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Network for Good Review, Rates, and Complaints

Network for Good is a leading payment processor and fundraising platform founded in 2001. The organization is known to primarily offer access to merchant accounts for NGOs or non-profit organizations. The company was initially set up by Yahoo!, Cisco, and America Online. Since its inception, Network for Good has been successful in processing more than $1 billion in terms of donations. Network for Good does not provide any information about its acquiring banks or back-end processors on the website. Anyhow, our experts did their best to come up with a Network For Good review with the available information in the public domain.

Network for Good Review Based on Payment Processing

As a self-proclaimed leading payment processor, Network for Good is capable of processing all types of debit and credit cards for fundraisers and non-profits. In addition to payment processing, some of the additional services offered by Network for Good are online fundraising, donor management, measurement of donations for fundraisers, tracking, auction, and event management.

Location & Ownership of Network for Good

Bill Strathmann is the current CEO of Network for Good. The company has its headquarters located in Washington, DC.

Network for Good Review Based on Complaints

There are only a few negative complaints related to Network for Good and its services. All these complaints have accumulated in the past three years, however, none of the services complain or describe the service as a scam or a rip-off. Some of the common complaints of the company are poor customer service and delayed deposits from the company. However, the overall details of the complaints regarding Network for Good suggest that these tend to be isolated incidents. Therefore, it appears that these issues tend to be uncommon amongst the majority of merchants who use Network for Good.

Lawsuits Against Network for Good

In our Network for Good review based on lawsuits, we found that there has been no proof of any existing class-action FTC complaint or lawsuit against Network for Good. Dissatisfied merchants who would like to go ahead with the non-litigious course of action against the company can think of reporting the same to the concerned supervisory organizations.

Network for Good Review Based on Service Options

Network for Good delivers access to relevant email support at all times. In addition to this, phone support is available from 8 am to 8 pm -Monday through Friday. In addition to a dedicated email support address on its official website, Network for Good also offers access to live chat support and a support form to help its customers out.

This remains quite on par with the customer service options offered by other payment providers out there.

BBB Rating of Network for Good

The Better Business Bureau currently shows Network for Good as having a rating of B+. In our Network for Good review, we found that this rating is based on 10 complaints that have been received by the company since the creation of its profile on BBB in September 2018. Out of these 10 complaints, around four of them are specific about particular products or services. At the same time, four complaints are related to billing and collection problems, and two of them are related to delivery issues.

Only two of the 10 complaints of the company have been resolved to satisfy the respective merchants. The remaining eight remain unresolved according to the dissatisfaction of the merchants or did not receive any response.

Secret Shopper Warning by BBB

At the request of Network for Good, BBB has come forth with a Secret Shopper Warning. Network for Good has alerted BBB with respect to the Secret Shopper scam. In this scam, the names of shoppers are being used without proper authorization. The business has asked BBB to inquire and notify the public while referring them to specific resources.

Due to the innate ties to the financial components of the company, scammers are known to specifically target merchant accounts. Merchants should be aware of tell-tale signs of relevant scams. It could help in further mitigating the overall risks against common frauds.

Claims of the Merchants

Network for Good has received one informal review on BBB. One of the most recent complaints particularly specifies the presence of customer support services and fund holds.

Network for Good Review Based on Pricing

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Network for Good comes with three individual monthly pricing plans for its entire set of services. Every package is based on the number of contracts as listed by the campaign in the donor database of the company -under its proprietary software. Based on the available contracts, the software service of Network for Good is capable of managing fundraising pages, text-to-pledge, pledging management, and several other aspects of donation management of the campaign. Even when the campaigns are tailored -ranging from below 1000 contacts to around 10,000 contacts, the company is known to charge a fixed 3% per transaction. Along with the fixed rate, the company provides the entirety of the software solution along with relevant support options to the subscribers.

  • 0-1000 contacts: This plan will cost around $200 every month that is billed annually while including all products & services of the company. The contact limit has also been extended to reach 1000.
  • 1,000 to 5,000 contacts: This plan will cost around $300 every month -billed annually. It also includes all products and services of the company. The contact limit has been increased to 5,000.
  • 5,000 to 10,000 contacts: It is the most expensive plan of the company and costs around $400 every month -billed annually. The plan features all the products and services of the company. The limit for contacts has been increased to 10,000. Campaigns that exceed the limit of 10,000 contacts are asked to reach out to Network for Good to negotiate a customized plan for the respective needs for determining enterprise pricing for large-scale businesses.

Additional Fees

Users can think of including personal coaching in any plan for $250 every month. This service range will include standard one-on-one sessions along with the option to appeal reviews and ample fundraising strategy support. All this information is disclosed on the website of company. Network for Good is not known to charge early termination fees or PCI compliance fees. Still, its one-year contracts tend to be non-cancelable.

Premium Costs for All-in-one Services

The overall package of the company has been priced quite similarly to the ones offered by the respective competitors. However, the overall costs turn out to be more expensive than comparable services when consumed item by item. Due to this, Network for Good is only suggested for organizations that are willing to pay an extra amount to feature a fully-integrated partner for all its services.

Smaller non-profit organizations might be effectively served through the acquisition of high-end donor management tools, low-cost merchant accounts, and email outreach systems. Low-cost merchant accounts should be independent of each other while ensuring negotiation on these costs separately. There is no specific complaint regarding the pricing policy of Network for Good. Therefore, we can assume that most of the users of the company are satisfied with the fees and rates they are paying.

Sales & Advertising Strategy of Network for Good

Network for Good is known to primarily market its products and services by partnering with related donor networks, developing corporate partnerships, and marketing through conventional channels. The company does not make use of independent sales representatives. Therefore, there is no explicit complaint regarding Network for Good that will accuse the company of using deceptive sales mechanisms.

Disclosure of Full Pricing

Network for Good is known to disclose all important pricing details on the website -including contracts, per-transaction costs, and all monthly fees. Therefore, it has received an A in the category.


Network for Good has been rated as a strong payment processing option for fundraisers and non-profit organizations. The service offers access to a dedicated suite of handy tools at a standard price with contract terms requiring low commitments. However, smaller organizations will be served effectively by working with the best merchant account providers for the respective payment processing while leveraging third-party services for online marketing and donor management.

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