Credit Card Processing Specialists review

Credit Card Processing Specialists Review

Credit Card Processing Specialists seems to be compatible with the majority of low-risk business models. They are a popular organization and due to that, we put together a complete Credit Card Processing Specialists review, done by our experts based on the most important aspects of the industry.

About Credit Card Processing Specialists

Credit Card Processing Specialists takes pride in offering specially designed payment solutions to all different kinds of enterprises. To make sure that merchants have support when the payment methods have issues, it offers top-notch customer service. The business offers 24/7 support in addition to a learning and resource center. Here, business owners can acquire the information they need to deal with difficulties like consumer complaints.

The business has experience working with several sectors. Additionally, they work with high-risk industries such as:

  • Housing and hospitality.
  • Little ticket.
  • Business-to-business.
  • Direct answer
  • Self-service kiosk.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Telephone or mail order.
  • Transit systems.

The company’s website provides very little information regarding its parent company, subsidiaries, processing network, ownership, location, or length of operation. We are unable to tell whether Credit Card Processing Solutions is its entity or only an alternate name for a parent organization at this time. This level of privacy is typical among businesses that are DBAs or subsidiaries of larger businesses.

Credit Card Processing Specialists Review Components:

  1. Costs & Contract: Based on the merchant’s business type and processing history, Credit Card Processing Specialists seem to offer flexible contract terms.
  2. Disputes & Service: Less than 10 Credit Card Processing Specialists’ complaints have been made on public complaint sites.
  3. Rating from the Better Business Bureau: At the moment, Credit Card Processing Specialists do not have a profile with the BBB.
  4. Sales & Marketing: Despite using agents who appear to be independently contracted, Credit Card Processing Specialists haven’t gotten any criticism for their sales force.

Address of Credit Card Processing Specialists

The address listed on the Credit Card Processing Specialists website is 503-B Harkle Road, Ste. 100, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505. However, it is the location of First National Santa Fe. Addresses for the business are also listed for China, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

The headquarters of Credit Card Processing Specialists is purportedly located at 2885 Sanford Avenue, Grandville, Michigan 49418, according to, although this address is only a postal forwarding address.

Ownership of Credit Card Processing Specialists

We have not located any social media profiles, press releases, websites, interviews, advertisements, contracts, or other sources that identify Mr Konig as an employee or owner of Credit Card Processing Specialists, even though also lists him as the main contact at Credit Card Processing Solutions.

Search engines do not produce any results for anything, not even the testimonial from “Matt Kowschenki, Solutions Expert” on the Credit Card Processing Specialists homepage. According to the Credit Card Processing Specialists website, the business is an AppCharge-powered PowerPay mobile processing reseller and is a registered ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank, AG, New York.

These facts suggest that Credit Card Processing Specialists is probably a PowerPay or EVO Payments International reseller.

Credit Card Processing Specialists Review Based on Customer Services

Credit Card Processing Specialists services

Processing Credit Card Transactions

Businesses can take credit card payments online and in person with the aid of credit card processing specialists. It can offer businesses both physical and virtual terminals so they may accept payments over the phone as well. The business accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club as authorized partners. Additionally, it can handle debit, corporate, EBT, and other types of electronic payments.

Processing High-Risk Transactions

Additionally, Credit Card Processing Specialists offer payment options for high-risk sectors like healthcare, e-commerce, and financial institutions. The rate could be greater for companies that face typical risks.

Handling Checks

Even today, some clients still like using checks over credit cards to make payments and businesses ought to permit them to. ACH services and eCheck services are both provded by Credit Card Processing Specialists. In addition, it has image cash letters and electronic check conversion.

Worldwide Payments

Credit Card Processing Specialists have created services to aid businesses in the US and Canada in broadening their horizons internationally.

Currency Conversion

Through its international payment solutions, businesses in the United States and Canada can take foreign credit cards in more than 150 different world currencies. Companies can ease their concerns about foreign conversion rates using this kind of payment processing, and merchants can feel at ease knowing exactly how much will be allowed at the moment of purchase.

Cash Advance for Merchants

It may be challenging to raise financing for your company. Credit Card Processing Specialists offer a merchant cash advance service to help you get the money you need based on your projected sales, whereas many financial institutions are adding more and more conditions for lending.

In our Credit Card Processing Specialists review, we found that merchants liked this service the most. The merchant cash advance services give you the money you need upfront and deduct payback from each transaction process based on a predetermined percentage. Its service is simple, risk-free, and debt-free, and it is supported by the money you are already getting for your company.


  • Rapid access to financing
  • Payoff through processing over time
  • Simple acceptance based on prior assertions

Software Integration Advantages

You could gain the following advantages by integrating your software solution with Credit Card Processing Specialists:

  • Processing payments without the expenses incurred by having to handle the solution yourself.
  • Revenue sharing agreements that are advantageous to your company as customers join Credit Card Processing Specialists.
  • You may incorporate Credit Card Processing Specialists into your program with the help of the 24/7 technical support and experienced support staff.

Credit Card Processing Specialists Review –  Rates, Charges, and Agreement Conditions

Processor Charges

The specifics of Credit Card Processing Specialists’ fees, rates, and pricing were not made available. It only said that the swipe rate was 0.35%. Depending on the card and the specific transaction, this can go up to 4.99%. The keyed-in rate will also range from 0.35% to 4.99%. Additionally, it appears that the business offers tiered pricing as opposed to interchange-plus pricing.

Hidden Costs

There is no information available on Credit Card Processing Specialists’ hidden fees.

Terms of Dynamic Contracts

Currently, there isn’t much information in the public domain about the typical Credit Card Processing Specialists contract. The business promotes that it offers contracts that can be terminated at any moment with 60 days’ notice and no penalty. It’s likely that it also provides most retailers with tiered pricing rather than interchange-plus pricing.

However, at this time, we have been unable to locate any information about any PCI compliance costs, monthly minimum fees, statement fees, or annual fees that the business might impose. Compared to our list of the top credit card processors, this is a good option.

No Contract Issues

Additionally, we were unable to find any Credit Card Processing Specialists objections about their pricing at this time, indicating that most of the company’s customers are content with the rates and charges they are charged. However, there is no reason for us to think that the company’s rates are comparable to those of the cheapest merchant accounts in the sector.

Please provide any specific knowledge you may have regarding the typical Credit Card Processing Specialists merchant agreement in the comments section below this evaluation.

Credit Card Processing Specialists Review Customer Reviews, Lawsuits, and Complaints

Few public complaints

There are no bad reviews of Credit Card Processing Specialists that we could discover, which is a good sign that the business is legitimate and honest. Credit Card Processing Specialists, like many DBAs of larger organizations, are very secretive about their location, personnel, and corporate affiliations, as was already mentioned elsewhere in this review.

Likely, certain complaints made against the company may be filed against its parent company if it is a subsidiary or DBA. However, we have not discovered any proof of this. Please leave your Credit Card Processing Specialists complaint in the comments section below.

Lawsuits and Penalties for Credit Card Processing Specialists

There are no pending class action lawsuits or FTC complaints against Credit Card Processing Specialists that we could find. Disgruntled customers who want to take the firm to court should think about reporting the corporation to the appropriate regulatory bodies.

BBB Rating for Credit Card Processing Specialists

BBB rating is an integral part when we analyze any company. In Credit Card Processing Specialists review we found that on its website the company has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB website, however, contains no details on the company’s rating or accreditation.

There are no reviews or grievances about Credit Card Processing Specialists on the BBB website since the company is neither listed nor accredited by the organization.

Customer feedback for Credit Card Processing Specialists

Original customer feedback is the most important factor above all in our Credit Card Processing Specialists review. In contrast to other payment processors, Credit Card Processing Specialists don’t post a lot of client endorsements online.

So far, there is only one. One vendor claimed that over the years, as the owner of an SEO business, they had difficulty locating a payment processor. This problem was resolved by Credit Card Processing Specialists by offering a payment option.

Credit Card Processing Specialists come highly recommended, according to another review. The vendor claimed that it went above and beyond what she had anticipated from Specialists. The merchant, who expressed satisfaction with the company’s response times, is a satisfied customer.


“They went above and beyond what I had imagined a specialist to be.”

In conclusion, I heartily endorse Credit Card Processing Specialists to anyone searching for processing business. I believe that it always pays to compare, but if your experience is anything like mine, you will also become a satisfied customer of this business. I advise calling them when you have a few minutes to talk and explain your business needs because they appear to respond to the phone pretty swiftly.

Call a few other businesses if their service is not enough to convince you to choose them, and you will understand what I mean when I say that it feels transactional and impersonal. I prefer to spend my money in places where I am treated personally and not just as a user ID or case ID if I ever need assistance or have an issue. In my opinion, the individuals I dealt with were specialists.

Credit Card Processing Specialists Review – Marketing and Sales Plan

External Marketing Team

It appears that independent sales representatives, referral alliances, and sponsored advertising are how Credit Card Processing Specialists predominantly promote themselves. We have not yet found any reviews of Credit Card Processing Specialists that mention unethical behavior on the part of the company’s sales team, even though the use of independent sales agents is frequently associated with high complaint rates in the credit card processing sector.

A third-party statement audit might help you uncover and get rid of hidden costs in your monthly payment if you think Credit Card Processing Specialists overcharged you.

Rate Quotes from Credit Card Processing Specialists

“Swiped percentages as little as 0.35%” are extensively advertised on the Credit Card Processing Specialists website. The higher “Mid-Qualified” and “Non-Qualified” rates that merchants will often pay on transactions are not included in this rate quote, which indicates that this is most likely the company’s “Qualified” debit rate.

We view this kind of pricing quote as misleading since it can offer merchants an erroneous impression of the rates they will have to pay. Interestingly, Commerce Payment Systems, another ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank, is well known for publicly quoting the same 0.35 percent rate. Although there is no evidence connecting the two businesses, the likeness is noteworthy. Additionally, we invite business owners to look through our directory of the top merchant account suppliers.

Our Verdict: Limited Information for a Rating as a Whole

In our Credit Card Processing Specialists review, we did not find any verifiable facts on Credit Card Processing Specialists, we are currently giving them a 3-star rating. The fact that there haven’t been any complaints about Credit Card Processing Specialists is a good sign that it’s a reliable provider, but before we can confidently assign an overall grade, the apparent secrecy surrounding its ownership, location, length of operation, and processing relationships needs to be resolved.

To get the best deal possible, merchants are advised to compare the company’s pricing to that provided by reputable credit card processors for the time being. Hopefully this review of  Card Processing Specialists will help you decide on their next step.

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