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USPAY Group Review: Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

USPAY Group is a modest business account provider that focuses on meeting the needs of businesses in the healthcare field. Premier Merchant Processing was the initial name of the company when it was established in 2005; however, USPAY Group has been used since the company changed its name several years ago. The company’s headquarters are located in Levittown, New York. Here is an in-depth USPAY Group review for our merchants.

As with several other service providers, the USPAY Group does not appear interested in changing its name to sidestep difficulties that may arise due to the company’s business activities.

Instead, they have experienced difficulties due to becoming confused with other companies with names quite similar to theirs. The transition from one extremely generic business to another has been successful.

USPAY Group Review

USPAY Group presently serves over 25,000 customers; the vast majority are hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other universal healthcare enterprises. The company also provides services to the retail, eCommerce, food, and entertainment industries. Except for the USPAY Payment Gateway, companies do not offer any distinctive in-house goods or services that distinguish them from other providers.

Instead, they deliver their services through a network of agreements with other companies. Some of these affiliations, such as their mobile payment network, are publicized, while others, particularly their link with credit card machine leasing companies, are not.

While the organization is a good fit for any healthcare organization, they’re a relatively lousy provider overall. If you decide to rent your equipment, things get worse, far worse. You’ll be bound to a three-year agreement with a fee for early termination (ETF) and, throughout most cases, a costly tiered pricing plan.

USPAY Group Review
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We’re not convinced that USPAY Group is a good fit for other industries, notably eCommerce. The organization needs to reveal or have crucial features like development tools and shopping trolley integrations. While you can piece together something from their offerings, you’re better off working with a provider who specializes in supporting internet enterprises.


  • There is no startup price
  • Interchange plus cost is provided
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • After-hours offshore technical support is provided
  • There are recorded video classes provided


  • Fee for early termination
  • Monthly payment is levied
  • Contract for three years
  • It does not include all essential terms
  • There is no public pricing available

Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

USPAY Group Review Based on Complaints and customer feedback

Finding feedback for USPAY can be difficult because it is a newer processor with a name that is readily mistaken with other companies. With just an A+ rating and only five complaints resolved in the last three years, you’d also wear that as an honor badge. The company provides a link to its Better Business Bureau page.

The corporation is being sued for “Advertising/Sales Issues” and “Billing/Collections Issues.” Only two complaints may be viewed. The first charges aggressive and deceptive sales methods, notably that the person spent far more than expected when moving to USPAY. The second complains about pushy salespeople who will not accept “no,” “go away,” or “stop calling me!” as an answer.

Ripoff Report and Yelp both returned no reviews. There is one Google review. It offers the company one rating and recommends that the terms and conditions of this company should be avoided. According to the reviewer, USPAY was more interested in collecting the high cancellation fee than resolving the issue and keeping the critic as a client.

USPAY Group Review Based on Rates and fees

USPAY Group, like far too many business account providers, needs more price information on its website. The principal motivation is that transaction rates and account fees differ from one merchant to the next, with criteria such as monthly amortization volume, process history, and business type influencing what price terms you will be provided. Negotiating cheaper interest rates and better conditions is always your most significant advantage. Negotiation is equally vital here, and you should only accept the first offer made to you by a salesperson.

Unfortunately, USPAY Group’s default option is tiered pricing. We have to wonder if their rates are “aggressive” regarding saving you cash or creating more money for them. Surprisingly, they openly admit it, stating “aggressive tiered pricing” as one of their benefits. In any case, they should be commended for being upfront about it.

They don’t say that they also appear to provide interchange-plus pricing. You must request it, and there are likely minimum monthly process volume requirements to obtain it. Using interchange-plus pricing will nearly permanently save you significant cash in processing charges, despite the confusing array of transfer rates your transactions may fall under.

USPAY Group Review Based on Advertising and Sales

First impressions are essential, and in today’s business world, a company’s website is often where that first image is made. Unfortunately, the website of USPAY Group could be more impressive. While it is simple to navigate, this is due to a need for more substance. Simply put, the company doesn’t tell you much about the services it has to provide.

View their LUCY Gateway (formerly USPAY Gateway) demonstration video, with its unprofessional voiceover and use of Web Browsers (and an old version at that! ). As previously stated, no suitable hardware, such as computers and POS systems, is mentioned. The site includes a good FAQ and a page covering PCI compliance, but it needs the information a retailer needs before contacting the company’s sales team.

You won’t get the warm and fuzzy sense that the company is keeping up with the newest technological breakthroughs. The sales force at USPAY Group appears to be exclusively made up of in-house workers. There is no evidence that the company employs independent sales representatives.

Independent agents have a negative reputation for deception and high-pressure sales practices to sell accounts, compounded by the fact that they typically work on a commission basis. This is a positive idea because independent agents usually receive insufficient training and little control from the companies they represent.


USPAY Group provides adequate service for small health care that requires a primary payment system and a solitary credit or debit card terminal if you buy your terminals and can arrange an interconnect pricing plan. On the other hand, traditional stores and eCommerce merchants should avoid this company. Their services are too narrow and old to fit these industries well.

Your interaction with USPAY Group (or most resellers, for that matter) will be strongly influenced by your bargaining ability. If you simply accept whatever the sales representative provides, you’ll be locked into a long-term contract that’s difficult (and expensive) to break out of, and you’ll be paying higher processing rates than you should. If you accept to lease terminals, your long-term expenditures will skyrocket.

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