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Paperless Transactions Corporation: Complaints, Lawsuits, Fees, and Rates In 2024

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Paperless Transactions Corporation (PTC) stands at the forefront as a prominent merchant account provider and digital marketing agency, pioneering innovative solutions in the realm of paperless transactions. With a history dating back to 1998, PTC has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations, particularly in the faith-based nonprofit sector, seeking personalized and customized solutions for their fundraising and payment processing needs.

PTC offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to automate and maximize donation efforts, including fundraising software, payment processing solutions, and digital marketing strategies.

Company History and Background

With its inception dating back to 1998, Paperless Transactions Corporation embarked on its journey as an ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing service, carving a niche for itself by diligently serving the retail business community and non-profit sectors. Over time, the company refined its focus to specialize in serving the faith-based nonprofit sector. PTC has since evolved into a merchant account provider offering a range of multi-channel fundraising solutions to help nonprofits and churches achieve their fundraising goals effectively.

Overview of PTC’s Services and Offerings

paperless transactions software

PTC takes pride in delivering personalized software solutions tailored to the unique needs of each organization it serves. Their comprehensive suite of services includes event registration pages, church mobile applications, giving pages, storefront pages, text2donate capabilities, email receipting, donor portals, API integration, and Virtual Terminal options. By integrating with industry-leading web and donor software companies, PTC ensures seamless donor data automation, empowering organizations to streamline their donor management processes.

Benefits of Using PTC for Paperless Transactions

PTC understands that in an increasingly crowded market of fundraising and payment processing software companies, personal touch and customized solutions are essential. By leveraging their expertise and experience, PTC offers organizations the opportunity to automate and maximize their donation efforts while maintaining a personal connection with their supporters. With a focus on the faith-based nonprofit sector, PTC’s services are specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of these organizations. Their secure and streamlined donor processing gateway, combined with front-end donor capture software, enables nonprofits to raise more funds and allocate more resources to their mission.

Within the scope of this discussion, we delve into the realm of Paperless Transactions Corporations (PTC), exploring customer complaints, potential legal disputes, and the associated fees and rates of their services.

Complaint against Paperless transactions corporation

Overview of common complaints from customers or users

  • Difficulty resolving issues:The company’s customer service has been met with frustration from customers who have encountered challenges in promptly addressing and finding resolutions for their concerns. This theme is echoed in the company’s profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Unexpected fees: Numerous customers have expressed dissatisfaction due to encountering unexpected fees, which are presumed to result from recurring charges. These relatively high fees have raised concerns and disappointment among users.
  • Lack of responsiveness: Multiple users have complained about the company’s unresponsiveness. They mention that phone calls often go unanswered, and voicemails are not returned promptly, except for new service inquiries.
  • Fraudulent charges: One user claimed that Paperless Transactions Corporation made a fraudulent charge against their company, leading to financial losses.

Detailed analysis of specific complaints and their impact

  • Unexpected fees: The unexpected fees reported by customers may be attributed to unclear pricing structures or inadequate communication from Paperless Transactions Corporation. These fees have likely affected the customers’ trust in the company and may have resulted in financial burdens for some.
  • Difficulty resolving issues: The difficulties customers faced in resolving their issues indicate a breakdown in customer service. Delayed resolutions can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction, potentially impacting the customers’ overall experience with Paperless Transactions Corporation.
  • Lack of responsiveness: The company’s unresponsiveness to customer inquiries, as reported by multiple users, can lead to a lack of trust and confidence in the company’s ability to address concerns and provide adequate support.
  • Fraudulent charges: While only one user reported a fraudulent charge, such incidents can have severe consequences for the affected party. It raises concerns about the company’s security measures and overall integrity.

Possible reasons for these complaints and how PTC has responded

  • Lack of clarity in pricing: The unexpected fees may be a result of unclear pricing information or hidden charges. Paperless Transactions Corporation could address this issue by providing transparent and detailed pricing information to customers upfront.
  • Customer service shortcomings: The difficulties customers faced in resolving their issues may indicate a need for improvement in the company’s customer service processes. Paperless Transactions Corporation should invest in adequate training and resources for its customer support team to ensure timely and satisfactory resolutions.
  • Responsiveness improvement: Addressing the issue of unresponsiveness requires Paperless Transactions Corporation to prioritize effective communication with their customers. They should ensure that phone calls are promptly answered, voicemails are returned on time, and customer concerns are addressed promptly.
  • Fraud prevention measures: To address the claim of a fraudulent charge, Paperless Transactions Corporation should thoroughly investigate the incident and take appropriate action. They should review and strengthen their security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Paperless Transactions Corporation needs to address these complaints seriously and take proactive measures to improve its services and customer satisfaction. By addressing these concerns, they can build trust and maintain a positive reputation within the industry.

Paperless Transactions Corporation Lawsuits and Fines

Overview of notable lawsuits filed against PTC

As of the current information available, there are no outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC (Federal Trade Commission) complaints filed against Paperless Transactions Corporation. The company has not been involved in any significant legal disputes.

Fees and Rates of Paperless Transactions Corporation

Explanation of PTC’s fee structure and pricing models

Paperless Transactions Corporation (PTC) implements a comprehensive fee structure that encompasses multiple components. As per their standard terms of service, clients are committed to a three-year agreement via Chase Paymentech, with an early termination fee of $250. The monthly fee can fluctuate up to $300. PTC implements a pricing structure that includes a per-transaction rate of interchange plus 0.5%, accompanied by a per-transaction ACH fee of $0.35. Additionally, there is a possibility of incurring a Liquidated Damages fee pertaining to stored value (gift cards) payment processing charges. The contract terms are variable, and clients may encounter supplementary charges such as an annual fee of $90, a PCI compliance fee, and monthly minimums. 

Comparison of PTC’s fees and rates with competitors in the industry

When comparing PTC’s fees and rates to its competitors in the payment processing industry, it is important to consider individual business needs and specific pricing structures offered by other providers. However, based on the available information, PTC appears to offer competitive pricing, especially for non-profit organisations. Their fee structure, which includes interchange plus 0.5% and a per-transaction ACH fee, may be advantageous for businesses processing a significant number of transactions.

Analysis of customer satisfaction regarding PTC’s fees and rates

Customer satisfaction regarding PTC’s fees and rates appears to be mixed based on available reviews and complaints. While there are only a few negative reviews and complaints, some clients have expressed frustration with unexpected fees and challenges in resolving billing issues promptly. It is important for potential clients to carefully review the terms and conditions, including any potential additional fees, before agreeing with PTC. Conducting thorough research and comparing PTC’s fees and rates with other providers can help businesses make an informed decision based on their specific requirements and budget.

Overall, PTC’s fee structure and pricing models provide flexibility and options for businesses, particularly in the non-profit sector. However, potential clients should review the terms and conditions, seek clarification on any potential fees, and evaluate customer feedback to ensure alignment with their payment processing needs and expectations.

Steps were taken by Paperless Transactions Corporation to address complaints

Description of PTC’s customer support and complaint resolution processes

Paperless Transactions Corporation (PTC) provides customer support through various channels, including a toll-free customer support number, fax number, customer support form, live chat, and a customer service email address. When customers encounter issues or have complaints, they can reach out to PTC through these channels to seek assistance.

Paperless Transactions Corporation Customer Service Numbers

(877) 869-7115 – Toll-Free Customer Support

(877) 218-6130 – Fax

Customer service email address at [email protected]


433 E. Las Colinas Blvd Suite 840, Irving, Texas 75039, US

Examples of measures implemented by PTC to improve customer satisfaction

The information does not provide specific examples of measures implemented by PTC to improve customer satisfaction. However, as a response to complaints and customer feedback, companies often take steps such as enhancing their customer support training, implementing better internal communication systems, increasing the availability of support channels, and establishing proactive communication with customers to address their concerns.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of PTC’s efforts in addressing complaints

The Better Business Bureau’s “A+” rating and the low number of complaints indicate that PTC may have effectively resolved the majority of customer issues to their satisfaction. However, customer satisfaction can vary, and merchants must conduct further research, read customer reviews, and consider their requirements when evaluating PTC’s effectiveness in addressing complaints.

Bottom Line

Paperless Transactions Corporation (PTC) is a merchant account provider and digital marketing agency specializing in serving the faith-based nonprofit sector. Some customer complaints include difficulties resolving issues, unexpected fees, lack of responsiveness, and a single report of a fraudulent charge. PTC should focus on improving transparency in pricing, enhancing customer service training, responsiveness, and fraud prevention measures.

There are no significant legal disputes involving PTC. Their fee structure includes interchange plus pricing, and customer satisfaction regarding fees and rates is mixed. PTC provides customer support through multiple channels. Businesses should review terms, seek clarification on fees, and consider customer feedback. Despite concerns, PTC offers tailored solutions, but due diligence is advised.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this summary is based on customer reviews and other online sources available at the time of compilation. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, it is important to consider that opinions and experiences may vary. 

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