Barclaycard Merchant Services Review

Barclaycard Merchant Services Review 2024

Barclaycard Merchant Services Review 2024

Barclaycard Merchant Services is one of the largest processors of payments in the United Kingdom, dealing with businesses of all sizes. As it belongs to Barclays Bank, it offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, including card machines for face-to-face payments, online payment gateways, and mobile payment solutions. Barclaycard has a vast infrastructure and rich experience in smoothly managing complex payment processes to provide the best customer experience.

Choosing the right merchant service provider is critical for any business because it determines the efficiency of the transactions, the satisfaction of its customers, and even overall operational costs. Therefore, the ideal merchant service provider charges competitive prices, has formidable security measures in place, and has solid customer support. All these are what Barclaycard Merchant Services offers—bespoke solutions for needs scaled from small startups to large enterprises that need a partner in payment processing, which is reliable and effective. Lets check Barclaycard Merchant Services Review in detail.

Company Overview

Barclaycard is the oldest credit card brand in the UK and is currently one of the leading financial services companies in the region. This company is quite innovative and very reliable. It is a subsidiary of Barclays Bank that offers an array of payment solutions, from card machines and online payment gateways to payment gateways for mobile money and others.

The CEO of Barclaycard is Barry Rodrigues, meaning that, at the heart of his quest to deliver advanced payment solutions to businesses in the wake of their ever-evolving needs, there’s something indicative of financial services running through his blood. Similarly, an excellent background in financial services has formed the basis of Rodrigues’ growth and maintenance of edges over its competitors in the Barclaycard market. Nothing but taking innovation and development in the work of Barclaycard, he has brought nothing other than this to ensure that it has remained in touch with other innovations in processing payments.

Strong brand recognition and an extensive infrastructure have continued to place Barclaycard in a good market position that is deemed responsive. It is the UK’s largest acquirer, dealing with various sizes of clients, ranging from small businesses to multinationals. With its service commitment to security, efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction, Barclaycard Merchant Services underwrites several companies that offer cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Services Offered | Barclaycard Merchant Services Review

Services Offered | Barclaycard Merchant Services Review

It provides a well-balanced range of payment solutions suitable for businesses with various scales of commerce. From face-to-face transactions to online and mobile payments, Barclaycard promises to process any payment easily and safely.

Payment Processing

  • In-person Payments: Barclaycard has robust solutions for businesses that engage in physical transactions. This includes card machines intended to accept all major debit and credit cards. This is to ensure that the payment processing runs efficiently. 
  • Online Payments: The firm provides stable e-commerce gateways to e-commerce companies, sustaining innumerable online payment options. These gateways, which are incorporated into websites, add fluidity to safe and quick online transactions.
  • Mobile Payments: Due to the increasing dependency on mobile commerce, Barclaycard offers businesses its mobile payment solution for receiving payments on smartphones and tablets. It is effective for any business that moves around—a marketplace or some kind of event—and one does not drop a sale.

Card Machines

  • Desktop Card Machines: Recommended for businesses operating from a fixed location. They connect via a wired network and offer high reliability for consistent and continual usage.
  • Portable Card Machines: These are used for taking payments around a business’s premises—restaurants and bars, for example. It operates by passing communication wirelessly to one base station.
  • Mobile Card Machines (Barclaycard Anywhere): This is a perfect fit for businesses that do not operate from a fixed location. Mobile Card Machines settle through mobile networks, which is helpful for tradespeople or people engaged in the market.

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Smartpay Checkout: A simple and active payment gateway, particularly for small businesses. It can be integrated easily, supporting one’s most basic online transactions endpoint.
  • Smartpay Fuse: Initiated for mid-level companies, it features extra-second-level sophistication, including mobile payments, digital wallets, and more.
  • Smartpay Advance: Developed for the large business sector, this solution provides an omnichannel payment gateway that merges both offline and online payment systems with an immense sense of customization and third-party integration.

Virtual Terminal

  • Functionality and Use Cases: Barclaycard’s virtual terminal offers a platform for businesses to process payments over the phone or by mail without needing a card-reading device physically. The idea is particularly beneficial and very ‘some time’ for businesses collecting orders remotely.
  • Fees and Integration: A virtual terminal service typically involves fees, which are dependent on the volumes and types of transactions made. It integrates seamlessly with several systems that businesses may already have in place.

MOTO Payments (Mail Order/Telephone Order)

MOTO payments, or mail and telephone orders, for businesses that receive phone or mail orders. Process such transactions readily with a MOTO product from Barclaycard through a secure virtual terminal, ensuring flexibility, convenience, and security beyond the curves of distance.

Barclaycard Merchant Services offers tailored payment solutions enabling businesses to process transactions across any channel—from face-to-face to online, mobile methodologies, etc. With various features and highly reliable technology under its name, Barclaycard helps businesses make their payment processes more accessible for better customer satisfaction.

Equipment and Technology

Barclaycard Merchant Services is part of the retail network for POS devices, providing different card readers and terminals for diverse business needs. These secure and flexible devices ensure streamlined handling of card transactions, whether at fixed locations or while on the go.

Detailed Description of Available Card Readers and Terminals

Barclaycard supplies various card machines for desktop, portable, and mobile use. These machines are tailored to the individual needs of different business environments.

Features of Each Device

  • Ingenico Move 5000: Being portable, it can be taken to any place of business, especially restaurants and retail outlets. High on security, it contains features like a color touchscreen and dialogued-based interface, and it connects via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to make transactions intelligent and safe. The Move 5000 model supports tap-and-pay, chip-and-PIN, and magnetic stripe cards.
  • PAX A920: This intelligent mobile terminal combines the features of a smartphone with a high-end POS terminal. Besides running applications and being an application store through the Android operating system, A920 offers connectivity features with its 4G, WIFI, and Bluetooth. It is perfect for businesses wanting to incorporate mobility into their payment processing. It’s a multi-functional gadget—hosting a large touchscreen, receipt printing, and contactless and mobile wallet payment types—all under one roof.
  • Smartpay Touch: It is the one unified POS card reader designed with small and medium enterprises in mind. It has a sleek design with touchscreen-friendly user features and can be used for multiple modes of payment applications, including chip and PIN, contactless, and mobile payments. It allows integration with Barclaycard’s payment gateway in-house and offers the customer an excellent on-site and online solution.

Integration with Smartphones and Apps

Barclaycard card machines are comprehensively designed to connect with smartphones and their apps for flexibility purposes and further usability features. For example, the Barclaycard Anywhere device connects to smartphones via Bluetooth. These integrations keep businesses in contact with the transactions and in-depth reporting facilities available using Barclaycard Anywhere. The app brings real-time access to sales data and insights relevant to a business for possible decision-making.

In conclusion, the equipment and technological solutions offered by Barclaycard Merchant Services are responsible, safe, and fluid in making the correct payments through business. All of its devices are next-technology-based and meet new demands for modern trade, providing a seamless and efficient payment processing operation for all business scales. 

Pricing and Fees

Barclaycard Merchant Services offers a range of pricing and fee structures designed to suit the needs of different businesses. Their insight on such fees is essential for businesses to manage incurred costs adequately. 

Transaction Fees

  • In-person Payments: Charges levied on in-person transactions often vary from 0.7% to 1.6% of the volume of transactions and depend on the transaction volumes or the card level. Higher volumes of business usually invite lower charges.
  • Online Payments: Online transaction fees are a little pricier; purchase a credit card rate of about 2.45% and a Debit card rate of about 2.05%. Again, the increased security and number of steps required to process a transaction over the internet make sense to raise these rates.
  • Mobile Payments: Mobile payment charges are identical to those made in person and chiefly stand at 1.6% per transaction on a pay-as-you-go basis. This is ideal for businesses that are always on the go.

Monthly Fees and Setup Costs

  • Equipment Rental Fees: This monthly charge varies between the devices. For instance, a desktop card machine costs around 15+ VAT per month. The Portable and Mobile Card Machines will approximately charge 20 to 25+ VAT per Month.
  • Setup and Cancellation Fees: Termination fees for the card readers are usually £150. Setup fees are charged at a lump sum, at around £125 + VAT.

Hidden Fees

Businesses should also consider the other hidden possible costs in Barclaycard Merchant Services. These mainly consist of a refund cost of about £0.75 per transaction and a chargeback that can land a business with bills of about £9.00 per incident. As ever, the details in the contract terms and monthly statements need to be carefully examined to avoid surprises.

Generally, Barclaycard’s rates should be competitive overall. However, all associated costs will need to be clear for businesses to be able to make an enlightened decision about their payment processing needs.

Contract Terms

Understanding the contract terms with Barclaycard Merchant Services is essential for businesses to avoid unexpected costs and commitments. Barclaycard typically offers contracts with lengths of either 12 months or 18 months, depending on the specific services and equipment chosen.

Length of Contracts: Barclaycard’s merchant service agreements generally last 12 or 18 months. Typically, most portable and mobile card machines have an 18-month contract, and some intelligent terminals have a 12-month contract. To an extent, the different available contract lengths provide flexibility to the business in relation to the preferred one. 

Early Termination Fees: Barclaycard contracts have early termination fees, which may be very steep. If the business wants to get out of this agreement before the predetermined time frame, it may be liable for termination fees of up to £125 plus the standard VAT if the given contract were not to be delivered over its agreed term. It behooves the business to be aware of such penalties rather than be endangered by unforeseen financial woes should their variables change.

Flexibility and Customizability of Contracts: While Barclaycard’s contracts are standard, some flexibility and customizability exist. At this level, businesses can try to negotiate some terms, considering the volume of transactions and the unique needs that they may have. Besides that, there are different pricing plans and equipment, with options aligned to the size and nature of the business, hence a more homespun approach.

While Barclaycard Merchant Services offers advantageously competitive and fully featured packages, businesses must be assured that contract terms regarding contract length, break fees, and customization are aligned with their operational needs and budgets.

Customer Support and Service

Customer support and service quality are critical factors for any business considering a merchant services provider. Barclaycard Merchant Services offers multiple customer support channels, including phone, email, and online resources. However, users have received mixed reviews of their support’s availability and responsiveness.

Availability and Responsiveness of Customer Support: Barclaycard provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring that businesses can get assistance whenever needed. Despite this, many users have reported long waiting times when contacting support representatives. This can be particularly frustrating for businesses that need quick resolutions to payment processing issues.

Common Issues Reported by Users: Common issues reported by Barclaycard users include difficulties in resolving technical problems and slow response times from customer support. Some customers have also mentioned challenges with understanding their statements and fees, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction. These issues highlight the importance of clear communication and efficient support services.

Quality of Service for Different Business Sizes: The quality of customer service businesses experience tends to vary depending on their size. Larger businesses, which may have dedicated account managers, often report better service than smaller businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have occasionally found the support lacking in personalization and effectiveness, which can impact their overall experience with Barclaycard Merchant Services.

Overall, while Barclaycard offers a robust support infrastructure, there are areas for improvement, particularly in responsiveness and handling common issues. Ensuring consistent and high-quality support for businesses of all sizes is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust.

Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Consumer feedback is an essential aspect of evaluating Barclaycard Merchant Services. Analyzing customer reviews from various sources reveals a mix of positive and negative experiences.

Analysis of Customer Feedback from Multiple Sources: Customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Google Reviews provide a comprehensive overview of user experiences with Barclaycard Merchant Services. These reviews highlight both the service’s strengths and weaknesses, giving potential users a balanced perspective.

Common Themes in Complaints: Several recurring themes appear in customer complaints. One of the most common issues is related to customer service, with many users reporting long waiting times and unhelpful responses from support representatives. Hidden fees are another significant concern, with some customers discovering additional charges that were not clearly communicated at the outset. Other complaints include difficulty canceling contracts and resolving technical issues, which can significantly impact business operations.

Positive Aspects Highlighted by Users: Despite the complaints, users frequently mention several positive aspects. Many customers appreciate the range of services Barclaycard offers, including the variety of payment processing options and the reliability of the equipment. The security features and fraud prevention measures Barclaycard provides are also praised, giving businesses confidence in their transactions. Additionally, larger businesses often report better service experiences, highlighting the company’s capacity to handle high-volume transactions effectively.

Overall, while Barclaycard Merchant Services receives mixed reviews, the company offers valuable features and robust security. However, customer support and fee transparency could be improved. Businesses should carefully consider these factors when choosing a payment processing provider.

Comparison with Competitors

Barclaycard Merchant Services competes with major providers like Worldpay, Square, and SumUp. Compared to these competitors, Barclaycard offers robust security features and a comprehensive range of payment solutions, making it a strong choice for larger businesses. However, it falls short in customer service and transparency of fees, areas where competitors like Square and SumUp excel with simpler pricing models and better support. Worldpay offers similar services but also has mixed reviews regarding customer support. Barclaycard’s strengths lie in its extensive infrastructure and reliability, while its weaknesses include hidden fees and less responsive customer service.

Security and Compliance

Barclaycard Merchant Services prioritizes security and compliance, implementing advanced measures to protect transactions. The company employs robust fraud prevention tools, including encryption and tokenization, to safeguard sensitive data. Barclaycard is PCI DSS compliant, ensuring that all transactions meet the highest security standards set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Additionally, they adhere to various regulatory requirements, providing businesses with secure and compliant payment processing solutions. These measures help mitigate risks and enhance the overall security of the payment process, making Barclaycard a reliable choice for businesses concerned about data protection and regulatory compliance.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive payment processing options
  • Strong security measures and PCI compliance
  • Extensive infrastructure supporting large transaction volumes


  • Long customer service wait times
  • Hidden fees and complex contract terms

Barclaycard is best suited for medium to large businesses needing a wide array of payment solutions and robust security features. However, smaller businesses or those seeking straightforward pricing and quick customer support might find better options elsewhere.


Barclaycard Merchant Services offers comprehensive and secure payment solutions that are ideal for medium to large businesses. However, potential customers should be aware of hidden fees and variable customer service quality. Barclaycard is a solid choice for businesses seeking robust, scalable payment processing with strong security. Consider your specific needs and compare alternatives to find the best fit.

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