Chyp Review (GoChyp): Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Chyp is the new merchant account service operated and owned by the past residents of Securus. The Excel Corporation, Securus Payments’ parent business, sold almost all of Securus’ deals to Chyp while keeping Securus’ portfolio of about 5,000 employees. Is it worth it for you as a merchant? Read the complete Chyp review to know.

Despite that fact, including tiny customer care staff that will help merchants move to eVance, the multiple Excel Corporation businesses, and practically all of the Securus Payments’ 100 workers, Chyp has employed them.

Using a unique relationship with eVance, which wanted Calpian Commerce back in December, Chyp has committed to accepting new merchants over the following 3 years. Chyp is, in essence, the same firm as Securus, having the same owners, personnel, and Portland headquarters. NCR, Clover, Lavu, and Lightspeed are among the POS solutions promoted by the organization.

Chyp: Overview

To comprehend this business account provider, we must first journey to the past to Oregon in 2009, when Steven Lemma and Mychol Robirds created a company named Securus Payments. Securus was the fastest-growing private firm in Rose City by 2012. Steven Lemma was named one of the Portland Business Journal’s “40 under 40” in February 2013.

However, just one month later, the same journal published a piece headlined “Why Portland’s Fastest Growing Company Receives an F.” The Better Business Bureau recently gave Securus an F rating, alerting consumers to a recurring trend of accusations that the business employed misleading and forceful sales practices. 

Mr. Lemma said that the F rating was unfair, but he also stated that he “can’t oversee 200 as well as some agents around the country.” In this statement, which he now deeply regrets, he referred to Securus’ extensive collection of independent retail businesses (ISOs).

As complaints grew, Securus was purchased in 2014 by Excel Corporation, a publicly traded company. The founders stayed as Securus sales workers until April 2016, when they left to create a new firm called Chyp.

Starting point

Chyp Review
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Chyp, on the other side, began onboarding new merchants from the ground up in May 2016. In this regard, Chyp is a fairly young company that can directly solve any previous concerns when enrolling new clients. Meanwhile, the Chyp company no longer services the approximately 5000 enterprises in the Securus portfolio. 

In addition to other Excel acquisitions in recent years, the Securus brand was merged into eVance processing, Inc., a division of Excel Corporation. eVance (previously Calpian Commerce) is a reseller ISO of TSYS and First Data based in Atlanta, GA, that administers the old Securus accounts.

To add to the confusion, Chyp is also an eVance retail ISO. When the company split, Chyp agreed to accept new merchants on eVance’s wholesale network for the next five years as part of the deal with Excel Corporation.


● There are no installation or application fees

● Excellent client service


● Leases of expensive hardware

● Fee for early termination

Chyp Review (GoChyp): Complaints, Fees, Rates, Customer Feedback

Chyp Review Based on Complaints and Customer feedback

Even under normal circumstances, the multilayer design of merchant accounts makes determining who is responsible for any problems challenging. With Chyp and Securus swapping ownership, staff, client portfolios, and business identities over the last three years, we’re left with a confusing trail of retailer reactions.

For the time being, let’s go over the BBB warning about Securus, which was received from an URL shortener of the deceased Securus profile dated October 7, 2016. By 2016, Securus’ overall number of complaints had surpassed 150.

Chyp has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau and four concerns since they established the account in October 2016. Three have already been resolved to the merchant’s satisfaction, and Chyp appears to be working hard to fix the fourth. I know they lobbied the BBB for a new, distinct profile for Chyp.

Chyp Review Based on Fees and rates

You can find a rating panel with limited pricing data on the Securus Payments website. This may be a holdover from when the Chyp founders worked at Securus or whether it was added or changed following Securus’ transfer to Excel Corporation in April 2016. 

Chyp, on the other hand, does not disclose pricing information on its website. If you ask, you’ll hear the traditional explanation: cost varies from customer to customer.

Chyp provides both graded and link-up pricing for processing fees. The short version is that stratified pricing divides your activities into three groups based on payment cards and charges a fixed amount within each group. In contrast, interaction pricing handles each activity individually and imposes a predetermined markup above the card networks’ wholesale rates.

Chyp Review Based on Sales & Advertising

It’s difficult to discern what remains from the Chyp founders’ time at Securus and what has changed since they left. The same people were involved in both organizations. However, the Chyp site is much more concentrated and less cluttered.

Nevertheless, it may be too uncluttered. To get full scores for advertising transparency, we must have access to some basic rate and charge information online. Chyp is free to tailor plans to each merchant’s needs. However, a simple description of the possible pricing schemes would be helpful.

Other features of the site irritate me. Ads like the “free processing” panel come across like teases without explanation unless you speak with a sales representative. There is also considerable duplicity in merchant testimonies.

Chyp’s in-person sales knowledge is likely to be superior to that of previous Securus. They appear more forthright and cautious when presenting lease and contract details. 

Your encounter working with one of the ISOs will be more comparable to that of their in-house sales team. Both sales forces are subjected to more stringent vetting, education, and testing than Securus previously demanded between 2009 and 2014. 

Additional measures toward common understanding include a call from corporate to each merchant at the time of signing to review the lease and agreement terms, and all calls are logged.


In our Chyp review we found that the business is still developing, Chyp, because of its common ownership, staff, and location, should be assessed on the same criteria as Securus again for the moment being. 

The big switch to Chyp does not imply that the company’s policies, which have resulted in over 200 complaints, would be changed; on the reverse, it is usual for suppliers in the processing of credit card business to modify their names to prevent tarnished brands. 

Chyp will remain one of the lowest-rated merchant account suppliers on CPO until it establishes that it will function differently than Securus Payments.

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