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Braintree Payments Review 2024

Braintree, also known as Braintree – A PayPal Service, is a provider of merchant services for websites and mobile devices. A convenient payment exchange company was founded in Chicago in 2007 and gained high recognition in the practical world.

It collaborated with a wide variety of well-known and popular payment companies like Venmo after its establishment in 2007. Braintree was purchased by PayPal a few years later, in 2013.

Braintree also provides POS solutions in addition to online payments, rewards programs, recurring billing, data reporting, and e-commerce solutions. The company also offers a PCI compliant virtual payment gateway.

The user information is not re-entered each time the card is recharged. The Braintree payment gateway supports multiple currencies globally. Further, it allows businesses and individuals in the United States to transact in 134 local currencies and 44 foreign currencies.

Payment Solutions and Services from Braintree:

Braintree offers a range of services and payment solutions for its customers. Their services are available in 130 currencies all over the world.

Braintree specializes in the following services:

  • Debit Card: Braintree credit cards are the widely accepted payment method around the globe. It majorly includes Visa cards, Maestro, and Mastercard.
  • Credit Cards: Credit card processing occurs when the user signs up for a Merchant account with Braintree. It includes Visa card, Maestro, American Express, MasterPass, Diners Club International.
  • PayPal: PayPal is the most famous online payment platform which offers a payment system for all the users, including small or large companies or businesses and individual users. Braintree integrates with PayPal, which boosted its user experience and multiplied customer numbers.
  • Union Pay: It is a widely accepted platform for online payments. Union Pay offers its extensive services to merchant account holders through Braintree, as well as solutions to their payment problems.
  • Solo: Solo and Braintree form the perfect companionship for a better user experience.
  • JCB: JCB in Braintree is a perfect place for users with dedicated teams which allows better user experience.
  • Apple Pay: It allows users to pay through a debit or credit card using Apple mobile app. Now, businesses accept Apple Pay on iOS and Safari, which brings a new mobile transaction experience for Braintree customers.
  • Android or Samsung Pay allows transactions on multiple Android or Samsung devices.
  • Google Pay: Google Pay gives access to the vault method, allowing transactions through Android mobile. According to businesses, Google Pay was an easy and quickest method for them during Braintree transactions.
  • Venmo: Venmo allows users to pay through mobile, web, or laptop using the Venmo wallet on iOS and Android or laptop. Venmo payment procedure gives a convenient and flexible transaction system.
  • ACH Direct Debit: It is a payment method for the US which allows US customers to directly proceed with transactions without a card and direct cutting from their bank account. Its processes are pretty easy for US Braintree users.

Braintree Services Pricing and Fee:

Braintree offers a standard and enterprise fee rate depending on the payment type. Moreover, they keep simple pricing so everyone can easily understand the procedure.

Not only this, Braintree has many discount offers and no hidden charges.  Here we enlist its multiple payment solutions.


This payment solution is for new businesses and users. It offers 1.9% + $0.20 per transaction and no monthly fee or no limit of the minimum transaction amount.

Digital Wallets and Cards:

  • 2.59% + $0.49 per transaction.
  • In the case of transactions outside of local currency, 1% of the fee is applied.
  • It applies a flat $15 fee on chargeback.
  • Moreover, discount packages are also available for businesses that process $80k per month.

PayPal and PayPal Credit:

Fees on PayPal and Paypal Credit transactions depend on the terms of your account.



  •         Several discount rates are available for businesses.
  •         0.75% fee per transaction or $5 maximum.


  •         3.49% + $0.49 per transaction is applied.
  •         It offers flat custom rates for enterprises and businesses.

Pros and Cons of Braintree Payment Method:


Competitive and Translucent Pricing Procedure:

Braintree procedures are reasonably priced and apply a standard fee. Moreover, it involves a flat rate, and all their prices are advertised on their official website.

Braintree is a competitive company, and costs only required or announced transaction amounts. Likewise, there are no hidden charges or additional monthly payments applied.

Applies Minimal Fee:

The Braintree projects are monthly-based, so the whole system is relatively easy for users. There are no lengthy or complicated fee procedures used. Moreover, no additional monthly payments are deducted without advertisement.

There is no limitation of minimum transaction fee or PCI compliance fee. In addition, specific payment processes like flat rate, standard rate, enterprise rate, or per-transaction rate are available.


Poor Customer or Complaint Service:

The customer services or complaints onboard take some time processing customer’s reviews and complaints. Maybe that’s why the rating of Braintree PayPal on TrustPilot is 1.2.

Some users review the customer service that they are unresponsive and delay taking action against transaction issues.

Customer Discrimination Issue:

According to some reviews, Braintree focuses on the big clients rather than small enterprises or businesses. It discriminates between the customers, and they have to face a lengthy onboarding process.

Alternative Options Other Than Braintree:


Square and Braintree share many features and benefits; both platforms are transparent in their dealings, no one charges monthly account fees, and there are no hidden charges and PCI compliance fees.

It is a POS solution with no limit to a long-term contract and uses digital methods and tools for transactions. Moreover, there is an option for purchasing a square card reader after signing up on the Square app online.

Square membership allows the following benefits;

  • Square offers payment solutions for brick and mortar retailers and eCommerce sites.
  • Signing up and setting up the payment account on Square is convenient.
  • Square offers competitive rates compared to significant payment platforms.
  • Like Braintree, it offers fully-functional credit and debit cards with a free mobile card reader.
  • There is no processing fee on sign-up.

Dharma Merchant Services:

Dharma is another famous online payment platform other than Braintree. It is the best payment option for eCommerce businesses which offers transparent and low transaction rates.

Contrary to Square and Braintree, Dharma charges a monthly software fee of almost $25 and a cost of nearly $49 at the time of account closure.

Drama Merchant Services offers a number of benefits;

  • It applies no hidden charges or PCI compliance fees.
  • There is no limitation of minimum transaction amount or fee.


As a merchant service provider, Braintree seems to be doing a good job. Unfortunately, their customer service center is relatively slow in responding to customers’ concerns. Overall, Braintree’s services are suitable for eCommerce business sites and are a trustworthy merchant account provider. Nonetheless, it is important to consider previous customer experiences with Braintree and their reviews.

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