Central Payment Corporation Review

Central Payment Corporation (CPAY) Review 2024

Central Payment Corporation or CPAY is a very well-known merchant account provider. The provider is known to operate as a part of the joint venture with TSYS. The term ‘joint venture’ is aimed at reflecting that while TSYS tends to own over a half portion of Central Payment Corporation, the company continues operating with a higher level of independence. 

Central Payment is known to serve more than 60,000 businesses while processing more than $10 billion annually. This fact makes Central Payment as the largest processor for the industry. However, the company still appears to be dwarfed by the overall market share and organization of TSYS.

The products and services of Central Payment include credit card processing hardware that is EMV-compliant, point of sale (POS) solutions, recurring billing, e-commerce solutions, mobile payment processing, OptBlue pricing by American Express, loyalty and gift programs, and so more. The company offers access to email and phone support to all of the respective merchants. Matthew Hyman and Zachary are co-managing partners of CPAY or Central Payment Corporation.

Payment Processing of Central Payment Corporation

CPAY is responsible for allowing both debit as well as credit card acceptance for leading debit and credit cards, including Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. This is enabled for both online payments and in-person payments. In case of in-person transactions, these can be processed with the help of credit card machines on countertops, mobile devices, or POS systems. All such payments are allowed through the Central Pay app or card reader. The company offers access to next-day funding as well. 

  • Mobile: If you wish to ensure payments on the go, the CPAY mobile-based app and card reader functions well with Android and Apple devices. The reader is capable of connecting with the help of a headphone jack while offering magstripe reading abilities. There is the absence of a dedicated chip reader. 

Still, you can consider accepting chip cards by running the cards through the magstripe reader. At the same time, it is recommended to assume the possibility of fraudulent transactions on every EMV chip card liability shift. With a dedicated mobile-based reader, you can continue performing functions including voids, sales, accepting gratuities, refunds, adding products to the store, and even sending email receipts. You are also capable of capturing digital signatures on touchscreen devices that are compatible.

  • In-person: Conventional brick-and-mortar restaurants and retailers are capable of accepting cards securely through the in-store capability with the help of a countertop credit machine or an end-to-end POS or Point of Sale system. Options enabled through chip cards are also made available. This allows you to leverage the benefits of the latest and the most advanced security features for transactions that are card-present. 
  • Online: E-commerce businesses can think of executing transactions online securely with the help of the famous payment gateway -Authorize.net. You are also able to implement stronger anti-fraud tools like Card Verification Value, Address Verification Services, and 3D Secure. The correct utilization of anti-fraud tools can help in protecting your business as well as the end customers while accepting online payments.
  • Card Compromise Assistance Plan: In the form of the TSYS company, Central Payment Corporation is capable of offering the TSYS C-CAP or Card Compromise Assistance Plan. It is typically a type of insurance against data breach for modern businesses. It also helps with the overall costs linked with a data breach or potential data breach within your business. If you go ahead with choosing a plan, you will have to face specific situations with respect to the breaches. 

Gift Cards by Central Payment Corporation

For businesses that wish to sell gift cards, Central Payment Corporation provides access to MyGiftCentral solution -allowing you to select from pre-designed cards. At the same time, you can also think of creating your own customized card. Cards tend to be loaded during the time of purchase. The customers end up choosing the desired amount.

Rates & Fees of Central Payment Corporation

Central Payment Corporation does not reveal specific information about its rates and fees. However, CPAY offers proper reference for the price guarantee. According to the statement of the company, it is observed that the company is capable of matching or beating the rates of any processor out there. It also offers claims that there is no cancelation fee in association with the use of products and services of Central Payment Corporation. Therefore, this feature allows its users to leave the company any time they wish.

To obtain pricing information about CPAY, you can request a customized quote from the company. you can review the same in private while comparing with the quotes of other processors. 

Equipment Used by Central Payment Corporation

Central Payment Corporation offers access to free equipment -still with a catch. You are expected to stay with the organization for a specific period of time. If you will end up canceling before the stipulated time, you are expected to choose whether or not you should return the existing equipment. You can also think of buying the equipment.

Central Payment Corporation also offers warnings to businesses against leasing the respective credit card machines. It turns out to be great advice because equipment leases tend to be expensive at most times.

The company offers access to conventional countertop terminals from Verifone -a mobile reader based on CPAY for tablets, smartphones, along with Authorize.Net payment gateway for ensuring online payments and the dedicated RiO POS or Point of Sale systems.

Reviews and Ratings of Central Payment Corporation

On the official website, Central Payment Corporation offers access to customer-centric testimonials. These testimonials feature business name and the name of the reviewer. Clients depict that they appreciate the fact that there is no hidden fee with the merchant account provider. Moreover, the company also boasts the presence of excellent customer services. Reviews on leading portals like the BBB or Better Business Bureau and Google, tend to be slightly mixed. 

  • Google: Currently, Central Payment Corporation has around 45 reviews on Google. On an overall basis, it has an average rating of 2.6. The negative reviews of the company complain about the presence of error-vulnerable software that is capable of randomly running credit card transactions. The complaints available online also put forth that the company would let any business out of the respective merchant contract. 

Moreover, the company will also not close the respective merchant accounts or take back its equipment that was allegedly available for free use. Central Payment Corporation has also been accused through complaints about early cancelation fee. It is even after canceling the subscription on time. Moreover, there have been complaints regarding higher rates as expected due to the presence of hidden fees. There are some reviews that complain about poor customer services of Central Payment Corporation.

A representative of the company put forth response to the negative reviews on Google. In the scenario wherein accounts were not canceled, the company explains that the customers were provided with proper cancelation procedures. However, the company did not provide any notice of cancelation. As a response to the expensive rates charged by the company, the representative states that the prices of the company match its guarantee. Representatives also advice the clients that they should perform a rate review in case the customers feel that they will receive better pricing by other providers. 

  • Better Business Bureau: Central Payment Corporation has remained in accreditation with Better Business Bureau since the time of 2006. In this rating, the company has a rating of A+. However, it does not feature several positive reviews in this regard. Some of the positive reviews of the company state that it is easier to set up the products and services of the company. 

There are neutral reviews online that state that the actual fees that are charged tend to differ from the fees that are quoted. They also stated that it is difficult to deal with the company while complaining about lies about its equipment and not allowing businesses to cancel its merchant account. 

Some of the negative reviews about Central Payment Corporation on Better Business Bureau state that Central Payment Corporation has continued with billing even after cancelation of services. They also stated that businesses were not able to run cards. Still, Central Payment Corporation would not end the contract. There have been reports that setting up an account with Central Payment Corporation was quite difficult -right from the start process. There are reports of several hidden fees as well. 


Just like any other organization, Central Payment Corporation consistently responds to its negative reviews and ratings to improve the image of the organization.

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