tidal commerce merchant services review

Tidal Commerce Merchant Services Review 2024

Established in 2010, Tidal Commerce is a merchant account provider with its headquarters in New York City. This completely comprehensive piece of billing software is produced by Tidal Commerce, Inc. and is targeted at small to medium-sized enterprises and enterprise-sized organizations.

Moreover, this Tidal Commerce Merchant Services 2024 Review has all the information you need for the Tidal merchant service. Let’s get started!

What Tidal Commerce Has to Offer?

Tidal Commerce, founded in 2010, is a merchant solutions company specializing in assisting small and medium enterprises in their growth. The firm provides retail payment handling, digital payment handling, e-commerce services, and high-risk merchant services.

As well as its own proprietary POS system, SmartPad, the firm promotes several third-party point-of-sale systems such as Aloha, Aldelo, Runit, and Breadcrumb POS, among others. Moreover, Tidal Commerce provides the service charges of all sorts, including the following:

Overall Summary of Tidal Commerce’s Payment Processing Services
Headquarter  New York
Contract 2 years 
Service Charges  No clear instructions 
PCI Fee $89.95 annually
Online Complaints  Less than 10
Service Support  Yes

Tidal Commerce Origin, Headquarters, and Owners

Tidal Commerce’s corporate headquarters are located at 40 Cuttermill Road in Great Neck, New York. Jeff Rubin serves as the company’s chief executive officer. He was the co-founder and CEO of Newtek Business Services and Newtek Merchant Services, two companies he helped start.

Even though Any Newtek business no longer employs Rubin, his previous firm purchased Premier Payments in July 2015 for $16.5 million. Newtek is a registered ISO/MSP of Westamerica Bank, based in Santa Rosa, California, and Merrick Bank, in South Jordan, Utah, among other financial institutions.

Important News in History

Tidal Commerce is a merchant solutions firm specializing in helping small and medium-sized companies thrive. It was formed by merging the Premier Payment Systems, a processing company including over a decade of industry experience, and Impeccable Digital, an electronic design, and development organization.

What Services Does Tidal Commerce Offer

Tidal Commerce (formerly known as Premier Payment) is a merchant service that provides multiple services, such as online payments, gift cards, high-risk merchant services, POS, etc. Some of the essential ones are:

  • POS

With all of the excellent features of a typical POS system, but at half the size and a fourth of the price, Tidal POS is the perfect solution for small businesses and restaurants. Merchants may now manage their goods, workers, and customers from a single graphical user interface (GUI). It is designed for small to medium-sized stores, stands, and local eateries, and it is simple to use and offers cheap pricing. There is no bother, and it is simple to use. Tidal POS also has a built-in CRM with a cloud-based dashboard to assist inventory management and sales data.

  • Online Payments

Tidal Commerce also provides online retailers with the ability to collect payments via a strong and feature-rich payment gateway. This online sales system is comprised of plugins that are compatible with a wide range of e-commerce platforms and shopping baskets. The newest security standards are used to encrypt all data before it is delivered to the gateway, ensuring that it is never compromised. The platform is compatible with all of the most recent technologies, including Apple Pay and Android Pay, allowing clients to pay in whatever method they like via the platform.

  • Great Customer Service

Around 28 million small companies in the United States process hundreds of millions of payments each day. Tidal Commerce enables them to accept these payments quickly, conveniently, and securely, increasing consumer trust and assuring the success of these small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), an important component of the U.S. economy.

  • Loyalty Cards

Tidal says that the program is paperless in terms of loyalty cards; instead, clients download the loyalty app and scan their merchant tag during their visit to obtain a punch, according to the company.

The first setup package will include your merchant tag, which customers can use to scan in their purchases. You’ll also get instruction cards, which you may give to customers who want additional information or specifics on how to download the app. It is unnecessary to integrate your loyalty program with your POS system to function. However, there is an app that consumers may use to monitor their loyalty benefits if they like.

  • B2B Processing

If you are a business-to-business organization, it is crucial to understand that certain criteria must be met to acquire the best available price. You’ll be required to give information classified as level 2 or level 3 data. If you want to pass level 2 and level 3 data, you may do so via the Tidal Commerce gateway, which can help you save money on interchange rates.

  • Check Processing

Registering with Tidal Commerce Merchant Services for check processing with digital conversion allows you to accommodate customers who still wish to pay by check. When a customer supplies you with a paper check, you may utilize a check converter to transform the check into a safe and secure electronic transaction.

Pricing & Fees

There isn’t much information out there concerning Tidal Commerce contract conditions. Premier Payments, being a subsidiary of Tidal Commerce Merchant Services, can have contract conditions similar to those of Newtek Merchant Solutions. It has the following pricing:

  • The basic Tidal Commerce Merchant Solutions contract is a two-year deal with Redwood Merchant Services that includes automatic renewal for one-year periods and a $295 early termination charge.
  • The business imposes a yearly “security fee” of $89.95 (perhaps a PCI compliance cost), which merchants can opt out of to avoid paying.

Final Verdict

That’s all we know about Tidal Commerce, and it doesn’t seem to have anything unique about itself. Because Newtek Merchant Solutions handle Tidal Commerce’s customer support, the firm may also be responsible for payment processing in the future. It also depends on merchant services suppliers for its gateway services, as well as other merchant account providers

Tidal Commerce may adjust the terms and circumstances of their normal contracts to reduce rates and fees by depending on other firms for processing payments and payment gateways. Although the firm doesn’t go into great detail about its pricing plans, it does provide merchants with a general idea of what they may expect to pay.



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