Best Merchant Accounts for IPTV

Best Merchant Accounts for IPTV

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, is a way to watch pay-per-view TV and cable television without traditional cable or satellite equipment. However, it can be difficult for IPTV streamers to find a merchant provider that will allow them to accept debit and credit card payments through an online payment gateway. And that is why we made this guide on the best merchant accounts for IPTV. Continue reading to find your match.

IPTV technology is often used to illegally stream pirated television, which makes IPTV providers vulnerable to copyright violations. As a result, credit card processors may view the entire IPTV industry as high risk, especially IPTV providers based in countries with weak copyright enforcement laws.

Best Merchant Accounts for IPTV


Image source: VoguePay

Voguepay is a popular merchant account provider that offers a range of payment methods, including credit card payments and direct deposits to banks. Their pricing plans have a commission of 3.8% on credit card payments.

However, Voguepay has been known to have delays in remittance, with some customers experiencing payment delays of up to a week. Despite this, Voguepay has received mostly positive reviews for its fast-responding customer support team.

If you are considering using Voguepay for your IPTV business, it’s essential to keep in mind the potential for payment delays.


Payment Cloud Merchant Services
Image source Payment Cloud

Payment Cloud is a well-regarded merchant account provider founded in 2010 and based in California. They specialize in providing risky accounts to their clients. Payment Cloud has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers who have found their service effective in preventing chargebacks and fraud.

However, pricing information for Payment Cloud isn’t easy to find, as no flat rate prices are available. After making a merchant account with Payment Cloud, you can only learn the cost. Payment Cloud operates as a registered ISO and has partnerships with several banks, including Chesapeake Bank and Merrick Bank, as well as multiple payment processing companies.

Their level of security is high due to their partnerships with significant institutions and their registration with multiple banks as an ISO. This can provide added trust for those considering using Payment Cloud for their merchant account needs.

Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services Review
Image source Host Merchant Services

This company offers a variety of payment options, including card readers and ATMs. They are a suitable choice for those needing a merchant account for IPTV. Host Merchant Services has received many positive reviews, indicating its quality as a merchant account provider.

They charge a flat commission of 0.35% on e-sales and a monthly fee of $15, although special access is available for a reduced monthly cost of $5. One potential downside to Host Merchant Services is that they charge a monthly fee even if you do not make any sales in a given month.

Overall, the team at Host Merchant Services is transparent and responsive, and their pricing options are clearly outlined on their website.

National Processing

national processing
image source: National Processing

National Processing is a provider that has been operating since 2008. They are known for their subscription-style, flat-rate pricing. National Processing offers a range of products and services, including a virtual terminal, EMV-compatible countertop terminals, an online shopping cart, an online payment gateway, QuickBooks integration, mobile phone processing, and recurring and invoicing billing.

They can accommodate offshore and domestic IPTV businesses on the case-by-case basis. They offer various pricing plans with varying rates, including options for flat fees on all transactions, a fixed monthly fee, and transaction dollar amounts above interchange. This allows merchants to choose whether they will be charged a percentage on every transaction.


Image source: E-Payouts

E-Payouts are another option to consider for your payment needs. You must sign up for the account and link your PayPal or bank account to use their services. One of the standout features of E-Payouts is the responsiveness on the phone, allowing you to access their services on your mobile device.

E-Payouts is a popular choice among beginners due to their policy of not charging anything if you don’t make a sale. However, it’s worth noting that E-Payouts do not make payments on a predetermined schedule, so if that’s an essential factor for you, you may want to consider a different provider.

E-Payouts’ rates are also relatively high, including a commission of 6.4% for credit card payments, a fee of 3.6% for the provider, and an additional $0.50 per transaction. E-Payouts occasionally offers gift card payouts, which you need to keep an eye out for on their Twitter feed.

The reviews for E-Payouts are mixed, with some praising their customer support and others finding it lacking. E-Payouts could be a good fit if you’re comfortable handling issues independently.


eMerchant Broker
image source : eMerchantBroker is a California-based company that provides high-risk e-commerce processing solutions for digital goods. They offer a range of products, including ACH processing, an online payment gateway, merchant cash advance, and a chargeback management system. can provide cost-effective online payment processing for legitimate IPTV providers. They offer custom pricing for each merchant and have a low complaint rate compared to their size and merchant portfolio.

eMerchantBroker is a specialist in providing payment solutions for high-risk industries, including IPTV. They offer a payment system using e-checks, allowing fast and reliable payments without waiting for a specific day. The e-checks offered also come with no additional fees for customers.

eMerchantBroker’s rates are complex and not based on flat rates but instead linked to the price plan and risk level. Their general commission rate is low at 2.99%. E-Merchant Broker may be a good choice for your payment needs if you’re running an IPTV business.


It’s essential to carefully consider your options and choose a provider that offers the features and pricing that best meet your needs. Some factors to consider include the rates and fees charged, the level of customer support provided, the ease of use and accessibility of the payment system, and the level of security offered.

You can find the best merchant account provider for your IPTV business by thoroughly researching and comparing your options.

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