eVance Processing Review

eVance Processing Review

EMV Chip-based is the future of POS technologies. They will be compliant, secure, and NFC-enabled. A global payments technology business called eVance Processing Inc. has enabled mobile wallets like Apple Pay and has achieved approval for EMV, Pay at the Table, and Contactless Payments.

Here is a complete and authentic eVance Processing review based on some important factors.

About eVance Processing

Having the ability to process payments everywhere is necessary for businesses to extend growth and productivity, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Understanding how to collect payments is crucial for success because no two businesses are the same. eVance encourages merchants to sign their standard 2-year contract with automatic renewal and a variable Early Termination Fee to obtain payment processing services.

eVance Processing collaborates with leading companies and offers education, excellent customer service, flexibility, and cutting-edge technologies. The following is a short list of businesses that have been included in the Calpian and eVance brands:

  • Payments Securus
  • Pipeline Data
  • Cardaccept
  • North American Merchant Services
  • SecurePay

This list could change at any time due to the numerous restructurings this organization has undergone in recent years.

eVance is a listed ISO of the following banks that are registered to act as merchant service providers:

  • Providence, Rhode Island’s Citizens Bank N.A.
  • Cincinnati Fifth Third Bank in Ohio
  • Bank Merrick in South Jordan, Utah
  • Elavon
  • Walnut Creek, California’s Wells Fargo Bank N.A

OLB Group Investments

eVance Processing is one of the leading companies that provide merchant accounts. It presents a program with cash discounts along with credit card processing services,  processing through mobile phones,  and e-commerce,.

As an Excel Corporation division, It was first established as a company. Later,  OLB Group, Inc., a company that gives business services for mCommerce, eCommerce, and customers of brick-and-mortar type, based on cloud purchased eVance Processing and eVance Capital in April 2018.  OLB Company also uses CrowdPay.us, Inc. and Omnisoft.io, Inc. for processing.

Calpian Purchase

Calpian Commerce and its affiliate organizations became a part of eVance Processing after Excel Corporation purchased Calpian Commerce during December 2015. Some of eVance Processing’s sales pitch seems to identify the company as Calpian Commerce. The credit card processor Calpian, which is situated in Alpharetta, Georgia, was founded in 2013 by using properties of the insolvent Pipeline Data.

In addition to acquiring Calpian, in 2014 Excel Corporation too bought Securus Payments. Later, in 2015, eVance Processing and Chyp company entered a sole selective marketing agreement with Excel Corporation.

Where & Who Owns eVance Processing?

In addition to Fifth Third Bank, N.A. Cincinnati, OH, and Esquire Bank Jericho, NY, eVance Processing is now enlisted ISO/MSP. This enlistment is with Wells Fargo Bank N.A. situated in Concord, CA, Synovus Bank, situated at Columbus, GA, and Esquire Bank.

The website for the company shows its head office located at 960 North Point Parkway in Georgia 30022. Although it is 4400 North Point.

This was the location of both Calpian Commerce and Pipeline Data as their previous offices. After this update, the website shows Ronny Yakov as being CEO of the company.

eVance Processing Review Based on Payment Gateway


  • PCI compliant
  • Recurring billing
  • Variable batch time
  • SecureGuard security
  • Easy Shop shopping carts
  • 24/7 support
  • API help
  • Alignment with external shopping carts
  • No setup costs.
  • In-home telephone assistance during regular business hours.
  • Available for real-time one-to-one communication.
  • Knowledge base documentation is provided.
  • Low tolerance for commercial risk.


  • Premature termination cost.
  • Three-year agreement.
  • Not all significant terms are disclosed.
  • Fee for PCI compliance.
  • Fixed equipment lease for 48 months.

eVance Processing Review – Products and Services.

On its website, eVance Processing advertises the following items:


A payment solution that is browser-based (also known as a payment gateway) that supports all of its services and has PCI security, recurring billing, processing for mobile payment, and customizable batch times. According to the official website of eVance Processing, SecurePay may be integrated with a “broad spectrum of shopping carts.”


Keyed-in (MOTO) transactions, card-present transactions, and card-not-present (e-commerce) transactions are all protected by the security solution from eVance using encrypted data.

Discount Program for Payment

The alternative provided by eVance is to assist businesses to avoid spending business (processing) fees on credit card-based client transactions. The way this function operates is by adding the expense of the processing costs to the sale, which results in the client being charged a “nominal service cost.” Via this program, clients additionally benefit from a 4% markdown when paying in cash. The ultimate goal is to allow retailers to keep all of the selling prices by charging no processing fees.

Preference Option for ISO

eVance Processing collaborates with a business that is adept at selling goods and services. They carefully observed their surroundings and listened to their partners before developing a plan that not only sets them apart from the competition but also gives them a place to call home. Honesty, integrity, and truthfulness are important selection criteria, along with cutting-edge technology, progress, and education.

Rates, Costs, and Agreement Conditions

eVance Processing agreement is a contract of a minimum of two years with automated revival for a two-year duration. In addition, a premature cessation fee is calculated in the same manner as liquidated damages

  • (a) Remaining Months from the dates  starting from cessation to the existing Period, by
  • (b) Average of monthly processing costs born by the Merchant to Provider, Apart from that Provider’s costs and attorney’s fees incurred is also added.”

The company’s website does not include any additional price or terms, but this unlimited cancellation cost alone justifies a “D” grade in this faction.

Pricing for Virtual Terminals and Payment Gateways

A section of eVance Processing’s website is specially designed for its virtual terminal advertising. It also gives important to payment gateway services through SecurePay. This is along with the its storefront payment processing services. Pricing for either of those services, however, is not made public. These e-commerce services frequently have extra fees or rates. The fees can be pertaining to the gateway, technical support, batch, or additional transactions.

Possibly Diverse Terms and Requirements

These are just the requirements and terms set forth by Merrick Bank on behalf of the business. eVance may provide contract terms that are comparable to those provided by the subsidiaries of Calpian Commerce (3 years early cessation fee of $350 and a PCI adherence fee of $185), Chyp, and Securus Payments.

Further variety in eVance fees and pricing may be possible due to the business’s usage of autonomous sales representatives.

Pricing Above Average

There are numerous eVance Processing complaints. Most of them that discuss unlawful invoicing and fees have been found. Not surprisingly the past of Calpain Commerce, Pipeline Data, etc In this category, are all uniformly dismal. The pricing and terms of the merchant agreement supplied by eVance Processing, in our opinion, are not competitive.

eVance Processing Reviews Based on Feedback, Lawsuits, and Objections


  • BBB: A+(8 complaints)
  • Google: 3 Stars / 13 Reviews
  • Facebook: No Reviews Yet
  • Yelp: No Reviews Yet


  • Total Online Reviews: 20+
  • Total Online Complaints: 20+
  • Lawsuits: None
  • Most Common Complaint: Billing Errors

Better Business Bureau Profile:

We see eVance processing as a BBB-accredited company with a rating of “A+” on its BBB profile page. In the 36 months since it began operations, the company has received only just 8 complaints.

Six of those eight complaints were about collection and billing problems, and the final two were about problems with the products and services. Just one of the disputes was satisfactorily settled, and the other seven are still open.

A Wide Range of Complaints

More than 20 unfavorable eVance Processing reviews can now be found online, some of which call the business a scam. Poor client service, improper invoicing, concealed fees, and fund holds are some of the frequent eVance Processing complaints. Additionally, Securus Payments, Chyp, Pipeline Data, and Calpian Commerce, among other eVance affiliates and corporate partners, have gathered a combined total of hundreds of significant internet complaints.

The same group that currently owns and runs eVance Processing may therefore be subject to some of the complaints made against these organizations. Additionally, we encourage business owners to share their eVance Processing reviews in the box below.

Lawsuits and Penalties 

Aperia Sols, a retailer, filed a lawsuit in July 2020 alleging a breach of a contract with eVance Processing Inc. Confusion arose when eVance, Inc., a different company, bought the contract from eVance Processing, Inc. Although the lawsuit is still pending, it is unclear how it will impact the progress of this review.

Unhappy customers who want to take the firm to court should think about reporting the corporation to the appropriate regulatory bodies.


June 21, 2018

This organization is a scam. They will increase your rates by three and four times, plunder your account, and do any other action necessary to extort as much money from your business as they can. Replace them. Later on, you’ll appreciate yourself.

January 6, 2017

My money and the overdraft fees were not refunded as of 1/5/2017. To make matters worse, they recently removed another sizable quantity of money from my account. Every time I’ve contacted them in the past month, they have assured me that my refund should arrive soon.

Even though Wells Fargo has no record of the reimbursement coming through, they are stating today that it was refused. Dorion McMillian has promised to get back to me with information on how they intend to handle the current predicament. Unfortunately, I must continue working with them if I want to receive any compensation. I’ll give an update soon. Starting on December 1st, this disaster began. They have destroyed my company.

Sales & Marketing

The majority of eVance Processing’s advertising is done through independent sales agents and collaborations with other ISO businesses like Chyp. Additionally, eVance offers an EPI Referral Program whereby existing merchant customers can profit financially by introducing new merchant customers to eVance.

There are currently no complaints against the company regarding sales or advertising.

Network of Independent Sales

eVance Processing depends on ISOs like Chyp or hired agents, much like Calpian Commerce to sell its services This tactic generated too many complaints for Pipeline Data, but it appeared to have a considerably smaller impact on Calpian’s total number of complaints.

Chyp, is their marketing partner exclusively, is already beginning to get bad feedback about its sales staff. We advise getting a third-party statement audit to identify and get rid of hidden charges if you think you are being chargedunauthorized fees.

Referral Scheme

The EPI Referral Scheme presents a fantastic option for people, groups, nonprofits, or businesses interested in monthly supplemental income without the work, liability, or obligation of selling merchant services. It handles the application procedures, the reprogramming and/or selling of equipment, an all-around white glove treatment, and the crucial peace of mind that comes from knowing your relationships are with a dependable source.

A Troubled Past

It’s good that eVance doesn’t prominently promote false rate quotations or any type of guarantee. Its organizational history and current corporate relationships, however, this doesn’t mean that the merchant will have a pleasant sales experience. Compared with our data on the best credit card processors, this is not a good option. As per our experts a “C” is suitable for the company.

Our Verdict: Not a Great Competitive Choice for the Majority of Merchants 

After doing the eVance Processing review based on various factors we must say that it is not a great competitive choice for merchants.

Many different names have been used for the brand over the years, and some eVance Processing accusations claim the business is a cheap knock. For the time being, we have assessed eVance based on various factors.  It covers the concerns of its clients and partners, but, as the business establishes a more independent reputation, this rating may alter.

Before signing up, merchants who are interested in working with eVance Processing are requested to do the research themselves based on this article.

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