flow payment credit card processing review

Flow Payment Credit Card Processing Review 2024

Flow Payments provides processing solutions for high-risk merchants. Based in East Harwich, Massachusetts, it was founded in 2015. It is connected to different banks and processors and thus maintains competitive costs. The professional staff at Flow Payments has an expertise of over 40 years old for risk management. Hence, the company has secured its credibility by building a strong relationship with multiple banks, processors, and technology providers. This Flow Payments review will discuss all the aspects of the provider so you can better understand its workings.

It provides terminals that support not only smartphone-based payments(NFC technology) but also offer in-person credit card services. Also, Flow Payments offers payment gateways and shopping carts for different services like online transactions, e-check processing and Automated Clearing House (ACH). Most of its clients are unconventional, as they can be from gambling sites to even vendors selling adult products. They might not be deemed fit to acquire traditional merchant services. But Flow Payments caters to their needs and is specialized in providing high-risk merchant accounts.

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Setup Times

When dealing with high-risk processing tasks, the setup time usually takes longer. The majority of the banks are at the approval end of the application process. Hence, the cumulative effect may prolong the setup times for processing. Flow Payments has a strategic partnership with multiple processors and banks. Therefore, it gives several options to the merchants to link their processors with the banks of their desire. It cuts down the typical time frame associated with the approval and activation of standard high-risk merchant accounts.

Serving Different Businesses

Flow Payments comes with a wide array of choices for the high-risk business owner who wants to have a merchant account. Due to the relationship with different processors and banks, merchants are well facilitated. Be the business in the domain of buying/selling in a retail or through online service or over the phone Flow caters to the need of the desired merchant account. 

Allowing CBD

The Flow Payment offers the merchants the service of CBD. Due to its successful servicing, the processors can accept credit and debit card transactions. Merchants can serve customers who prefer cashless and card-based payments with CBD. This creates ease of payment for the customers.

Credit Repair 

With credit repair service, Flow Payments offers to restore or improve their poor credit scores for their clients. If the merchants have low credit scores, they might get higher charges on their credit card balance. Repairing the credit gives the merchants competitive interest rates and cuts back on the money they pay in interest.


Flow Payments integrates with different accounting software like Intuit QuickBooks Online, which lets the merchants manage cash flow, create invoices, and track expenses effectively. It can also integrate with payment gateways like Authorize.net and NMI, which provide high-risk merchant accounts processing. 

Adding more to it, Flow Payments is compatible with different POS systems. Thus, it gathers all the data on inventory sales and customers efficiently. This information helps merchants run their marketing campaigns while maintaining their bottom line. It also supports different e-commerce apps like WooCommerce, Shopify, and chargeback management tools.


Whether the payment processing is related to hardware or software, Flow Payments ensures the security of its customers. It is a PCI compliant provider and stores, handles and accepts credit card data regardless of size or processing volume.

Weak Points of Flow Payment Credit Card Processing

Flow Payments offers various services to merchants that rank it a reputed processing solution company. Despite having distinguishing features, it lacks some benefits that may negatively impact the reviews.

This Credit Card processing company lacks the following services;

No Free Trials

Flow Payments offers credit card processing to merchants, but it comes with a downside. It does not provide a free trial on credit card processing to the merchants, due to which its positive reviews have declined. Merchants with high-risk businesses will most likely explore other competitive credit card processing companies with a free trial version.

Absence of a Mobile App

Nowadays, almost everything is just a click away due to technology. Businesses have been made easy by the use of various mobile applications. But, when Flow Payments is reviewed in this regard, it does not come with a mobile application. It only supports mobile applications from third-party vendors. This gives other credit card processing companies a chance to establish themselves as credible sources for high-risk industries.

Undisclosed Information

Although the company claims to offer some of the lowest rate plans, it has not specified the range. Hence, customers cannot decide if it’s worth signing up with the company or if they are getting the best rate on a quote.

Also, it does not elaborate enough on its approval process. The company boasts of itself as a payment specialist. Still, there is no information about the entire process of getting approved.

Customers may get detailed information upon calling, but those who want to compare its prices and services without directly contacting the company may have trouble.

Final Verdict

Flow Payments has made its mark in the credit card processing market with a favorable pricing structure and various solutions. This Flow Payments review has given a crisp analysis of its pros and cons. Improved setup time, credit repair, and compatibility with different accounting software and POS systems have gained widespread support from high-risk industries.

But, the unavailability of having a free trial of its services has raised concerns among the merchants. With the growing evolution of technology, customers mostly want to do most of the work through their smartphones. But, Flow Payments does not have a mobile app, making it difficult for the merchants to maintain their business activities.

Also, the company does not take its customers in confidence when sharing information about the rate plans and approval process as per customer reviews. Therefore, other credit card processing systems that support these features are recommended for high-risk merchants that wish to widen the scope of their businesses outside the US.

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