CoCard Review, Rates, and Complaints

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, CoCard is an independent sales organization established in 1999, providing credit card processing solutions to Georgia-based companies. The company is a reseller of First Data, eProcessing Network, and Global Payments and an authorized ISO of Fifth Third Bank, Citizens Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank. Let us do a CoCard review on various factors like rates, complaints, customer service, etc.

It has partnered with the National Processing Company to provide payment processing solutions to most e-commerce, high-volume, MOTO, retail, and mobile businesses.

CoCard aims to provide boundless opportunities to businesses and resellers to add value to their company and increase their revenue while keeping the individuality of each business. It serves multiple industries, including hospitality, lodging, gaming, dating, petroleum, airlines, education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. Merchants are offered flexible payment strategies to help them achieve their goals in the marketplace and establish long-lasting relationships with their customers.

The provider grants equity to its partner companies, allowing them to access CoCard’s security features, POS equipment, and additional features. It promises to streamline card payments and help businesses spend less time billing and more time thriving in their niche market. Below is a detailed CoCard review concerning its services, products, and loopholes to give merchants a better idea of what they are getting into.

CoCard Review Based on Products, Features, and Services

CoCard offers full-fledged merchant solutions and provides standalone and wireless terminals, mobile and contactless payment services, mobile card readers, virtual terminals, e-commerce solutions, and useful features such as QR, text-to-pay, and online ordering. Merchants benefit from the company’s ACH processing solutions, recurring billing options, gift cards, and loyalty programs. They can avail of CoCard’s cash discount and merchant loan programs, BOC (back office check conversion) facility, and QuickBooks integration.

CoCard Security Features

The company provides DNS blocking that allows merchants to add a layer of security for online transactions and avoid scams by blocking harmful content. It brings additional protection between the internet and its users. Merchants are offered guaranteed hardware replacement and a security management portal they can access anytime. The company’s TrustVault certificate provides cyber security to its users and helps merchants eliminate data breaches. A business can secure its customers’ details and provide end-to-end encrypted transactions.

Products and Equipment

According to CoCard reviews, the company provides the Revonu POS system, which is compatible with tablets and computers and a reliable option for restaurants, retail outlets, and salons. The provider offers multiple packages to choose from depending on the business needs. The company has partnered with well-reputed brands such as Omni, Verifone, Nurit, and Hypercom to provide the best credit card terminals. Merchants can avail of multiple payment methods with CoCard’s standalone, wireless countertop, handheld terminals, and PIN pads.

Check Processing

The company’s check verification enables merchants to avoid bounced checks by screen-checking each check and getting notified in case of any issues. Merchants are offered features like check guarantee and conversion, allowing them to convert a paper check into a digital one and authorize customers’ checks within seconds. The provider enables merchants to save time, avoid unnecessary bank trips, and draw electronic checks anywhere.

Online Payment Processing

Merchants are offered an EFT gateway to process online transactions and get instant approvals. They can accept multiple card payments and access real-time reporting and transaction history anywhere. The payment gateway enables businesses to approve unlimited transactions and process online credit card transactions on their phone. Furthermore, the company allows merchants to convert their Wi-Fi-connected device into a credit card terminal and remotely accept debit or credit card transactions.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

The CoCard reviews portray that the company offers plastic gift cards, eliminating the risks of using paper gift and punch cards. Unlike traditional paper cards that can be torn or damaged, customers can reload and reuse the provider’s gift cards and get them activated instantly.

Merchants can keep track of transactions and customers’ spending habits. This way, they can customize promotions and offer loyalty rewards based on purchases. Loyalty programs are a great way to create a long-lasting bond with your customers and expand your reach.

CoCard Review Based on Cost and Contract Terms

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Merchants are bound to variable contract terms depending on the business size, the agent setting up the account, and the partner company involved. The provider offers an instant quote feature that emails new merchants with custom price quotes. According to CoCard reviews, the company provides an interchange plus pricing plan, and its average agreement costs 1.00% to 4.99% per transaction for swiped and keyed-in payments. The company’s virtual terminal rate is 1.00% to 4.99%, but it can vary.

The provider does not disclose any other pricing detail. Since it is common practice among agents to sign merchants to higher rates to gain high commissions, merchants are advised to be wary of the hidden charges and negotiate the pricing before signing a contract with CoCard.

CoCard Review Based on Customer Support

The provider has reserved one domestic helpline available during business hours and mentioned an email address for merchants to reach out to. Consumers are provided with a knowledge base consisting of basic instructions for the services and a user manual for the equipment offered by CoCard. These options are minimal, considering the size of the company and the number of clients it signs up.

CoCard Review Based on Marketing Practices

CoCard employs independent sales representatives to promote its services, and the agents are given commissions on each merchant account they sell. The company’s marketing strategies are average and fail to mention all the important information. CoCard reviews indicate that the company’s sales agents tend to miscommunicate and misguide merchants to convince them to sign a contract which can lead to inconvenient circumstances.

CoCard Review Based on Complaints and Reputation

There are over 20 complaints cited online against the provider. Some of these complaints are addressed to CoCard’s affiliated companies and sales agents resulting in a moderate complaint rate directed towards the company itself. The provider’s customer support department has received the maximum number of complaints. Merchants find it difficult to reach out to CoCard and get their complaints resolved.

Furthermore, complaints about the provider’s contract terms, non-disclosure of pricing, dishonest sales practices, and the possibility of hidden charges and termination fees are regularly seen online. Consumers are unhappy about the company’s unreasonable equipment lease terms and cheating taxes.

Better Business Bureau Report

The provider was accredited by Better Business Bureau in 2009 and rated A+ on its BBB profile. There is one complaint against CoCard on the review website, which the company did not resolve. This rating is not trustable as BBB does not verify it. However, the indication of multiple negative reviews against the company’s sales representatives on the review platform proves that merchants cannot rely on CoCard.

CoCard Disadvantages

Multiple CoCard reviews show that the provider lacks in some major areas and can cause trouble for businesses in the long run. Even though the company offers several useful features and efficient services that are beneficial, here are the disadvantages that merchants will have to face after signing up an agreement with CoCard;

Unreachable Customer Service

Merchants have posted numerous complaints against the company’s customer service, stating that it is unreachable and the agents keep referring them to someone else. The company mentions multiple websites, company names, and locations, making it impossible for merchants to identify whom they can reach out to.

The provider has limited support options, and its customer service team always ignores the client’s complaints and queries, leaving them hanging. Merchants have complained that the company’s customer service agents refuse to acknowledge any affiliation with CoCard and seem confused when called.

Undisclosed Information

The provider does not offer information about its contract terms, pricing, equipment leases, or services, and most of the necessary details are a mystery. Merchants cannot know if CoCard is suitable for their business as the company does not provide any solid ground to ensure that they can afford its rates and rely on its contract conditions. The company’s early termination fee is not mentioned, but merchants have complained about being charged a hefty amount upon cancelation. This and several other hidden charges prove that CoCard deliberately conceals information from merchants.

Unethical Sales Practices

Several complaints portray that the provider uses dishonest sales tactics and makes false promises to convince merchants. The company’s sales agents display appealing claims and attractive packages based on lies to attain high commissions. Resultingly, merchants are frustrated after finding out the truth when they are done signing the contract. The company’s high termination fee (that it claims not to charge) does not let them escape, leaving them stuck in a long-term agreement.

Final Words

This CoCard review concludes that the provider has adopted disagreeable practices, partaking in dishonest means to convince merchants. It is a big sign of unreliability when a service provider is more concerned about signing more clients than satisfying the existing ones, which is exactly the case with CoCard. The company shows multiple red flags; it does not prioritize its merchants, and its sales practices and unreachable customer service prove it is untrustworthy.

Merchants should better research the available options and find a service provider they can afford. They are advised to find a better-fitting payment processor that emits trustworthiness and offers transparency. They deserve a merchant account provider that mentions all the necessary information, tries its best to solve the raised issues, and answers all the client’s questions.

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