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Evolv (Formerly APS / Approval Payment Solutions) Review 2022

Evolv is a newly renamed merchant account provider with its headquarters in Newburgh, Indiana. Previously, this company was known as Approval Payment Solutions. Evolv has been committed to developing the businesses it supports for the last 23 years. During that time, it has provided online payment services to bank clients and merchants located all across the United States. 

WorldPay provides the company’s payment processing network via a partnership. Moreover, if you wish to learn everything about this merchant account provider, this Evolv Review 2022 is your best bet. Let’s get going!

What Does Evolv Offer?

Evolv, previously known as Approval Payment Solutions (APS), provides companies of all sizes and types with a comprehensive menu of payment service providers and digital marketing services.

 Since 1997, Evolv has partnered with various organizations, including banks, associations, sales subsidiaries, municipalities, and more, to provide comprehensive solutions to those organizations’ respective customers while upholding their own rigorously high standards of superior customer service. Some of the essential information about Evolv Payment Processing Service are:

Overall Summary of Evolv’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  Indiana, U.S
Contract 3 years 
Service Charges  Undisclosed
PCI Fee Undisclosed
Online Complaints  Less than 10
Service Support  Yes

Evolv Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

Fifth Third Bank, National Association has registered Evolv as an ISO/MSP, and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association in Concord, California has registered Evolv as an ISO. The business known as Evolv can be found at 10999 Stahl Rd, Newburgh, Indiana 47630, and Allan Noe is identified as the company’s president.

Important News in History

In March of 2018, Evolv (formerly Approval Payment Solutions) completed the acquisition of Orion Payment Systems, a credit or debit card processor located in Houston. Including over 16,000 vendors, over $5 billion in yearly exchanges, over 100 partnerships with banking firms and affiliations, over 400 monthly downlines, and much more than a few acquisitions under their belt in less than three years, this group is capable of supporting nearly all of the country’s geographic and unbiased sales offices.

Services Offered by Evolv

Evolv offers business owners all across the United States individualized solutions tailored to their company’s needs. These solutions may include but are not restricted to cash discounts, POS systems, electronic payments stations, virtual payment choices, and ecommerce solutions.

  • Credit Card Processing

Many companies find that accepting credit cards results in a significant increase in their overhead costs. This is because the cost of covering the expenses associated with reward points, airline miles, and other consumer card incentives continues to climb. When it comes to accepting payments, proprietors of businesses now have a choice of solutions according to revised federal legislation. Evolv collaborates closely with merchants to determine which solutions are most suitable for each company.

  • POS System

Streamline your operations by adopting a point-of-sale system that is dependable and simple to use, acknowledges all forms of payment, monitors the time and attendance of employees, oversees inventory, and provides real-time insights into patterns and statistics, amongst other features.

  • Evolv’s Cash Discounting

The Cash Discounting Program offered by Evolv is a legal, compliant, and hassle-free solution. It has assisted hundreds of company owners to save up to 80 percent of their card payment costs.

  • Ecommerce Solutions

With Evolv’s ecommerce solutions, setting up your online shop is as simple as clicking a few buttons. You can quickly set up your online shop to sell throughout social networks, Amazon, and in-store, and you’ll also have access to marketing tools that are simple to use and can help your company expand.

  • Digital Processing

If you provide a touchless payment alternative such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet, customers’ information may be protected. Evolv provides the most up-to-date mobile solutions and contactless smart terminals.

  • Virtual Terminals

Evolv provides its customers with robust virtual terminals that make it simple and secure to collect payments. These terminals range from payment sliders to ACH and recurring billing.

  • Shared Services

This prototype has made it possible for Evolv to centralize the administrative duties of many of its offices located throughout the United States. These offices have collaborated to streamline Evolv’s operations and vendor onboarding, device rollout, support, purchasing power, and more.

Pricing & Fee Plans of Evolv

Evolv is offering a three-year contract via WorldPay, with the option to renew for further durations of two years automatically. The corporation will not divulge the specific prices associated with that arrangement. According to the Better Business Bureau, the corporation also seems to lock its credit card terminals to avoid slamming. This practice may be quite frustrating for merchants who are unsure of why their terminal is locked in the first place.

  • There is also an early termination cost linked with Approval Payment Solutions contracts, but the actual amount of this service is not disclosed yet. However, this amount will be expected to be similar to the typical sum of $250 to $295 that WorldPay provides.
  • Although no one has been able to find any reference to PCI Compliance costs or minimum payment fees, the company’s contract probably has provisions for both of these types of payments.

Final Verdict

Many partners, individual agents, and sales offices located all across the United States have regarded Evolv as their home, and the company has exposure in 20 states. According to the ratings and comments left by customers, Evolv is an average merchant services company. Despite that, Evolv aspires to deliver the greatest solutions for its partners and merchants by providing exceptional customer service and treating everyone as a member of the Evolv family.  

The apparent contract conditions of the firm have a negative impact on the overall rating of the company; nevertheless, the low number of complaints posted on this and other customer protection platforms allowed the company to get a higher overall score.


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