Burlington Bank Card Review

Burlington Bank Card Review

Situated in Burlington, Vermont, Burlington Bank Card has garnered the respect of being a leading merchant account provider. The company was introduced to the public in 2002 and it is currently known to be owned and operated by Dave Thomas. We did a Burlington Bank Card review based on 5 genuine parameters.

Since 2008, Burlington Bank Card has served as a registered partner of Elavon. This has enabled the company to leverage Elavon’s robust and reliable processing network. However, Burlington comes up with a dedicated strategy to ensure direct dealing.

This implies that they contact all its merchants directly. Burlington Bank Card offers access to one-to-one installation along with relevant support and service. With the help of direct dealing, the company is also capable of offering personalized and cost-effective solutions to its merchants.

Burlington Bank Card is a leading credit and debit card processor that serves a broad spectrum of businesses and provides processing solutions in the United States of America.

Burlington Bank Card Review – Real Facts

Here is a complete Burlington Bank Card Review based on some real facts and figures. We checked some of the crucial parameters to analyze.

Services Offered by Burlington Bank Card

Burlington Bank Card solutions

Burlington Bank Card offers access to a wide range of credit card processing services for businesses of all scales and sizes -including debit processing, point of sale or POS systems, mobile processing, and so more.

  • Card Processing: Burlington Bank Card comes forth with a number of options for ensuring card processing. The company provides iPad POS or Point of Sale systems and conventional terminals by secure and leading brands. In addition to this, Burlington Bank Card provides industry-specific solutions for multiple industries, including salons & spas, bars & restaurants, medical & dental, and counter services.
  • Virtual Terminals and E-commerce: Easy-to-use payment gateways and virtual terminals enable merchants to accept transactions over the internet. It also allows merchants to accept critical transactions for the acceptance of payments over the phone or through the mail. Burlington Bank Card provides access to different types of payment gateways, including:

Virtual Merchant: The gateway of Virtual Merchant is PCI compliant. It enables merchants to process transactions in real time by effectively integrating them into the website’s shopping cart. The Virtual Merchant gateway provides an efficient keyed entry mode.

Authorize.net: The famous payment gateway of Authorize.net is highly secure. Moreover, it is a PCI-compliant option that allows merchants to process real-time transactions while setting up recurring billing and integrating with over 80 shopping carts. It also tends to match the look of the current website. The payment gateway also features a robust option for reporting along with cutting-edge fraud prevention technology.

Noble Exchange: This payment gateway provides access to an easily-integrated API payment gateway along with a secure payment page for the website. The payment gateway guides customers towards selecting the mode of payment with cost-effective cards while complying with regulations by surcharging credit cards as per the requirement.

iCheckGateway: The payment gateway provides a customized hosted payment page to align with your website. Through this payment gateway, payment-specific data is processed securely. At the same time, customers can ensure payments through checks or cards. The payment gateway also effectively integrates with QuickBooks.

  • Loyalty and Gift Cards: For merchants who wish to offer loyalty or gift cards to their respective customers, the merchant account provider comes forth with easy-to-use card-based programs.
  • It is possible to reload gift cards. Moreover, these are also made available in a wide range of custom or standard designs. Loyalty and gift cards are easier to activate. At the same time, merchants are given the opportunity to view the respective reports online.
  • Mobile Processing: Burlington Bank Card provides access to Virtual Merchant Mobile to allow merchants to ensure the acceptance of payments with a tablet or smartphone. Transactions can be swiped or keyed with the help of an optionally encrypted card reader.

Processing by Burlington Bank Card

Burlington Bank Card is capable of processing all debit as well as credit cards. The company offers access to three distinct tiered and interchange-plus pricing packages. The virtual terminal of the company depends on Elavon Converge and Authorize.net for the payment gateway services.

The company is also known to advertise NCR Silver, Poynt, Talech, and Lavu in the form of POS or Point of Sale solutions. They also come forth with payment gateways, mobile solutions, funding, and cash discounts.

Pricing of Burlington Bank Card

Burlington Bank Card provides its merchants with both tiered as well as interchange-plus pricing options. There is the offering of three interchange-plus pricing packages. The first plan is known to charge interchange plus 0.10 percent along with $0.10 and $10 monthly fee.

The second pricing plan charges the interchange plus of $30 per month along with rates of interchange plus at 0.05 percent and $0.05. The final pricing plan charges a monthly fee of $60, along with the interchange plus rates of 0.00 percent and $0.05.

In addition to this, merchants can also go ahead with selecting a tiered pricing model featuring three unique options for pricing plans carrying different rates along with a monthly service fee. The Simple and Clear Plan features a swipe rate of 2.75 percent along with $0.09, as the keyed-in rate of 3.60 percent along with $0.09. There is a monthly service fee of $10 at the same time.

The low average ticket pricing plan features a swipe rate of 2.29 percent, along with $0.09. There is a keyed-in rate of 3.29 percent, along with $0.09. Moreover, there is also a monthly service fee of $30.

On the other hand, the high average ticket pricing plan features a swipe rate of 1.99 percent along with $0.19. There is the presence of the keyed-in rate of 2.99 percent along with $0.19. You might also have to incur a monthly fee of $30.

In accordance with the same proposal from the organization, the standard contract for Burlington Bank Card is an agreement of undefined length via Elavon. It comes with a monthly statement fee of around $4.99. You will also have to encounter the annual PCI compliance fee of $55, along with an interchange plus markup of 0.10 percent, along with $0.10 for every transaction.

In the proposal, there is no description of any ETF or Early Termination Fee. Moreover, the basic contract of Elavon no longer comes with an ETF. Therefore, there are higher chances that Burlington Bank Card is not known to enforce any cancelation penalty. The company also extends its equipment rental options on the official website -ranging from $10 to $20 monthly.

Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal Pricing

Along with its storefront payment processing services, Burlington Bank Card also focuses a major part of its website on advertising the payment gateway and virtual terminal services. The company makes use of Authorize.net to promote its e-commerce solutions.

Authorize.net puts forth a charge of 2.90 percent and $0.30 for every transaction, along with a payment gateway fee of $25 every month. Also, there is also the presence of a batch fee of $0.10.

As Burlington Bank Card turns out to be a reseller of the payment gateway, the company has its rights reserved to modify the existing terms & conditions. Alternatively, the company provides Converge -the payment gateway of Elavon, however, the pricing of the services is not disclosed.

Contract Terms of Burlington Bank Card

The proposal that is outlined in the contract of Burlington Bank Card comes forth with a competitive pricing plan for merchants of all scales and sizes. There have been reports of no public complaint with respect to the pricing policy of Burlington Bank Card. Therefore, it can be assumed that a majority of the merchants of the company are satisfied with the respective contract terms.

Absence of Sales Complaints

Burlington Bank Card primarily advertises its services through strategic partnerships, conventional advertising, and an in-house sales team. There is no proof at the moment that states the company employs sales agents that serve as independent contractors. There has been no proof of complaints regarding Burlington Bank Card towards accusing the sales team or the company of any deceptive marketing tactic.

Transparent Pricing

Burlington Bank Card is known to place immense focus on delivering access to transparent rates or quotes. Moreover, the official website of the company offers in-depth information with respect to interchange-plus pricing which is regarded as the most transparent pricing model available out there.

The clean complaint record of the company and the overall efforts towards disclosing its pricing effectively have made Burlington Bank Card garner the reputation of A rating in the category.


In our Burlington Bank Card review, we found that it has been rated as an excellent merchant account provider as per the latest reviews on the BBB. The company remains fully committed to the transparent pricing policy along with low-commitment contracts. Moreover, there is the absence of any negative complaints or reviews online.

You can contact the company through its website.

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