best merchant accounts for consultants

Best Merchant Accounts for Consultants

Your job as a consultant is to assist organizations in reaching their full potential. Increasing efficiency and implementing better business practices are critical, but so are lowering operating costs and removing wasteful programs. These same principles are applicable when it comes to picking a merchant account for yourself as a consultant.

You’ll want to search for time-saving offerings like invoicing automation, customer service, and digital marketing tools. You’ll also want to avoid service providers that shut you into long-term contracts, hide their service charges, and provide unsatisfactory customer service.

But how do you know which providers are right for you? The best merchant accounts for consultants listed below should help narrow your search for a payment processor.

Best Merchant Accounts for Consultants

The businesses on this list offer invoice management tools, financial reporting incorporation, mobile payment apps, online terminals, and other features that simplify getting paid. More importantly, they are known for offering low-commitment agreements with price transparency and excellent customer service. To find the best provider for your consulting company, thoroughly research each processor’s products and features and compare pricing and terms.

Payment Cloud

Payment Cloud Merchant Services
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Because of their business, some companies find it hard to find a merchant service provider. Some payment processors or merchant services won’t work with high-risk merchants.

If other merchant service providers have turned down your application, PaymentCloud is one of your best choices. PaymentCloud has solutions for you, whether you take payments online, in person, or while you’re on the go.

Fill out an online form, choose your terminal and payment gateway, and you’re ready to start taking credit cards. It’s important to note that PaymentCloud works with all kinds of businesses, even ones that aren’t high-risk.

Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services Review
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Host Merchant Services is a merchant account provider in Newark, Delaware, that works well for freelance consultants or consulting firms. The company’s services and products include point-of-sale alternatives for contractors, digital marketing tools, digital credit card processing, a digital payment gateway, a virtual terminal, and merchant cash advances.

Host Merchant Services is an e-commerce company that gives interested merchants a free website and business-class email address. The Host is a good choice for consultants who want to establish a powerful web presence without spending too much money. 

Host Merchant Services has only gotten good reviews on public forums, and most of those reviews have praised the company’s customer service. Host merchants get interchange-plus pricing, and there are no early termination fees. This means that users get the most straightforward pricing model and can cancel service without being charged.

National Processing

national processing
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National Processing has several ways to process payments for small businesses. Consultants can get help from National Processing to find the best portable POS or digital terminal for their necessities. The company has two options for pricing: an “interchange-plus” program and a “zero-fee” program. Both of these programs have competitive rates.

National Processing has a good reputation. In the last three years, only one complaint has been filed, which is not a big deal. Based on a review by a third party, National Processing is a good choice for most consultants.

Chase Payment Solution

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Chase Payment Solutions is a branch of JPMorgan Chase, a well-known name in the financial services industry. They used to be called Chase Paymentech and Chase Merchant Services. They have processed payments since 1985 and handle more than $1 trillion yearly.

But the most significant benefit for businesses looking for merchant services would be that Chase Payment Solutions is just a direct processor. This means that they are both the payment processor and the acquiring bank. Since there is no middleman, your transactions are safer and take less time than when you use separate services. Plus, users get same-day deposits at no extra cost.

Chase has integrated payment services for companies in almost every industry, such as retail, healthcare, and restaurants. All Chase Payment Solutions clients can get help anytime, day or night, all year.

You can take credit cards at any time, anywhere, in person, online, or even over the phone. Chase has different payment terminals, contactless portable readers, QuickAccept, and a phone app that can be used in person.

CDG Commerce

cdg commerce
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CDG Commerce is yet another reliable choice for consulting businesses of all sizes and types. It is based in Chesapeake, Virginia. Since 1998, CDG has been privately owned. It has its online payment gateway and offers a discount on Authorize.Net.

It also has a virtual terminal, QuickBooks assimilation, smartphone processing, sales reporting, protection against security breaches, and vulnerability scanning. CDG Commerce is perfect for businesses that need a simple, low-cost, completely integrated solution for processing payments across all channels.

CDG Commerce only charges a reduced, fixed fee per transaction and has competitive contract terms, such as no annual fees, month-to-month minimums, or termination fees. Most business types can also get funding the next day through CDG.

How to Find the Best Merchant Accounts for Consultants

Processing rates

The cost of taking credit cards can add up quickly. That’s why looking for a merchant service company that gives you the best value for your money is essential. Flat-rate processing is a good choice for small businesses that want an easy-to-understand solution.

But generally, you can get the lowest processing rates if you use interchange plus pricing. In some cases, to get the best rates, you’ll have to pay a recurring membership fee.

Funding and support

How soon will you be able to use your money after the transactions have been settled? Search for merchant service provider accounts that can fund your account the same day or the next day.

You should also think about how much help and service you’ll get. How quickly can you get in touch with an agent if you need help? How soon will your issue be fixed?

Make sure you comprehend the agreement with the merchant service provider. The better ones will give you PCI compliance for free and won’t charge you to set up or cancel.

Processing volume

Rates often depend on how much money you handle each month or each year.  Most of the time, the lowest rates are available to merchants who do a lot of business. Based on the merchant service provider, you may need to handle anything between $500,000 annually to $150,000 monthly to get those rock-bottom rates.


There are many different kinds of merchant services. They can be independent service providers (ISPs), banks, or fully integrated systems that meet your software, hardware, and processing needs.

You should know which of these merchant services will work best for you. They all have pros and cons, and you must choose based on your business.

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