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Indigo Payments Review, Rates, and Complaints

Indigo Payments is a dedicated merchant service provider with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was introduced in 2007 and serves as an ISO of First Data. It has also ensured partnerships with Chase Merchant Services to offer access to dedicated merchant services. Some of the core markets of Indigo Payments are restaurant, mobile, and retail merchant accounts. 

The official website of the company reveals information about different businesses that utilize its services from Georgia and several other southeastern states that are local to the headquarters. Additionally, the company offers its service nation-wide.  

An Insight into History of Indigo Payments

Indigo Payments was introduced in Atlanta, Georgia. It features its local representatives in several states. The company is an effectively registered ISO belonging to Wells Fargo Bank. 

There is no denying the importance of credit cards in the modern, digital era. It is a highly convenient option for modern businesses. In most instances, businesses end up spending more than simply accpeting cash. If businesses want to take credit cards only for a specific part of the year, Indigo Payments comes forth with its option of providing seasonal accounts. 

  • In-person Processing (Restaurants and Retail): For ensuring payments in person, like a conventional restaurant or a store, Indigo Payments allows businesses to accept all types of major credit cards -including American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. It is possible to make use of full-featured, popular equipment as well. Businesses can leverage the benefits of robust reporting for ensuring effective business management. 

Indigo Payments also offers access to the OptBlue pricing mechanism of American Express. It tends to make the credit card services less expensive for businesses.

  • Online Processing: For promoting online sales, Indigo Payments offers support for seamless integration with shopping cart that is certified by First Data. The customers of businesses will be able to browse through the e-commerce stores while adding items to the shopping cart and securely checking out online.

You will also come across a myriad of payment gateway choices. Indigo Payments helps in setting you up with payment gateways like the USAePay Gateway, Gateway, or the First Data Global Gateway. There is the provision to make use of tax calculators as well as shipping calculators for ensuring accurate and fast pricing beyond the cost of the product itself.

  • Virtual Terminal Processing: If you wish to make use of the existing computer system featuring internet connection to take up cards, Indigo Payments can help in setting you up with the virtual terminal by Payeezy. The virtual terminal is available with a customizable layout that allows you to include drop-down boxes, text fields, and checkboxes. This allows businesses to create the right form according to individual needs.

Then, businesses can go ahead with taking payments by entering proper information into the secure virtual terminal form. The option of virtual terminal is a profitable choice for businesses that take up phone, mail, or fax services or orders. In this case, optional equipment like USB card readers might not be supported. This implies that you can consider dipping or swiping cards to enter specific information rather than hand-keying information into the system.

  • Mobile Processing: If you are used to taking credit cards on the go, this feature might help. With Indigo Payments, you can make use of Clover Go credit card reader available for Apple or Android devices. It helps in encrypting credit card information instantly. Therefore, there is no need of worrying about the presence of unencrypted card-specific data. 
  • Chargeback Assistance: The process of chargebacks can be frustrating and confusing in most cases. As such, Indigo Payments offers help with this aspect. It starts by ensuring a phone call to the customers to discuss the issue in detail during the initiation of a chargeback.

What are the Equipment Options with Indigo Payments?

Indigo Payments allows its customers to choose from a wide array of famous machines. The features of equipment or machines might vary from one model to another. Still, some of the common features of these machines are necessary options -including NFC or contactless payment acceptance, EMV chip card acceptance, and so more. Some of the popular models for Indigo Payments equipment are:

  • First Data FD35 PIN pad
  • Verifone VX 805 PIN pad
  • Verifone VX 520 EMV terminal
  • Clover Station 
  • Ingenico iCT250
  • Clover Mini
  • First Data FD130 EMV terminal 
  • Clover Mobile

If your business has access to equipment, Indigo Payments can help in reprograming the equipment such that there is no requirement of switching to a new equipment altogether. In addition to this, the company also offers access to Indigo Plus. It is a comprehensive program that aims at offering insurance for the terminal for some monthly fee. 

If you require supplies, you can also leverage the benefits of Indigo Payments Plus Supplies. There are no details related to the cost on the website of Indigo Payments. Moreover, the prices might vary depending on terminal and other factors.

Security Features of Indigo Payments

The equipment and wide range of merchant account services offered by Indigo Payments are PCI-compliant. Additional options like the presence of a mobile card reader makes use of the advanced encryption technology to help with the protection of customers as well as your business. 

Indigo Payments also provides access to assistance for the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire for modern businesses.

Indigo Payments Pricing

Reselling Chase Merchant Services and First Data Contracts

Indigo Payments resells the respective contracts of Chase Merchant Services and First Data. This implies that it is capable of providing access to an extensive array of possible fees and rates. Merchants can look forward to paying a PCI compliance fee of around $19.95 every month through First Data. At the same time, there is no fee imposed by Chase Merchant Services. First Data and Chase Merchant Services each enforce leases for non-cancelable equipment of 48 and 24 months respectively.

Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal Pricing

Along with the storefront credit card payment processing services, Indigo Payments also offers a section of its website to advertise its payment gateway and virtual terminal services. However, the guide of Indigo Payments e-commerce program does not reveal its pricing for the respective services. 

The website of the company puts forth the advertisement that it depends on Payeezy, USAePay, First Data Global Gateway, and for the services of online payment gateway. Therefore, the overall pricing will depend on the specific payment gateway that a merchant makes use of. Additional fees and rates -including technical support fees, gateway fees, batch fees, and extra transaction rates, usually apply to the available range of e-commerce services. 

Absence of Termination Fees

In October 2014, Indigo Payments made the announcement that it will no longer be charging any early termination fee. Moreover, the website of the company had previously included language that promoted interchange-plus pricing. According to a company representative, it became prominent that Indigo Payments does not lease equipment. However, the company executed a 4-month payment plan without any fees or interest on all equipment range. It was also stated that the PCI compliance fees of the company was around $3.95 every month.

Sales Team of Indigo Payments

According to a company representative, Indigo Payments makes use of a full-time W2 sales team or staff. The company does not hire sales agents that are available on the independent contract basis. Due to this policy, there is the presence of only a single negative review about Indigo Payments. The review puts accusations on the company that it makes use of deceptive sales mechanisms.

In this case, the merchant claims that there is absence of any early termination fee in association with the services of the company. However, it was found out that there was a cancelation penalty of around $300. 

Indigo Payments Processing of Payments

Indigo Payments can process all major debit as well as credit cards for most types of businesses. Some of the core services of the company include POS systems, EMV swipers and card readers, access to virtual terminals, mobile solutions, and the utilization of different payment gateways -including USA ePay,, ePN, Payeezy, BirdgePay, and so more. 

Indigo Payments Complaints

While searching online, there are some negative reviews or complaints about Indigo Payments. Some of the complaints accuse the company to be a rip-off or a scam. The issues that have been put forth in the series of complaints online depict issues like unreachable or poor customer services, undisclosed fees, withheld funds, and a poor work environment. 

For an organization that has been in business for quite a long time, it is a decent complaint rate. In this category, the company falls under the category of A grade.

Indigo Payments Fines and Lawsuits

There has been no proof of any major class-action FTC complaints or lawsuits against Indigo Payments. Merchants who are dissatisfied and wish to continue pursuing a non-litigious course of action against the organization can think of reporting the same to the concerned supervisory organizations.

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