ePaymentAmerica Review

ePaymentAmerica Review, Rates, and Complaints

A TX Direct subsidiary established in 2004, ePaymentAmerica is a wholesale merchant account provider headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. It is a verified ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, utilizing First Data for its equipment and services. The company merges traditional payment processing solutions with advanced technology features to help businesses evolve with the marketplace. Merchants are introduced to a progressive, secure global platform offering user-friendly and cost-effective solutions for standard risk companies.

ePayment aims to equip its clients to handle every hurdle that comes their way. It promises stability to multiple industries, including retail, e-commerce, legal, non-profit organizations, and manufacturers. The provider has partnered with renowned banks and resellers to facilitate a hybrid environment for merchants all around the U.S.

The company claims to offer a progressive approach toward payment facilitation. Merchants can benefit from the highly efficient team of professionals assisting them through the tiring account approval process. They are provided with the most reliable package with advanced security tools and technical support to eliminate potential risks. Here is a detailed ePaymentAmerica review for merchants to weigh the company’s pros and cons to understand if they can trust it with their business;

Fees and Agreement Intricacies

Merchants are bound to a three-year agreement, an interchange pricing model, and a variable early cancellation fee. A standard ePayment contract costs a keyed-in and swiped card rate of 2.69% plus $0.19 and 3.69$% plus $0.19 per transaction with a $495 ETF.

The company’s virtual terminal rate is categorized into a basic and a pro plan through Payeezy. Merchants are charged 2.90% plus $0.30 in the basic plan and pay 1.89% plus $0.23 for the pro plan with a $19.95 monthly fee. The provider also charges a $19.95 PCI compliance fee. ePaymentAmerica reviews indicate that consumers are restricted to a four-year unconcealable equipment lease term, but its pricing is not mentioned. 

Customer Support Options

The provider has dedicated multiple toll-free customer support numbers and an email address for merchants to address their concerns. The official website has a contact form, a user portal, and a merchant account manual for troubleshooting. ePayment consumer support is only available during business hours. 

Marketing Strategies

The provider utilizes strategic partnerships and telemarketing and hires independent sales representatives to promote its services. There are agent reseller and referral programs available on the official website. There is no indication of deceptive tactics in the online reviews, but multiple complaints have been reported against the provider’s sales strategies. Furthermore, ePaymentAmerica does not disclose all the necessary information.

ePaymentAmerica Products and Benefits 

The company offers efficient POS systems through Fiserve, including Revel and Clover. Its services include mobile, wireless, and e-commerce payment solutions, recurring billing, data analytics, and chargeback prevention tools. Merchants benefit from its reward programs, instant cash advance facility, and gift cards. They can avail of the provider’s MOTO payment services, shopping cart integration, and effective business solutions.

ePayment accepts all major credit card brands, supporting multiple bank account users. Expert analysts guide consumers to understand their business requirements and provide them with personalized packages. Merchants can request a demo and gain a free quote to determine if the company works best for their business.

Security Features

With its eSecurity program, the provider helps merchants meet every requirement of PCI compliance at the lowest rates. New consumers are offered a 10% discount with fraud detection services and 24/7 compliance support. After receiving certification, merchants can access the company’s PCI-compliant equipment. This way, they can protect sensitive information and keep their customers’ data from getting stolen. The provider enables clients to avoid data breaches, identity theft, and credit card scams. 

POS Solutions

According to ePaymentAmerica reviews, merchants can choose between Clover and Revel POS systems to get the best package for their business. The provider offers a range of Clover Mini, Clover Go, and Clover Station POS solutions suitable for small businesses, whereas Revel is more appropriate for medium to large companies. 

Merchants get updated about the latest trends and can know about their competitors. They can analyze their customer’s spending habits to provide a personalized experience and control their business from anywhere on their smart devices. With QuickBooks integration, consumers can secure sensitive information without saving piles of data in their system. 

ePayment offers a range of kiosks, countertops, and hand-held devices, helping merchants work more efficiently. The company’s iPad POS has a cash drawer, receipt printer, and card swipe. Merchants can accept Magstripe and EMV transactions. The EMV chip card, compatible with a tablet and smartphone, allows users to accept payments anywhere without depending on a heavy-duty POS terminal.

E-Commerce Solutions

The virtual world is rapidly expanding, and the preference to shop and pay from the comfort of one’s home is escalating. ePaymentAmerica allows users to convert their computers to credit card processing vehicles and integrate their website for online payments. It provides all the right equipment and tools, including an efficient payment gateway, wireless terminals, eApps, email marketing, USB swipers, check readers, and PIN pads.

Consumers can add multiple payment plans and recurring billing options to their online shop. They can accept credit card, debit card, ACH, and MOTO payments from anywhere and enhance customer convenience by offering electronic billing. 

With Yapyzal, a social commerce platform, customers can purchase directly from Facebook without getting redirected to another website. This way, merchants can increase their reach, attract impulse buyers, and provide users with a safe and secure checkout worldwide. 

Other Features and Services

Deduced from ePaymentAmerica reviews, the provider offers value-added services, gift cards, fleet cards, and reward programs. Merchant cash advances, check guarantee services, EBT acceptance, and ticketing software are some benefits consumers can avail of. Moreover, the provider’s fraud monitoring and reporting tools help merchants maintain their reputation as reliable payment facilitators in the marketplace.

ePaymentAmerica Reviews and Complaints

Of the few complaints cited online, the most common complaint concerns the company’s telemarketing and sales practices. The provider has maintained its online reputation by receiving less than ten negative reviews. There are no mentionable lawsuits or FTC reports against ePayment. 

Better Business Bureau Report

The company was accredited by Better Business Bureau in 2007 and rated A+ on its BBB profile. It has not received formal or informal complaints in the past three years. However, the low complaint rate can also be because consumers do not prefer to post their concerns online and like to address their complaints in person to the provider. Moreover, the BBB rating is only sometimes accurate. Merchants have reasons to be skeptical about it. 


Even though the provider displays honest quotes and offers comprehensive solutions to conduct credit card processing efficiently, it needs to improve in some areas. ePaymentAmerica reviews show that the company does not purvey an adequate range of customer support options, and its marketing practices are frowned upon. 

Merchants have indicated frustration over the variable pricing policy, long-term contract, and unspecified fees. The high PCI compliance and early cancelation fee is also an issue. Here are the most common drawbacks of choosing ePayment as your payment processor;

Unsatisfactory Sales Practices

Merchants have shown displeasure about the company’s marketing approach and sales practices. There are complaints about persistent sales calls that have become hostile after a while. The provider’s sales agents do not disclose all the necessary information and fail to assist merchants in getting all the answers. Unsatisfying sales practices lead to declined customer retention and cause permanent damage to a company’s reputation. 

Insufficient Customer Service

Inadequate customer support options can seriously impact a company’s reputation because customer service can make or break its popularity among clients. ePayment’s consumer support is not competitive with the top-ranked service providers. There is no indication of a live chat option or dedicated account manager. 

Merchants are only offered a single phone number which is not enough considering its large clientele. Unanswered queries, unresolved issues, and ignored complaints can make a provider lose its best customers, resulting in a notable revenue decrease. 

Too Pricy

According to ePaymentAmerica reviews, the provider charges a high termination fee, and its PCI compliance charges are too pricy for most businesses. A high ETF is an obvious red flag. It is usually a tactic to force merchants into staying in an unwanted agreement. A

 good payment facilitator does not restrict its clients with a strict cancelation policy and always leaves the option to cancel the contract when it no longer benefits their business. ePayment binds consumers to a long-term contract and deprives them of their right to end it whenever they want. 

Final Words

This ePaymentAmerica review concludes that the company is a reliable payment facilitator with various services to accommodate most business types. However, its sub-par consumer support, average contract terms, and unreliable sales practices prohibit the company from being an industry-leading service provider. 

Merchants are advised to look for a better-fitting payment processor that offers complete disclosure and the best customer support to assist merchants every step of the way. Consumers looking forward to signing up with the provider should ask all the necessary questions to understand the contract terms, negotiate the rates, and know the complete fee structure before signing the agreement.

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