melio payments review

Melio Payments Review 2024

Bill-paying may be a real nuisance. For firms with many invoices, handling current liabilities may be a time-consuming and hard operation. Melio is a great option for small businesses in the United States that want to accept online payments. 

Businesses and organizations in every state may now make use of these services. Your bills are now at your fingertips. Paying using a debit card or a bank transfer is completely free for consumers. Paying suppliers that only take cheques isn’t a problem for you. Find out all the interesting details in this Melio Payments Review!

Melio Payments: A Short Overview

Headquarters New York 
Owner Matan Bar, Ilan Atias, Ziv Paz
Contract Undisclosed 
Fees Starting from $119 per month (premium plus)
Customer Support Yes


Melio Payments Origin, Headquarters, and Owner

Ilan Atias, Matan Bar, and Ziv Paz came up with the idea for Melio Payments. This was Melio’s goal: to create a current liabilities application that was simple to use and which would enhance the working capital of a small firm. 

The technology makes it simple to stay on top of payment procedures, allowing you to devote more time developing and maintaining client connections.

All the Features of Melio Payments

The following are some of the most prominent features of Melio Payments:

  • Affiliate Programs 

Melio offers a profitable affiliate link which is as simple as giving your special link to others to participate. Melio tracks your connections via the use of cookies. Every time a prospective consumer hits your unique address, the cookie will expire after 90 days. 

Whenever a new client uses Melio to make their first purchase, you will get $200. During the month, payments are computed and distributed by PayPal or Stripe at the end of next month.  

For instance, when you receive a profit in February, you could anticipate getting money by the middle of March.

  • Accountants 

Melio helps you stay on top of things. All of your customer accounts are accessible from a unified dashboard, including their existing payment history and QuickBooks integration. With a few clicks, you may switch between different customer accounts. 

Melio may even send out a reminder to your merchants, requesting that they submit their payment information and choose whether they want to be paid by cheque or bank transfer. 

Melio offers a specialized support staff that is only available to subscribers of the Accountant plan. Profit from the expertise of your industry to give your customers a competent trade payables experience.

  • Melio. me

Melio. me is a simple and trackable method of accepting money online. The receiver doesn’t have to have a Melio account to transfer your money. 

In only a few clicks, recipients may pay using a money transfer (which is free) or a line of credit (for which there is a 2.9 percent cost).

  • QuickBooks Integration

The two-way sync Melio offers between your transactions, and your bookkeeping would be particularly useful if you currently use QuickBooks. 

You may even become a member of Melio by entering in using your QuickBooks user name and password.

  • Schedule Payments 

Are you fed up with paying late or paying too early? Melio will assist you in paying on time by arranging payments so that you do not incur late penalties or see a reduction in your cash flow.

  • Permissions 

Create several different payment review processes. Invite people from your organization or your accountant with a single click. Create credentials for every person so that you can regulate who has access to what information.

  • Pay Vendors with a Credit Card 

When it comes to business, cash flow is everything. Furthermore, you would have to pay merchants using a credit card instead of cash to have more cash on hand. On the other hand, some sellers may not accept credit card payments as an alternative. 

Melio may assist you by completing a credit card payment on your behalf and remitting the funds to your vendor by bank transfer or paper check.

Pricing and Charges of Melio Payments

Melio offers two different options, and you’ll be able to select one from any of them. Both of these services are entirely free of cost. 

They offer two plans: one for Business and one for Accountant. Upon closer inspection, you will see that they are nearly identical and have many of the same characteristics.

Is Melio Payments Worth it?

  • When we think about Melio, the first thing that comes to mind is that most of its products are completely free, and there are no sign-up or registration fees that customers must pay. All of the money transfers done are free, which means that the ACH payments are also fully free. A minor transaction fee is charged for all other payments, which may be as little as two and nine percent of the total transaction amount.
  • A definite plus is a possibility of paying via Melio with your credit card, which is a great convenience.
  • The third feature is the interface with QuickBooks, which allows you to keep track of all of your financial and transaction information in one spot. As a result, there is no longer any purpose in keeping distinct data lists.
  • You may have an infinite number of users, and collecting money with no restrictions is unquestionably a plus. You may also create customized dashboards for each of your customers.

The Bottom Line

Melio makes it easy to complete transactions in a short amount of time. They provide a variety of payment alternatives, including free bank transfer payments for those who use this method. 

There is a minor cost of 2.9 percent for credit cards trades. You may prevent late payment fees by using the Melio function of payment rescheduling to prevent any penalties. 

To make payments, do not need to register for a Melio account. There are no monthly fees associated with this service. Any problems you have may be resolved by contacting their customer service representatives, who are highly friendly and will resolve your problems as soon as possible.

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