seem to be plug-ins for different billing systems, e-commerce, and other payment kinds, such as POS, if you’d like. In addition, there is the documentation for programmers.

  • Omni-Channel 

“Omni-channel” capabilities imply that Adyen can seamlessly connect in-store, internet, and mobile payments to provide a hassle-free experience for customers.

  • Local/Global 

The company provides a customized variant of global processing: Any currencies, line of credit, checking Adyen customers may use the account or digital payment mechanism with very few restrictions.

Pricing and Charges of Adyen Payment Processing

For the first $500,000 in activity or 1,000 activities each month, the basic cost is 3.95 percent + $0.12 per purchase using an AMEX card. Depending on the nation of origination, card type, merchants sector, payment type, and many other variables, many different cards have lower or higher rates.

There seem to be no yearly charges, early withdrawal surcharges, setup costs, PCI compliance fees, or gateways to pay. Swipe devices (for sellers) include a one-time installation price and a monthly maintenance fee.

The openness of the company’s pricing policies is a big plus for many consumers. Customer service interactions are devoid of the customary antagonism and dishonesty that pervades many banking companies.

Contract Length and Early Termination Fees

Adyen’s business account agreements are unlimited and free of cancellation fees. A minimum of 60 days of written notice is required for either side to cancel the commercial contract. 

A single phone call can’t ensure that your business will be terminated correctly whenever you want to cancel. There isn’t much you could do when you don’t take the standard “paper trail” in this case. 

So be certain to express your demand on paper to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings. Without needing to bother about or purchase the remaining terminal lease is a plus.

Is Adyen Payment Processing Worth it?

Lack of Additional Fees

  • Using the program does not need a monthly charge, and you may avoid payments for installation, integration, and termination.
  • Adyen imposes a service fee and a preferred payment fee for each purchase.
  • It’s completely free to have several bank balances, 24/7 assistance, and accessibility to platform features.

Global Operations

  • Providing services in over 30 currencies, the organization has a worldwide reach.
  • Domestic and international transactions may be made.
  • Adyen’s payment solutions function throughout marketing channels and geographies to obtain a comprehensive picture of every client payment.

Lack of Features for Brick and Mortar Operations

  • For firms that do most of their business in a geographical place, Adyen might not be the ideal solution.
  • The homepage does provide POS terminals. However, there is no information on price or multi-device packages.
  • Merchandise and employee management are also missing from the application. However, they may be added via a software connection.

Pricing Complexity

  • Straightforward and frequently cheaper, Adyen’s payment methodology based on interchange plus is much more complicated than several rivals’ fixed amounts.
  • It is not only the place of the transactions that determine the value but the mode of payment.
  • This might not be the best cost-effective option for low-volume businesses since they must achieve a monthly invoicing threshold.

The Bottom Line

All the operations one would anticipate from a big commercial bank are provided by Adyen, which processes payments for a huge worldwide customer.

The organization is forward-thinking, reliable, and trustworthy. Thousands of consumers worldwide benefit from the company’s outstanding selection of services and top-of-the-line goods. Put another way. They don’t use misleading sales practices and provide affordable costs compared to other foreign merchants and payment systems.

Adyen’s overall performance, honesty, and effectiveness have earned it a positive review from us. On the other hand, Adyen isn’t the best option for every business. It’s not bad for the administration to want to gain big corporate customers, but it might leave the “little fish” wondering whether Adyen has a long-term future.

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