Convenient Payments Review

Convenient Payments Review, Rates, and Complaints

Convenient Payments is a US-based merchant service provider founded in 2012, providing merchant accounts to standard-risk businesses. Located in Draper, Utah, the company is a registered ISO/MSP of Woodforest Bank, Texas, with business subsidiaries such as IntelliPay and Mainstreet Computers Inc. IntelliPay is a payment processing company located in Salt Lake City, whereas Mainstreet Computers is a computer software company providing payment solutions and software development to various auto and flat glass businesses. Here is a complete Convenient Payments review for merchants.

Convenient Payments serves most business types, including wholesale, retail, B2B, gas stations, thrift stores, non-profit, and online businesses. It is a recommended credit and debit card processor for the government, education, property management, and legal industry. The company provides recurring payment plans and integrated business solutions while offering software and hardware required to grow a merchant’s business.

Even though the provider is not very forthcoming regarding its features and pricing and has given very little information online about its services, it provides a decent package to consumers. The Convenient Payments review will discuss the facilities and features that the provider claims to offer;

Convenient Payments Features and Services

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Convenient Payments enables its merchants to connect their existing POS and payment solutions with advanced technology to expand their business and attract new opportunities for their company. It provides up-to-the-minute services, including EMV processing, ACH check transactions, mobile payment apps, online payment services, payment gateways, POS equipment, and virtual terminals.

The company offers distinct invoicing and billing options, such as customized receipt printing, online invoicing, and recurring and subscription-based billing. It provides in-person, on-the-phone, online, and automated recurring options for transactions along with proprietary software to help businesses meet modern technology needs.

Payment Terminals

The provider has virtual and physical terminals to carry out card transactions. These terminals accept all traditional payment methods, ACH, debit, and credit card payments, and operate on a wireless model. Their EMV compliance makes payments more secure, allowing merchants to offer guaranteed authenticity to their customers.

The company enables merchants to provide ease for their customers by offering various payment options and making the process stress free for them. Clients can make payments in person or from anywhere through their phones.

Customizable Payment Plan

With Convenient Payments’ advanced terminal solutions, merchants can facilitate their customers with custom payment plans. Customers can request to create, delete, and edit their recurring or one-time payment schedules as per their needs. With the company’s payment alert feature, merchants are sent a notification in case there is a payment failure. This service is very convenient as it provides user-friendly features to merchants, helping them ensure a comforting experience for their customers and satisfy their requirements.

Payment Integration

The provider offers various payment integration options, allowing merchants to accept all payments within their existing software. Merchants can integrate automatic payment acceptance and automatically receive payment information on all their systems without manually entering them. This saves them the tedious task of matching their digital invoices to manual copies of transactions.

Convenient Payments integrated payment solutions enable merchants to connect their existing POS systems to their payment processors, expediting the transaction and improving customer experience. These integrated solutions are cost-effective and improve cash flow. The company’s GovTeller products provide government entities with APIs and web development services, ensuring developer productivity and enhancing workflow.

Recurring and Subscription Billing

Convenient Payments offers recurring billing options, enabling merchants to accept scheduled payments from their customers. Consumers can subscribe to the required services monthly, weekly, annually, or at customized intervals. The charges will be deducted automatically from the customer’s accounts according to the scheduled intervals.

This feature reduces the risk of non-payments and payment delays hence saving time. It also makes the billing process more efficient as merchants will not have to request payments after each billing cycle, and customers will be free of making manual payments each time.

Customized Online Invoicing

The company provides online invoicing with customized templates for businesses. Merchants can edit these invoices and put their company’s logo on them. They can also make changes like the font color and company details before issuing those invoices to their customers and keep the essence of their brand.  

In today’s world, online invoicing is a convenient feature for merchants and customers as it takes paper invoices to a digital platform and simplifies the billing process. Customers can also easily keep their payment records online or on their phones instead of piling up paper receipts.

Convenient Payments Contract Terms

The company does not provide information about its terms and conditions online, and its contract details are very murky. The reviews indicate that Convenient Payments offers varying contract lengths, depending on the merchant’s requirements and the type and size of the business it serves. The provider has not disclosed its early termination fee.

Convenient Payments Pricing Summary

The provider offers a tiered pricing model to its merchants with swiped card rate of 1.00% to 4.99% and a similar keyed-in rate of 1.00% to 4.99% per transaction with no account setup fee. The company charges convenience, early termination, PCI compliance, payment gateway, batch, monthly, and application fees, but none of these charges are disclosed online to the general public. The provider’s virtual terminal processing rate is 1.00% to 4.99%.

Convenient Payments’ details are unavailable on its official website, and there are no merchant reviews that elaborate on the company’s pricing structure. The provider offers varying charges to each merchant depending on the risk profile of their business.

Convenient Payments Sales and Marketing

The company trains its in-house sales team to market its products through traditional advertising and strategic promotions. It does not hire independent sales agents and practices honest marketing methods. Not employing independent sales representatives indicates that Convenient Payments is keen on improving its sales team instead of relying on untrained agents who do not know much about the company. It does not take deceptive measures to promote its services and is not reviewed as a scam by merchants.

Convenient Payments Customer Support

The provider does not offer many options for customer service. Only one phone number is mentioned on the website for domestic support available during business hours. Although, it is unclear if it is a customer helpline or a general sales number.

Convenient Payments Reviews and Complaints

There are few Convenient Payments reviews posted online by merchants and very few complaints against the provider. None of the complaints portray the company as a scam. The company is not sued with any significant lawsuits, showing that it abides by standard and approved procedures in its operations. It has a low online complaint total, which can be because of two reasons; the company may have resolved customer grievances before they get to the online public platforms, or merchants choose not to post any reviews.

The company is not accredited by Better Business Bureau and does not have a profile on the BBB platform, so no formal complaints are filed against the provider. The low complaint rate indicates that the company is a reasonable merchant service provider.

Convenient Payments Drawbacks

Convenient Payments is a suitable service provider for most businesses with a variety of services under its belt. Its advanced technology features keep companies in the loop with the latest business strategies and help them evolve. However, the company significantly lacks in some significant areas, which can be damaging for the businesses it caters to. Considering the Convenient Payments reviews, below is the feedback based on the drawbacks of choosing the provider;

Lack of Customer Support

When choosing a merchant service provider, the customer support team is essential for a company as it represents the provider’s values. Helpful customer service enhances a company’s reputation and builds customers’ trust in the provider. Other than a phone number, Convenient Payments has not provided any additional customer support avenue for its merchants.

There are no email, online forums, or live chat options for the customers to address their concerns. The company does not offer any in-person assistance, and there are no questionnaires and FAQ pages on its website. Overall, the Convenient Payments customer service options are little to none.

Insignificant Amount of Information

Convenient Payments does not provide any information about its products, services, contract, or pricing. No details are available online, and no platform is given to put out any queries. The company is secretive about its policies and provides minuscule information about itself, making it impossible for merchants to know if it is a reliable service provider for their business or not.

Final Verdict

Regardless of the long list of services and products a company offers, it cannot be trusted if it is not transparent about its pricing and contract terms. Convenient Payments does not disclose crucial terms, and merchants are uninformed about its pricing and services.

The merchants already affiliated with Convenient Payments have not posted any online reviews of the provider. This makes it unfeasible for new merchants to blindly trust the provider without any available testimonies. Merchants are advised to look for a provider that discloses all the necessary information and is transparent about its pricing and contract terms. Shady practices can lead to long-term disappointment when dealing with MSPs.

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