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BASYS Processing Review 2022: Is BASYS Processing Right for Your Business?

For merchants searching for professional payment gateways for their businesses, BASYS offers many payment solutions, including POS systems. The POS systems provided by BASYS are tailored to meet the customers’ needs. Additionally, the company offers POS tools with reward processing, appealing packages, and 24-hour customer support.

Location & Ownership of BASYS Processing:

With years of experience in the market, BASYS Processing has proven to be profitable for merchants who deal with various companies and businesses. BASYS Processing is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, Concord, CA, and their main headquarter lies at 15300 W, Lenexa, KS 66219.

According to the official website of BASYS Processing, Brad Oddo is the head and current CEO of the company.

BASYS Processing Services:

In order to help their merchant account holders grow their business, BASYS Processing offers a variety of services. In addition to solving their payment issues, it offers a lot more benefits.

BASYS Processing provides:

  • E-commerce solution for local and large businesses
  • Mobile solutions
  • Offer virtual terminals for their merchant accounts for minimum fuss during transactions.
  • Gift card services and processing
  • Card processing

BASYS Processing Fee, Contract Terms, and Pricing:

BASYS Processing Rates and Transaction Fee:

Swiped Rate: 2.6% Transaction rate applied on payments or transactions through swiped or dipped visa card, Discover, and MasterCard.

Keyed-in Rate: 3.55%

Amex Rate: 3.4%

Batch Fee: $.35

Sign-up Fee:  $41.95

Annual Renewal: $41.9

BASYS Processing Contract Terms:

The company does not disclose the contract terms. The users already enrolled in their payment services have the complete details about their contract terms. During our research, we also discovered that customers and new merchant account holders can negotiate payment, transaction fees, and terms of contracts.

It is advisable to read all of the documents and contract papers carefully to understand the details of the contract and the fee the company applies.

Is BASYS Processing Trust-Worthy?

Complaints Ratio:

According to BASYS Processing reviews, the company has a low number of registered complaints. The company provides cost-effective merchant accounts, and users consider it to be a top-rated company.

The website of BASYS Processing contains more positive reviews and motivating testimonials than complaints and negative reviews. It demonstrates the amount of effort they put into providing flawless and satisfying work to their clients.

Based on the low complaint ratio, we’ll rate BASYS Processing an A+ as their customers seem satisfied with their services and policies.

The primary complaints merchants have filed are related to the issues of BASYS not presenting its rates clearly on its website. These complaints may be filed by the merchants who are not dealing with a high volume of monthly transactions or have a low volume of sales periodically. Because of this, merchants complain about high transaction fees.

Merchants who deal with high volumes of sales and a variety of transactions every month will find the transaction fees lower, or they can take advantage of the discounts BASYS offers them.

The figure illustrates that the merchant incurs a high transaction fee if a transaction is not processed on a specific volume.

However, this does not mean that BASYS misunderstood their rates or advertised the wrong information about fee structures and contracts.

BASYS Lawsuits:

Due to fewer FTC complaints and lawsuits against BASYS Processing compared to its peers, it stands out from the rest of the industry. BASYS Processing has a 24/7 customer support service for dealing with their users’ issues on time.

Supervising organizations oversee complaints within the organization and serious fraud issues. Due to their on-time solution services, BASYS Processing’s customers never felt inclined to file a complaint with the FTC.

Is the Rating of BBB for BASYS Processing Accurate?

BBB has rated BASYS Processing an A+ due to its exceptional performance and no filed complaints. Not only this, the company has been providing its services for more than 10 years and has genuine experience and knowledge of the market. Their expertise and services are beneficial for merchants to keep themselves ahead of their competitors.

Besides that, there have been zero filed complaints against BASYS Processing and one negative review during the last two years. Merchants have provided the company with four positive reviews during the past three years.

Based on the work performance and extraordinary services, we also give BASYS Processing an A+ rating overall.

Does BASYS Processing Engage in Deceptive Marketing?

BASYS Processing Contract Terms:

BASYS Processing reviews and customers’ comments conclude that BASYS correctly advertises its contract terms. Moreover, all the contract terms and fee processings are disclosed to the customer at the time of merchant account subscription.

The company has been criticized for unclear contract terms and high transaction fees in some reviews on their profile. However, when the clients consult with the agent, they should clarify the terms of the contract, the monthly charges, and the fee structure to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Only In-House Sales and Customer Support:

BASYS Processing has assured it has no independent reseller or agent to post advertisements or account deals and contracts. Only in-house sales and customer support have a solid basis for becoming a permanent BASYS Processing client.

As the company has already made it clear, clients are satisfied with their policy and generally don’t complain about this issue.

Would BASYS Processing Be a Good Business Partner?

BASYS Processing came into the industry a decade ago but is still in its starting phases to adjust itself and make its reputation in the market. Compared to the experienced payment providers of the sector, BASYS Processing is still providing exceptional services for its customers with exemplary customer support service.

It does not deserve an average rating for any reason. According to our rating procedure and regulations, we provide the company with an A+ rating. According to our database, the company has moderate complaints and no FTC action subject. Moreover, BBB also rates an A+ rating for its loyalty and customer-friendly services.

In order to get the best services from BASYS Processing, we recommend that merchants sign up for it. When deciding whether to associate with BASYS Processing, merchants should also consider the algorithms and market value of BASYS Processing, as individual results may vary.

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