itransact gateway review

iTransact Gateway Review 2024

iTransact Gateway is a famous platform among merchants who deal in online payments. This iTransact Gateway review will discuss the company’s policies, specific features, and standard operating procedures. In this global era, online payments are an essential component for the growth of any business. A gateway is necessary if you plan to use your computer to accept credit card payments.

iTransact offers a universal solution to accept all kinds of payments. The iTransact Gateway can easily integrate with several payment processors in the market, including reputed names like TSYS, First Data, Chase Paymentech, Heartland, and Elavon. Merchants that sign up with processors that use these companies as back-end processors can also avail the services of iTransact. All payment information, including cardholder data, is stored on a secure server hosted by iTransact. This saves merchants from the burden of meeting PCI compliance requirements and data breaches. 

One of the best things about the gateway is that iTransact offers a free trial before you pay for their services. However, there is much more you need to know about the provider before you sign up. Read the rest of the review for an in-depth analysis of iTransact.

Features of iTransact

iTransact offers a range of features to its merchants. The features are designed to streamline the efficiency of the financial processes of a business. Here is a review of their features; 

Hosted payment page

A hosted payments page is designed to redirect customers from the merchant’s website to a secure payment page. Customers can enter their payment information on a secure payment form to proceed with their transaction on this page. It is a good option for businesses that lack time and resources for vast IT processes. 

API Resources

Merchants sometimes require the help of developers to design specific payment buttons or methods for their websites. This is a capital-intensive job, and not all merchants can afford to hire a team of developers. Therefore, iTransact offers a set of API resources that can easily be integrated into the merchant’s website. The APIs support several programming languages, including the popular ones such as java and python. 

Furthermore, their website has support documentation, sample scripts, and more aids to help merchants integrate the APIs into their eCommerce store. Merchant reviews regarding these features are very positive.

Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal is another robust feature of iTransact Gateway. It enables its users to take credit card payments over the phone, email or keying in card information. All merchants need to access the virtual terminal is a computer with a secure internet connection.

Free Shopping cart

A shopping cart is an online retail site that is a piece of software that facilitates the purchase of a product or service. iTransact Gateway benefits its users with the collaboration of RediCart, Perl based cart without any charges. If merchants are not okay with these two, they can choose from over a dozen other shopping cards. Merchants can opt for a form creation wizard if they do not want a shopping cart. A good shopping cart improves the experience for customers and generates better reviews for merchants.

Invoicing and Recurring Billing

Recurring billing is gaining importance among online businesses. it’s easy for merchants who need to make monthly payments from their customers. iTransact provides its customers with invoicing options for quick payments. Merchants can send their bills directly using several quick and easy invoicing methods through their services.

Security and Fraud Management

The iTransact Gateway is PCI compliant up to level 2. The gateway re-encrypts the sensitive information of cardholders as soon as the information reaches their servers. Merchants don’t need to get a personal server to secure client payment information with iTransact. The processor offers a unique merchant identifier to each of their clients in the HTML of their orders. Customers are redirected to a secure payment page hosted by iTransact when they want to make a payment.

Some advanced security features include the Security Metrics Site Certification Process and pre-screening of transactions. The gateway ensures that you are not storing private cardholder information on your computer. Merchants can also pre-screen transactions based on Ip address, location, transaction size, and other factors. This reduces the possibility of risk greatly. 

Weak Points of iTransact

iTransact has a decent set of features compared to several other gateways in the merchant service provider industry. But it too has negative reviews and drawbacks. Here are some downsides of the processor;

No Multi-Currency Support

In the modern business world, having customers outside the country is very common. With the growth of the internet, it has become much easier to contact businesses and clients outside your region and make deals with them. But to access this opportunity, merchants should have the ability to deal in multiple currencies. Even though it is a common feature among payment gateways today, iTransact does not offer multi-currency support. This restricts its clients from dealing with businesses and customers locally.

No E-invoicing

E-invoicing has several benefits for businesses, and it has become very popular both with merchants and processors. Invoicing helps customers and merchants automate the payment process as the AP systems automatically detect the invoice details regardless of the invoice format. This reduces the turnaround time and the risk of invoice fraud for both the client and the merchant. However, iTransact has no support for invoicing. Merchant and customer reviews show disappointment over this matter.

Final Verdict

iTransact has a very good reputation online, both in its gateway services and merchant services. The API resources and shopping cart features are reliable and effective. The services of iTransact are widely popular, and merchants often come across their names when looking for gateway services. This iTransact Gateway review discussed all the negative and positive aspects of the processor in detail.

The lack of multi-currency support and e-invoicing are serious concerns for growing businesses. These are important features in the modern payment landscape. But despite these drawbacks, it is a reasonable payment processor in the industry. But other gateways with better support for international payments are recommended for businesses that want to expand outside the US.

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