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Fortis Payment Systems Review 2022: Fees, Complaints, & Lawsuits

Simple, straightforward payment processing – that’s what Forte Payment Systems is claiming as its strength. What more does the company have to offer? What more does its modest website lead the average person to believe? Find out more in this Fortis Payment System Review!

When it comes to paying for its services, what can you anticipate paying? This Fortis Payment Systems evaluation and profile will provide you with information about the company’s service, price, and reputation to provide you with helpful industry insights.

Overall Summary of Fortis Payment Systems

Headquarter  Michigan 
Contract Length  3-year contract 
Monthly Fee  Undisclosed 
PCI Fee $30 
Customer Support  Yes
Owner  Jimmy Nafso 


Fortis Payment Systems Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

Founded in Novi, Michigan, in 1998 under the name Cambridge Payment Systems, Fortis Payment Systems is a supplier of merchant account services. Fortis Pay looks to be the company’s new name as of 2022, and Jimmy Nafso is the current CEO of Fortis Payments. 

Interesting News in History

Fortis Payment Systems bought Blue Dog Business Services, another online payment system company, in late 2020. Blue Dog looks to have evolved into Fortis Pay Pro, with its website independent from Fortis Pay. It was also revealed in early 2021 that they would buy Swype at Work to expand their offerings.

Services and Features of Fortis Payment Systems

Fortis Payment Systems can process all major debit and credit card transactions along with electronic and ACH check transactions. 

Transactions can be completed online, using your smartphone, in-store, or through mail/phone orders, among other options.  Additionally, a tool called BillPayIt is available for customers who want to show invoices and collect payment online via the website. To further explain its services, read the below:

  • BillPayIt

You can submit a file of overdue invoices to Fortis Payment Systems using BillPayIt. Customers can then check up on what they owe and pay on your website when the files have been posted. You are free to enter search parameters and upload files as many times as you would like.

  • Check Acceptance 

Fortis Payment Systems accepts eChecks as well as ACH payments. Both employ routing and account numbers to process payments. However, an eCheck is a one-time payment, while ACH payments can be used for recurring and subscription payments. 

Although eChecks are not insured by Forte Payment Systems, adopting Forte Verify can significantly reduce chances of fraud. Funds are put immediately into your company account in both circumstances.

  • Phone Order Payments/Mail

Every Fortis Payment Systems account includes a virtual terminal, which enables you to collect payments using your internet-connected computer. Many people can use the virtual terminal, making it an excellent choice for contact centers. 

You can set up scheduled and recurring payments using Forte Payment Systems’ virtual terminal. Transactions can be keyed in manually, or a USB card or check reader can be attached.

  • Online Payments 

Fortis Payment Systems offers a point-to-point encrypted portal for clients who want to conduct e-commerce activities safely. When confidential card details are converted into coding, the information is stored securely.

They profess to have a staff of experts who can help you identify payment options for any site. Some big developers may find the gateways difficult to work with, although the company does offer a free test login for all to use.

  • Mobile Payments 

Don’t be tied down by a terminal! By collecting payments on a mobile device, you can track purchases wherever they occur. Forte Payment Systems’ mobile app is currently only available for iOS, so you’re out of luck if you want to process payments using your Android smartphone or tablet. 

The software is available for download from the Apple Store for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. You can use the software to take credit, debit, eChecks and swipe cards by adding a tiny card reader to your smartphone.

  • In-Store Payments 

Credit card? Debit card? Check? Not an issue. Accepting many forms of payment can help to streamline sales. With Fortis Payment Systems handling the processing, all you need is the necessary equipment to accept magstripe cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments.

Fees and Charges of Fortis Payment Systems

Forte provides interchange-plus packages to accommodate higher volume companies. In contrast, Forte offers flat-rate packages (the basic/standard package). 

The basic package charges 2.75 percent plus 25 cents per Discover, MasterCard, and Visa payment and 3.5 percent plus 25 cents per American Express purchase. For both swiping and non-swiping transactions, the same charges apply.

Fortis Payment Systems provides the interchange plus cost package, mainly known as the Select+, for enterprises that handle large amounts of transactional data. Although the corporation does not provide price details, it is widely agreed that this is a more transparent billing method for processing services. 

Fortis Payment Systems charges a $25 chargeback cost and $75 application fee. In addition to the service price, there can be other costs. Contracts are described as being for one year with an early termination fee of $99 if terminated before the end of the year.

Is Fortis Payment Systems Worth It?

  • Low Complaint Total

There are less than ten Fortis Payments reviews on regular consumer protection websites, and there is no proof that the company is defrauding its customers. 

The majority of the available complaints can be found in the comment area below this review and include allegations of hidden costs, nondisclosure of contract conditions, and problems terminating service. 

The company’s last name Cambridge Payment Systems drew three complaints on CPO. However, these evaluations do not necessarily relate to Fortis.

  • A Complaint on Ripoff Report 

There is also a single complaint on Ripoff Reports that an agreed-upon payment portion of the agreement had never been honored. 

According to Fortis Payment Systems nothing can be addressed, so the preceding individual might have neglected to provide all data. Unfortunately, this isn’t the news you were hoping for.

The Bottom Line

According to our Fortis Payment System Review evaluation criteria, Fortis Payment Systems is a trustworthy merchant services supplier. 

The company has a low complaint total, and in recent years, it has received less bad feedback from merchants. Merchants should study all contract conditions carefully and compare them to those supplied by top-rated merchant account providers before making a decision.


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