Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems Review

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems Review, Rates, and Complaints

Established in 2004, Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems (APPS) is a merchant service provider located in Nevada, Las Vegas, serving most standard-risk businesses and ISOs. This Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems review will guide you through some key information about the company and its functioning.

The company is a Synovus Bank ISO/MSP and Visa’s fintech partner, providing an omnichannel experience to its clients. It has partnered with, CyberSource, QuickBooks, PayFacto, Sage, Switch Commerce, Anedot, Global Oculus, and numerous other well-reputed companies to provide the best online and offline payment solutions. In 2021, the provider acquired Paynomix and Clique Payments. 

APPS caters to multiple industries, including airlines, health care, electronics, automotive, retail, hospitality, travel, gaming, food, software and apps, marketing agencies, and merchant acquirers. From small business merchants and ISVs to medium-sized payment facilitators and ISOs, the company offers credit card processing on global levels.

The provider is helping over 150,000 businesses to reach their goals and satisfy their customers by maintaining a secure payment system. It aims to provide a full-fledged package with advanced technology features to enable merchants to gain revenue while protecting their brand’s ideology. Here is an Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems review to give merchants an idea about the company’s benefits and drawbacks to help them determine if they should entrust their business to it.

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems Review Based on Products and Benefits

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The company accepts all major credit card brands and provides the equipment required for seamless transactions. It provides ERP accounting solutions, semi-integrated payment processing, chargeback management, and a digital platform with industry-leading security features to secure online payments. It is compatible with Google Wallet, Payal, and Apple Pay, enabling merchants to accept payments anywhere on their mobile.

In addition to the basic POS system, payment gateway, virtual terminals, and contactless payment solutions, APPS provides value-added services. Merchants can avail of the provider’s reporting services, PCI toolkit, insight portals, Everest Processing platform, and Paynomix software to optimize the workflow and keep everything on track. APPS supports ACH, e-check, and EMV processing and offers shopping cart integration, signature capture, and multiple billing options. Furthermore, merchants can accept cash transactions and offer gift cards to their customers.

Chargeback Management

The provider offers chargeback resolve, an integrated platform (specifically customized for ISOs, acquirers, and MSPs) that enables users to track and manage the chargeback process. Merchants are provided with electronic notifications in multiple formats and transaction details, reviewed by a chargeback analyst. The approved and marked transactions are then sent to the card association portals.

This service allows merchants to access queue management, automated letter generation, case details, response times, and an automatically maintained history of each transaction. With chargeback resolve, the provider ensures that a business complies with the industry standard.

Everest Processing Platform

The Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems reviews portray that the company provides Everest Switch, an online software that integrates with front and backend processors. The platform offers Cloud Connect, gateway services, a POS system, ERP and CRM integration, terminal certification, and tokenization. Merchants can provide email and text invoices and process level 2 and 3 payments while managing the whole process through a single integrated platform. Everest offers transaction routing services and reporting dashboards and supports multiple merchant accounts.


The provider offers a customer relationship management platform that allows access to every useful tool and connects all the data in one place. Merchants can say goodbye to the complexity of payment processing and avail of all features and go anywhere with one login. They are offered business insight, transaction reconciliation, multi-location reporting, and profitability updates.

Merchants are offered customized dashboards and white-label branding, allowing businesses to match the products to their brand and theme. They can track commissions and set up hierarchies to reach different segments on one dashboard.  

POS Solutions

The provider has been designing and certifying POS terminals for businesses worldwide. Its semi-integrated solutions connected with the cloud platform allow merchants to accept payments within seconds and enable them to connect their existing system with the company’s equipment. Ingenico, Exadigm, Verifone, and POSitouch are some of the affiliated companies utilized by APPS to offer the best POS systems to its merchants. These systems come with a variety to suit different industries and cater to each business accordingly.  

Payment Gateways

The Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems reviews show that the company provides multiple gateway options for merchants to choose from per their business needs. In addition to and CyberSource, a business can avail of the services of NMI, PayPal, PayTrace, USAePay, TSYS, and PAYware Connect to accept online payments.

The provider offers unique features to protect sensitive data, provide live transaction analysis, and simplify online payments. Its virtual terminals offer distinct solutions compatible with most businesses, enabling merchants to provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers and strengthen a long-lasting bond with them.

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems Review Based on Rates and Contract Details

Merchants are bound to a three-year agreement with automated renewal and a tiered pricing plan. The provider has set a liquidated damage early cancellation fee and offered variable rates depending on the partner company and the business size. The pricing can depend on various other factors, such as the agent setting up the merchant account, the chosen package and payment gateway, or the risk possibility of the business.

Multiple Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems reviews hint that the provider’s credit card rates range from 1 to 4.99%. Merchants are not offered any information about the long list of fees the company charges in an average contract. Its equipment lease terms are more expensive than the equipment, so merchants are advised to buy it instead of leasing.

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems Review Based on Sales Practices and Customer Relations

The provider has maintained a domestic phone line and an email address for customers and has reserved an online form for merchants to write their concerns. A customer relations manager is assigned to each merchant who assists them in case of any issues and replies to their queries. Furthermore, there is a live chat feature on the company’s website for immediate response.

APPS hires independent sales agents and trains in-house teams to promote its services. There are no mentionable complaints cited against the provider in this regard. However, the company does not put forward all the necessary information, and the agents only provide limited insight.

Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems Review Based on Complaints

There are a few complaints cited online against APPS, maintaining its low complaint reputation. Some of these complaints accuse the company of scamming its merchants, and the rest are regarding the high termination fee and undisclosed information. The provider has no mentionable lawsuits against it and is not rated on any credible review sites.

Better Business Bureau does not accredit APPS, but the company has had an A+ rating on its profile since 2014, with zero formal or informal complaints posted by the merchants. However, BBB’s ratings are not to be trusted completely since most of the ratings are not verified by the platform.

Shortcomings and Loopholes

APPS provides globally recognized services for various business types and offers comprehensive payment solutions and efficient equipment to help a business expand its reach beyond boundaries. However, the company lacks in some major areas. It conceals some shortcomings that must be addressed to give a better insight to merchants looking forward to signing up with the provider.

Undisclosed Information

One of the biggest red flags of the service provider is its inability to offer price transparency and disclosure of important contract details. Merchants are deprived of the necessary information and deliberately kept unconscious of the company’s rates. They cannot determine whether they can afford the provider or comply with its contract conditions, causing frustration and confusion.

High Termination Fee

The Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems reviews indicate that the company charges a liquidated damages early cancelation fee that depends upon the number of months left in the contract. The attorney fees and bank costs are also added to these charges, and the provider does not mention a fixed rate.

An unfixed high termination fee is never a positive sign because it is a way for a service provider to bound merchants in an unreasonable contract for long terms. Since most small companies cannot pay the high cancellation fee, they are stuck in an unwanted contract, unable to find an escape.

Unreasonable Equipment Lease Terms

The provider does not explain the expensive equipment leases or mention the terms. Unaware of the rates, new merchants are forced to pay a hefty amount to lease the equipment they could have bought at lower rates. Reviews show that it is common practice among most payment processors to trick merchants into signing ridiculously expensive leases that cause serious trouble and fails to be budget-friendly.


Deduced by this Atlantic-Pacific Processing Systems review, the company is dependable under ideal circumstances and a reliable option for some medium-scale businesses. However, APPS is an expensive but average service provider for most businesses with a limited budget. It needs to be more trustworthy and offer honest disclosure beforehand. Merchants are advised to look for a better-suited payment processor that can be straightforward, knows its merchant’s needs, and be communicative about its contract terms.

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