Painless Processing Review

Painless Processing Review, Rates, and Complaints

Operating under multiple business names, including CC Rebills, Secure Painless System, Best Rate Merchant Service, and Risk-Free Merchant since 2009, Painless Processing is a high-risk merchant service provider. Headquartered in LA, California, the company is an EVO Payments International reseller with multiple acquiring bank partnerships under its belt. The provider is a BR Merchant Service subsidiary specializing in offering alternate payment options. Here is a detailed Painless Processing review covering the pros and cons of choosing the company as your service provider.

Painless Processing mainly caters to online and mobile businesses, offering tailored payment processing solutions to hemp and CBD merchants, subscription-based companies, cigar and tobacco businesses, adult entertainment centers, travel and timeshares, ammunition and firearms, nutraceuticals, and e-cigarettes. The company promises pre-approved merchant accounts for instant business funding. It operates with the motivation to facilitate solutions that are ‘simple to apply for, easy to get approved for, and painless to manage.’

The provider prides itself on its simple application process and claims to do all the heavy lifting for its clients. Businesses with difficulty getting approved for a merchant account for their hard-to-place company are ensured to be accommodated with strategies to ease their day-to-day transactions. Here is a detailed Painless Processing review covering the pros and cons of choosing the company as your service provider.

Painless Processing Review and Rates

Prominent Features and Services

Consumers can accept all major credit and debit card brands and accommodate multiple payment forms such as mobile wallet, JCB, and Diners Club card. They are provided with tailored services and a range of PCI-compliant hardware and software to match their needs. The company also facilitates value-added services such as cashless ATM systems, hassle-free compliance services, and check-by-phone processing.

Painless Processing offers an efficient POS system, payment gateway, e-check processing, next-day funding option, MOTO payment solutions, ACH and EMV acceptance, business loans, and chargeback prevention tools. Utilizing the services of offshore banks, the company enables certain high-risk companies to process international payments and accept multi-currency transactions.

Painless Business Funding

Businesses that require emergency loans to avail of an opportunity that requires more than they have can benefit from the company’s instant funding services. Merchants are not required to mention the purpose of the loan and can receive funds without providing any personal collateral.

According to the Painless Processing reviews, it pre-approves funding for consumers with the company’s merchant accounts, satisfying their urgent financial needs.   Merchants can avoid the time-consuming approval stage, extensive underwriting, and overlong audits and are not required to report their credit for the capital. The money is paid back with a percentage of a merchant’s monthly processing revenue, freeing them of the stress usually associated with traditional bank loans.

Merchant Referral Program

Painless Processing incentive its clients by offering long-lasting profits in exchange for referring other businesses to the company. Instead of receiving a one-time referral fee, consumers are promised lifetime benefits. It helps users grow their portfolios and receive extra payments each month. All they have to do is offer the contact information of their fellow merchants (only the ones who are interested), helping the provider reach more customers.

Security Features

Any bank catering to merchant accounts is bound to comply with strict security standards to prove its credibility as a financial institute. Being a subsidiary of a company that is a verified ISO of BMO Harris Bank, Painless Processing is required to secure its customers’ information. The provider promises to maintain its reputation as a reliable payment facilitator by offering advanced security features, ensuring safe transactions, and preventing data breaches.

Online businesses are more exposed to credit card fraud and identity theft. The company provides merchants with PCI DSS-compliant equipment and software and dedicates a fixed capital to maintain its security protocols and fight potential threats.

Efficient Equipment.

The provider does not offer insight into the companies facilitating its hardware and POS. However, few Painless Processing reviews hint that along with the traditional POS system, the company provides pin pads, cash registers, and mobile card readers.

Merchants can manage inventory and track stock availability to enhance store performance by scanning each purchase at the point of sale. The company helps businesses improve efficiency and increase accuracy with this equipment, enabling them to offer the best shopping experience to their customers.  

Painless Processing Rates and Contract Terms

Even though the provider offers services to average-risk businesses, it does not mention its rates and other contract details because its target audience is high-risk businesses. Since high-risk companies require customized pricing, the provider offers variable contract terms depending on a merchant’s business type, processing history, and risk profile.

Customer Support

There is a contact form on the official website, and the company has mentioned a phone number and an email address available during business hours. However, it is unclear if these options are reserved for customer support. More likely, the phone number is just for general information. According to Payment Processing reviews, only regular clients can access the customer support number from their monthly processing statements.

Marketing Practices

The provider employs independent sales agents and utilizes the services of ISOs and referral partnerships to promote its name. Even though there is no evidence of deceptive conduct from the sales representatives, the employer does not provide all the necessary information and displays misleading quotes. Merchants are not clarified about the mid-qualified and non-qualified rates for transactions, and the sales agents only explain the basics.

Painless Processing Reviews and Complaints

The company has maintained a positive reputation by keeping a low complaint rate. Less than ten public complaints on consumer protection websites concern withheld funds, undisclosed information, and misguidance by the sales team. No mentionable lawsuits or FTC reports are filed against the provider. However, consumers are possibly directing their complaints to any of the business names the company works under.

Painless Processing does not have a BBB-accredited profile, and the ratings on Better Business Bureau are mostly unreliable. It is unnecessary to rely on the A+ rating on the review platform.

Major Loopholes. 

Even though the provider has very few complaints against it, it lacks in some areas, causing trouble for its clients. Some of the claims made by Painless Processing were proven wrong over time, and merchants have experienced few long-lasting damages on the company’s hands. Here are the most frequently cited drawbacks of choosing the company as your payment facilitator;

Concealed Information

The company deprives merchants of price transparency and offers zero insight into its contract terms and services. As multiple Painless Processing reviews show, its niche is online and mobile businesses, yet merchants have no idea about its virtual terminal rates. The provider’s batch, technical support, payment gateway, ETF, PCI compliance, and credit card processing fees are also concealed. The official website does not offer information about the services and hardware it facilitates.   

False Claims

The company claims to offer instant approvals, but the application takes three to four business days to get approved for high-risk businesses. It also fails to clarify that the equipment may arrive after half a month, and even that is not guaranteed. Painless Processing indirectly mentioned its low-qualified rates, but merchants are not told about the mid-qualified and non-qualified rates they will pay for most transactions.

The provider even promises exceptional customer service and affordable rates when that’s not the case. Merchants face higher-than-average rates, and customer service is almost non-existent. It shows that the company makes false promises detached from reality to attract new customers.

Poor Customer Service

Painless Processing reviews show that the only phone number mentioned on the website is for the general public and not dedicated just to customer support. Considering the company’s size, the queries are bound to go unanswered and the complaints unnoticed. The provider’s support options are insufficient and need drastic improvement.

Multiple DBAs

The provider operates under multiple business names: a tactic companies practice to bounce off complaints and avoid ill repute. Directing their complaints to different companies, merchants do not know they are all consumers of one provider. This way, negative reviews are dispersed, letting the provider show off a low complaint rate to mislead new customers. Although the company has maintained its reputation, the absence of reviews (negative or positive) hints that the seemingly perfect record can be too good to be true.

Troublesome Contract Cancelation

Painless Processing does not mention its contract cancelation policies, and its early termination fee is undisclosed. Not knowing what to expect, merchants are faced with withheld funds after canceling the agreement. There are also a few complaints about contract cancelation issues and unwarned account termination.


This Painless Processing review concludes that it is a decent payment facilitator for certain high-risk companies but cannot be considered for all business types. Reviews from former or current consumers help new merchants choose a payment facilitator. Since very few comments are cited online, merchants cannot rely on feedback for the decision.

Consumers are advised to rely on a service provider that emits clarity and offers satisfying information. Businesses looking forward to signing up with Painless Processing should demand complete disclosure, negotiate the rates and rules, and compare their options before concluding whom to trust with their business. They should ask all the necessary questions to eliminate confusion and clear their bases to avoid getting scammed.

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