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Dharma Merchant Services Credit Card Processing Review 2024

For those searching for a payment processing provider and operating on more than $10,000 per month, here’s everything you need to know regarding Dharma Merchant Services’ prices and charges, offerings, reviews, and other aspects of their business. Please find out more in our Dharma Merchant Services Review

Dharma Merchant Services: A Short View

Headquarter Golden State
Contract 3-year 
Owner Jeff Marcous 
PCI Fee Undisclosed 
Customer Support  Yes 
Monthly Fee $20


Dharma Merchant Services Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

Founders Jeff Marcous and his daughter Alexia launched Dharma Merchant Services in 2007 after Jeff served as Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Authorize.net. 

Dharma, based in the Golden State, offers a variety of payment options, including virtual, shop, eatery, and charity. Cost-plus invoicing is used, and all costs are clearly stated on the company’s website.

To qualify as a B Corporation, a company must fulfill strict requirements for being socially responsible. As stated on the credit card device’s website, it’s also a beneficial company that indicates that it’s committed to serving the “better good of social and environmental things.”

Interesting News in Dharma’s History

To make it easier for small companies to make transactions via Android and Apple smartphones, Dharma has teamed up with Flint. Flint’s solutions don’t need any additional technology and provide rapid authorization, QuickBooks revenue import, and payout every two business days. 

Scan the credit card fast and safely using your device’s built-in camera. Flint does not need a long-term contract or monthly payment.

What Kind of Services Does Dharma Merchant Services Offer?

Whether you’re using a physical card, Dharma Merchant Services can execute your transaction. Remember that if the company handles more than $10,000 monthly, Dharma facilities are offered for you to use. Dharma provides the following features.

  • Fundraising Services 

From small one-time sums to larger ones, donations may be made via Dharma’s partnership with 4aGoodCause. 

With Dharma’s help, you’ll have professionally-designed contribution sites for the desktop and mobile applications and tools for events and exhibitions. Even if the prices here are a touch more than the industry norm, they’re still extremely fair and include a wide range of optional extras.

  • Kabbage Merchant Financing 

The organization works with Kabbage to give small companies with a $150,000 credit line. This credit line is different from a merchant cash advance, and it might be a superior method should you need capital to start your firm.

  • POS Systems 

For $39.95/month, Dharma offers Fiserv’s renowned Clover range of POS solutions, such as the top-of-the-line Clover Station. For an extra $9.95/fortnight (and a device cost of $499), you may include a Clover Flex to the package, which arrives with a Clover Mini. 

It’s possible to utilize a Clover Flex on its own and pay $499 for one of three service options. They vary from $4.95 per month to $29.95 a month with ever-increasing levels of functionality.

  • Mobile Processing

Dharma’s MX Merchant Express app, accessible for iOS and Android, is a great option if you want to take payments on the go. It is compatible with the Walker 2 card reader. 

This can process payments made via magstripe, EMV, and NFC (including Apple Pay and Google Wallet). The reader costs $99 and connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth or your phone’s headphone socket.

  • Credit Card Terminals 

Dharma sells a variety of countertop terminals directly to the public, and the prices are clearly stated on the company’s website. Dharma doesn’t need you to sign a long-term contract that you can’t cancel. 

On the market, there are three EMV-compliant designs: Verifone’s Vx520 ($179), Fiserv’s FD-130 ($295), and the Ingenico Desk/5000 ($375).  Cheap terminal reprogramming is available if your terminal complies with Dharma’s platform.

  • Payment Gateway 

Dharma gives online retailers the option of using either the NMI Gateway or Authorize.Net as their payment processor. The NMI Gateway has a few additional particular aspects than the other two gateways. 

The NMI Gateway could be a wiser option when you’re afraid of losing your client data if you change gateway suppliers.

  • B2B Transactions 

Dharma has a remedy for those of you who are conducting business-to-business firms rather than selling to consumers. For several companies, taking business debit cards is too costly. Taking business cards might be cheaper if you take certain measures. 

Enhancing the data is the key to solving this problem. Inexperienced firms may find the process difficult or time-consuming. Thanks to Priority Transactions and the MX B2B application from Dharma, a simple option is found. To be eligible for improved data, you must complete all relevant details when you place an order.

Pricing and Charges of Dharma Merchant Services

There is a $20 monthly cost for Dharma Payment Processing on average. In addition, it collects a per-transaction charge, normally 0.15 percent plus 7 cents for in-store purchases. 

In addition to the swipe fees, the credit card industry levies that differ wildly based on credit or debit card. If you handle more than $100,000 monthly, you’ll get a discount on your fees.

Is Dharma Merchant Services Worth it?

  • Positive Testimonials Everywhere

Dharma has much fewer negative reviews than the vast majority of merchant services companies. Dharma publishes many customer reviews on its homepage from delighted customers who have worked with the organization. Such testimonies are particularly compelling since the large corporations and their firms are properly named.

  • Not Accredited by the BBB

This BBB A+ rating currently stands in the face of the company being decertified by the BBB. In the previous three years, the firm has had just one objection, and no concerns have been received over the last year, yet there are still doubts. There aren’t any specifics on the complaint, which is a pity.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to conserving cash and making the procedure as easy as possible, Dharma is the best. We can’t suggest Dharma strongly enough if your firm is a suitable match for their services. Even though Dharma isn’t always the cheapest option, it is the best overall bargain. 

The overall quality of the solutions a company can give is more essential in the long term than merely being the lowest accessible choice. Dharma’s business strategy isn’t a suitable match for all retailers. To use Dharma, you must be a U.S.-based business, and it doesn’t allow high-risk businesses. 

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