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PayPros Review, Rates, and Complaints

PayPros (Payment Processing Incorporated), currently transitioning to OpenEdge, is a business subsidiary and merchant account provider of Global Payments. It is a US-based financial service company. Here is a complete review of PayPros

Headquartered in Newark, California, PayPros started as a sister company to IC Verify in 1995 and then went on to become a separate entity in 1996. Global Payments bought Accelerated Payment Technologies and Payment Processing in 2012 and 2015 and these two subsidiaries later came together under the name of Open Edge.

Providing its services to over 55,000 businesses, the company is a verified ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, HSBC bank, and National Bank of Canada. The company’s primary niche is software solutions, but it also offers merchants payment technology and credit card processing.

Although it does not promote its payment solutions as keenly, the provider claims to be one of the leading merchant service providers that promote a safer, more effective method for payment transactions. The PayPros review below will further expand on the company’s products and services.

Review of PayPros Based on Features and Services

paypros services

From various payment solutions to user-friendly equipment, PayPros promises to provide a reasonable range of features and products to its merchants for a smooth payment processing experience. It provides payment solutions to industries including dry cleaning, medical, dental, accounting, retail, salons, restaurants, utilities, veterinary, insurance, transport and parking, grocery stores, health clubs, banking, and many others.

QuickWay and App Integration

Merchants worldwide prefer remote payments as they are fast, easy, and can be done anywhere without hassle. QuickWay is a convenient app compatible with Android and iOS that allows consumers to accept in-store or remotely in-store payments on their devices. Users can create their own mobile app and integrate it with PayPros Innovo API to use it on their phones. The company’s developer services team can help merchants make and develop their personally built apps.

With PayPros mobile, merchants get the luxury of receiving payments at customers’ doorsteps. The provider offers mobile card swipers called MegTek Bullet and IDTech Shuttle. These devices allow users to take card-present payments on the go and avoid extra charges that incur on card-not-present transactions.

Recurring payments

The company keeps cardholder information secure with the PayPros payer data vault. All membership and monthly subscription payments that are paid as scheduled are kept safe with PayPros recurring payments. The company also provides an add-on feature called a decline minimizer. This service automatically updates card information and renews expired cards. This allows merchants to avoid declined transactions and save business time.

Offline Processing

If the network goes down during transactions, PayPros offline processing is a lifesaver. With this feature, merchants can ensure that transactions are held safe during downtime and resumed once the network is accessible. Network failure can cause a serious decrease in credit card sales which can be fixed with this practical feature. Moreover, merchants receive immediate reports of missed transactions.

Reports and App Customization

When merchants can customize their payment processes to match the themes and ideologies of their brand, it’s always a plus. PayPros is a step ahead in this area as it has a comprehensive platform for customizing most payment processing and receiving procedures.

PayPros app customization allows consumers to integrate the company’s app with their existing payment methods. Consumers can view transactions, create batch reports, manage checks, access a virtual terminal, and choose from a list of report types on a computer from anywhere.

PayPros EdgeShield

EdgeShield is a complete set of security services offered by PayPros that makes the company a secure place for businesses and keeps their data safe.

  • The package includes PCI Assure, a system that simplifies PCI compliance and provides questionnaires to detect potential issues.
  • PCI lockdown provides data breach insurance by protecting and removing sensitive data and covering the legal cost of up to $150,000 in case of a card breach.
  • PayPros Secure encrypts data end-to-end through tokenization, making it undecipherable for fraudsters.

Check 21

Merchants can use ACH or Check 21, which allows them to accept paper checks and convert them into digital ones. The company offers a verification service that tracks fraud history, verifies the routing number, and rejects or approves a check. Consumers can avoid check bounces and transfer funds to their accounts in no time.

Review of PayPros Based on Gifts and Loyalty Programs

Regular customers can get gift cards and loyalty programs that assure customer retention by creating a merchant-customer relationship. These gift cards can be used in various locations and have a reporting feature.

Pricing and Contract Terms

PayPros offers its merchants a three-year contract and a 48-month equipment lease term and provides both tiered and interchange plus pricing modules. Even though the provider has variable fee rates, here is a list of its average pricing rate:

  • $40 as a monthly minimum fee
  • $24.75 for the PCI compliance fee
  • $18 to $19 monthly PCI non-compliance fee
  • $300 early termination fee
  • 200 upgrade or EMV compliance fee

Review of PayPros Based on Customer Support

The provider has given a phone number and an email address on the official website for a 24/7 help desk to address merchant queries. If you can’t stay on the line, you can fill out a form on the website and wait for a callback. The PayPros website has an FAQ page for regular queries and concerns.

Moreover, merchants can select their location and connect with a local customer representative to assist them. They can also request a demo to learn more about the company’s products and services and understand the contract terms.

Marketing and Sales Transparency

paypros technology and security

The company hires independent sales agents or uses the existing marketing services of Global Payments to promote its services. It does not appear to use deceptive marketing tactics, and there is no evidence of scams by the provider. However, merchants have shown concerns about the company’s sales representatives and have complained that they do not disclose complete information about PayPros fee rates.

Merchants are advised to ask necessary questions to understand all terms and conditions to ensure they choose the right merchant service provider.

Reviews and Complaints

PayPros offers reasonable products and services for businesses of all types. Merchants from all around the world are associated with the provider and use its payment processing services. However, over 50 negative reviews against PayPros can be found online, and some accuse the company of being a scam.

The feedback against PayPros has multiple focus areas. Consumers are unhappy with the provider’s pricing and rebranding to OpenEdge. Users have addressed the company has unexpected fee issues and unsatisfying customer support. Moreover, the fund holds and contract cancelation terms are among the most common problems in the reviews.

BBB Rating

Better Business Bureau has accredited PayPros since 1996. Over 16 complaints against the company on its BBB profile in the last 36 months have been posted. Seven of these complaints are about various issues in the services, eight about billing, and one is regarding sales and marketing. Most of these complaints were ignored or not resolved per consumer satisfaction.

Moreover, nine informal complaints about the company’s customer service and pricing exist. None of these complaints got any response from the provider. PayPros has an A+ rating on its BBB profile. Merchants have all the reasons to be skeptical about this rating as they are not always approved and cannot be trusted.


Along with valuable services and features, the company has significant weaknesses and lacks in some areas. Below is a review of the drawbacks faced by merchants after choosing PayPros as their merchant account provider.

Undisclosed Information

The company has not provided all the necessary information on its official website. Merchants have complained about hidden charges and undisclosed terms. The website is not fully accessible to the public, and consumers find it hard to understand its contract terms and conditions. Fund holding and cash reserves are common problems faced by customers. These are justified as fraud prevention policies by PayPros and are brought forward only after account setup.

Too Pricy

PayPros is too expensive for most businesses with its long list of charges and high rates. Consumers have complained that they are frustrated by unexpected fees. The high early termination fee makes it impossible for customers to cancel the contract. As a result, they are stuck with paying a high amount for keeping the company as their service provider.

Poor Customer Support

One of the most common complaints against the provider is its average customer care. The company’s response time is not up to the mark, and its sales agents are undertrained. Merchants have complained that the company’s sales representatives are not attentive and do not have the required expertise.

Final Verdict

Although PayPros has many businesses under its umbrella and provides a wide range of services, the company is deficient and too expensive for most businesses. The increasing complaints over the past two years are getting out of hand, and the provider has not made any visible effort to secure its reputation. Additionally, reviews calling the company a scam are a big red flag.

Merchants should compare the company’s services with other credit card processors to find the best-suited merchant service provider. However, if they choose to use PayPros, they should use a third-party statement audit to check their monthly billing. They are also advised to review and negotiate the contract terms before signing. You can contact the company through its website.

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