PPS USA Review

PPS USA Review, Rates, and Complaints

Formerly known as Prestige Payment System, PPS is a leading provider of integrated payment processing solutions for merchants in the United States. Since its inception in 2006, PPS has been a reseller of Elavon’s merchant services. It offers various services, including card payment solutions, point-of-sale solutions through EMV readers and card swipers, ACH, and more.

PPS is designed to meet the needs of merchants in the US, no matter the size and type of business. The company offers customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of individual clients.

Scroll through the article for an overview of services, ratings and potential drawbacks.

PPS USA: Services and Features

Former Prestige Payment Systems provides comprehensive services and features for businesses to make accepting payments easier. The services offered are as follows:

Solutions for Businesses

It offers solutions tailored to businesses, such as integrated payment systems, loyalty programs, etc. It helps businesses make accepting payments easier and more efficient. But the downside is that it will only work with some payment gateways.


The company offers secure payments through its encryption technology, which protects customer data. The system also uses tokenization to help protect customers from fraud and identity theft.

Electronic Check Acceptance

The company’s Electronic Check Acceptance service offers the convenience of paper checks with the security and reliability of electronic payments. This innovative technology allows you to accept electronic checks in person, over the phone, and through a website.

Tablet and Point of Sale

With PPS USA’s Tablet and Point of Sale service, merchants can accept payments quickly and securely. This technology allows easy payment processing from a tablet or other mobile device, allowing them to take payments in person, even on the go. The only problem faced is a need for the features available in traditional card terminals.

Loyalty Card Programs

The loyalty card programs allow customers to earn rewards with each purchase. By tracking customer purchases, businesses can understand their customers’ needs and preferences, creating a more personalized shopping experience.


The company offers competitive and affordable rates to businesses of all sizes. Its pricing plans are tailored to fit the individual needs of each business, with options based on transaction volume, type of industry, and other factors.

It offers a variety of payment solutions to ensure businesses have the most efficient and cost-effective payment processes. The company’s flat-rate pricing plans make it easy for businesses to choose the best payment solution. 

Prestige Payment Systems: Complaints and Reviews

PPS USA has been under fire from dissatisfied customers for years now. The company provides payment processing services, but many customers have reported numerous issues.

Merchants should keep in mind the following drawbacks based on the feedback of customers before signing up for its services:

Poor Customer Service

Customers have frequently complained about the lack of response to inquiries and lengthy wait times when calling in. Furthermore, customers have stated that their emails have gone unanswered and have not received a resolution to their issues.

High Fees & Unclear Billing

Customers have reported that the fees charged for their services are complex and difficult to understand. Furthermore, customers have complained about being hit with hidden and unexpected fees.

Unreliable Credit Card Processing

Customers have reported that their credit card transactions could be more reliable and often don’t go through even after repeated attempts. Furthermore, customers have expressed frustration over the company’s lack of help and support in resolving these issues.

Unexpected Cancellation & Termination of Services

Customers have claimed that their services have been unexpectedly canceled or terminated without warning. Furthermore, customers have expressed frustration over the need for more communication about their termination and inability to access funds for processing.

Unauthorized Charges

Customers have reported that they were charged for services they did not authorize and could not dispute or reverse them.

Unplanned Service Outages

Customers have complained that they experienced sudden service outages without any prior warning. It has caused significant disruption to their business operations.

Unethical Business Practices

Customers have reported that the company has employed unethical business practices, such as charging customers for services they did not receive or not refunding customers for services terminated before the agreed-upon period.

Given the numerous complaints and reviews about PPS USA, merchants should consider these factors before signing up for their services. It is important to be informed and aware of the potential drawbacks and issues that could arise when signing up for any credit card processing service. If a merchant encounters any of these issues, they should consider contacting an alternative provider.

BBB Rating

Prestige Payment Systems has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating is based on the BBB’s review of PPS’ business practices, its performance in resolving customer complaints and more. But, the worrying problem of fraudulent activity and cyber-security threatens its customers. 

Lawsuits and Fines

PPS USA provides payment processing services for businesses and individuals. The company has not received lawsuits and financial penalties over the years. But the cause of concern is that they have received numerous complaints over the years from customers and industry experts alike. It has been accused of charging excessive fees and not providing adequate customer service or support.

Moreover, the company has been accused of unfair rate structures, in which it would charge different rates to merchants based on the type of customers they had. It could lead to some businesses needing help to get the best deal available, paying more than they should have.

The problem of unfair rate structures is not the only concern. There are also allegations that PPS should have properly disclosed all fees to their customers, leading to them paying more than initially agreed upon. This practice is illegal and could result in fines for the company if found guilty. 

These factors can lead to the company being fined by the Federal Trade Commission and receiving multiple lawsuits from customers. The fines can be substantial, with some totaling millions of dollars.

Employee Complaints

Unfortunately, employees feel the need to file complaints against their employers. Still, it is important for those who have experienced mistreatment or other issues in the workplace to have a platform to speak out. The following complaints are some of the most common filed against PPS USA by employees.

Poor Wages

Many employees have complained about wages not being competitive with similar organizations in their area. It has left them feeling undervalued and underpaid for their efforts. Thus, employees often feel like they need to be compensated fairly.

Unclear Job Descriptions

Employees have expressed frustration with unclear and changing job descriptions. It has caused them to feel confused about their role and responsibilities, which can lead to decreased job satisfaction.

Inadequate Benefits

Some employees said their benefits package needed to be better than other companies in their industry. It has been cited as a major source of dissatisfaction for employees who feel they should be given similar benefits as other companies.

Lack of Communication

Employees have complained about feeling disconnected from leadership and management, making them feel like their voices are not heard. It has led to feelings of isolation and decreased job satisfaction.

Unclear Job Expectations

Employees have expressed dissatisfaction with their job expectations needing to be clearly stated and understood. It has caused them to feel like they cannot live up to the expected standards, leading to increased stress and decreased job satisfaction.

Unreasonable Workloads

Employees have reported feeling overworked and overwhelmed due to increased workloads that are unreasonable for a single employee.


Th merchants should remember the following feedback regarding PPS USA. While the company does offer some convenience and security, it may not be worth the extra fees and lack of customer service due to the following loopholes.

Limited Services

PPS USA offers limited services compared to other online payment processing providers. They only provide basic merchant and customer service and credit card processing; no additional features or services are available.

High Fees 

PPS USA charges higher processing fees than other online payment processors, making it more expensive for merchants to accept payments. Additionally, the company offers no discounts or incentives for businesses to use its services.

Poor Customer Service

PPS USA has been known to provide poor customer service. Many customers have complained about long wait times, unhelpful representatives, and slow response times.

Delayed Payments 

The company has a reputation for delaying payments to merchants, which can cause financial hardship for businesses. Getting a refund can be difficult if payments are not received promptly.

Poor Security

It offers a different level of security than other online payment processing companies. The company has had several instances of compromised customer data, resulting in identity theft and fraud.

Billing Disputes

PPS is known to be difficult when it comes to billing disputes. Customers often need help getting refunds or answering their questions regarding payment processing issues.

Lack of Transparency

The company offers limited transparency regarding its fees, services, and processes. It can make it difficult for customers to understand what they are paying for and how much. Additionally, it needs to clearly explain how payments are processed or when customers can expect to receive payment. This lack of transparency can lead to customer dissatisfaction.


PPS USA offers merchants a robust suite of payment processing solutions, from basic card-present transactions to advanced eCommerce solutions. But at the same time, the downside of working with the company is that they charge higher fees than some of their competitors. Not only that, their customer service could be better, and some merchants have reported difficulties in getting timely help.

Hence, merchants must evaluate the pros and cons of working with it to determine if the company fits their business needs. Ultimately, merchants should choose the payment processing provider that best meets their needs and provides the best overall value.

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